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Where is Crimea - a detailed map of the coast, with cities and towns

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Crimea is a very promising direction for travelers who prefer to combine a beach holiday with extreme sports on the steep climbs as well as the study of ancient monuments of history and enjoying beautiful nature.

Crimea on the map of the world and Russia

Krym na atlase mira

As one of the most beautiful peninsulas in the world, the Crimea is famous for its unique terrain and nature.

Where and what is the climate?

The Crimean Peninsula is located on the territory of Russia and stretches far into the Black sea, the Eastern side is washed by the Azov. Its area is very small but full of areas whose names are known since childhood.

In the Eastern part of the Crimean Peninsula is located Feodosiya, Koktebel and Sudak, in the South, tourists are pleased with the Yalta and Alushta, in the West – Eupatoria and Saki, and in the Central district of Simferopol and Bakhchisaray. Finally, developed in terms of tourism is the Kerch Peninsula, which can be found in the Western part of the Crimea.

The extreme point of Crimea: in the North – isthmus of Perekop, which is connected with the mainland, in the South – a Cape Sarych, on the West – Cape Kara-MRUN, in the East Cape Light, located on the Kerch Peninsula.

Climatic map of the Peninsula is divided into two regions – the Northern part is dominated by continental, on the southern traits of a subtropical climate. The average January temperature is 1-4°C, in July +24°C. the Summers are dry and hot and winters are mild and rainy.

Klimaticheskaya karta

Natural resources

Crimean landscape is quite diverse and is divided into two zones: steppe, which occupies a large part of its territory (about 70%) and mountain, located in the center and closer to the South.

The Peninsula is washed by two seas, also has on its territory more than 50 salty lakes, 257 rivers (the largest – Salgir, Alma, Belbek). Due to the unique location, there are perfectly preserved nature, which is available in Crimea, Yalta, Kazantip and the Karadag reserve.

How to get there?

The majority of travellers is in the Crimea by air, landing in the airport of Simferopol. There is also the ability to cheaply get to the Peninsula by ferry from mainland Russia through the Kerch Strait by bus from the cities of Krasnodar Krai (Novorossiysk, Anapa or Sochi), train to Simferopol or Feodosia, and by car from any point of the country.

A plane ticket can find using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, date of departure and the number of passengers.

Much better to go to relax?

Crimea is famous for its vast opportunities for recreation that allows you to combine a beach and Wellness tourism, adventure and active sports.

The Crimean Peninsula, with cities and towns

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In Crimea there are many tourist spots designed for romantic couples, families, youth or private relaxation.

Tourist map of the Crimea is quite extensive. It can be divided into Central Crimea, West and East coast, southern, and Sebastopol and the surrounding area.

Depending on preferences, travelers can go:

  • Big Yalta – the most popular resort area that includes the famous cities and towns: Alupka,Gurzuf, Livadia and Massandra. Just part of the Big Yalta includes about 170 of tourist establishments and the number of attractions in the area (including natural) is through the roof;
  • Big Alushta – extensive resort area that combines Alushta and the surrounding areas from Ayu-Dag mountain and to the village of Privetnoye. This area has a mountainous terrain and extremely hot summer weather;
  • The West coast of the Crimea stands out with classic Wellness resorts for adults and children, unique landscapes and luxurious beach area. The district includes such familiar resorts as Saki, Evpatoria and yarylgach;
  • District East coast is perfect for secluded relaxation. Kerch, Feodosia, Sudak and Koktebel different mountainous terrain and quiet bays, as well as a large number of historical and cultural and architectural landmark;
  • A little less tourists prefer to stay in Simferopol or Bakhchisarai, because in these cities there is not access to the sea, but I have the opportunity to go caving or horse riding.

Attractions at popular resorts

The Peninsula has a variety of resorts.


The most popular among tourists is Balaklava is a small town, which is a real treasure trove of interesting sites to visit:

  • The cold war Museum – a once-secret facility is now available for viewing tourists;
  • The Chembalo fortress is a fortification on the hill of the Fortress erected by the Genoese;
  • Dostoprimechatelnost v Balaklave

  • Temple of the Twelve Apostles – a building whose first stone was laid in 1357;
  • Barrel of death – rusty barrel with battlements set along the way the path of health, whose purpose was observant and a defensive item;
  • The tract Batiliman – picturesque harbour with the cleanest air.
  • Also considered to be the most outstanding routes, running from Balaklava to the Cape Aya deep into the Crimean mountains.


Theodosius , the second Spa town, able to attract the attention of tourists, also has iconic landmarks:

  • The Aivazovsky art gallery – Museum of seascape painting, which includes the most extensive number of works by the artist;
  • Green Museum – memorial Museum of popular romantic writer, which recreates the life and atmosphere of the time of his life.

Sea views in this part of the Crimea is so beautiful, that talented artists as well as poets and other creative personalities could not ignore this beauty.

Watch the video a few attractions of the Peninsula:

Sandy beaches

geografiya peschanyh plyazhej

The main reason why tourists choose Crimea is, of course endless beaches for every taste. On the Peninsula about 75 most magnificent beaches, stretching on dozens of kilometers.

To the best sandy beaches include:

  1. The white coast of the village of olenivka and mizhvodne;
  2. Bay village of the black sea;
  3. Bounty beaches and red sails in Koktebel;
  4. Secluded beaches of Cape Meganom;
  5. Most of the territory of Yevpatoriya;
  6. Dynamo beach and Pearl beach in Feodosia.

Whatever the choice, rest in Crimea will bring a lot of positive impressionsand will be a pleasant experience for any traveler.