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Detailed map of Russia - areas of the coast of Sochi: where is Adler?

podrobnaya karta Sochi-Adler

For nearly 100 years, Sochi is the Premier resort on the territory of our country. In 2016 the most popular resort in Russia was visited by more than 6 million visitors every year this figure increases. For its scenic landscapes, mild climate and warm sea of the Big Sochi increasingly gets the proud title of the "Russian Riviera".

Sochi on Russia map and the Krasnodar territory

Gorod na karte Rossii i Krasnodarskogo kraya

Big Sochi — it is a conglomeration of towns, villages, and villages, United in one urban district, and extends for 150 kilometers along the black sea coast of the Caucasus. This city is included in the rating of the longest cities in the world and occupies the second place after Mexico.


City location - Krasnodar, Russia, Black sea coast, on the East side is bordered by the mountains of the Western Caucasus.


Despite the fact that this place was inhabited even in ancient times, the city was founded in 1838 and was named Fort Alexandriain honour of the wife of Emperor Nicholas I.

Before the revolution, Sochi remained a small seaside town, the impetus for its development was the giving Sochi of the status of all-Union resort, obtained in 1925, already in the Soviet Union.

By the end of the 20th century, Sochi became a major resort city in Russia, and in the beginning of the 21st century, the city received a new breath thanks to the preparation and holding of the Olympic games 2014.


Sochi is the only Russian area, where reigns a subtropical climatecharacterized by high humidity and high rainfall. Summer here lasts from the first half of may until the end of October, the cool season lasts the rest of the time, and winter, despite the very rare frost and snowfalls, de facto is missing.

The warmest month in the city — August, the average temperature exceeds 23 degrees Celsius. February is the coldest month with an average temperature of 6 degrees.

The temperature of the water in the holiday season reaches 25 degree Celsius.

How to get there?

kak dobratsya do vokzalov?

Sochi is connected with many cities of Russia and abroad direct regular flights, which adopts modern airport located in Adler.

Place in the plane, you can book using this handy search form. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

To reach the city and the railroadpassing along the black sea coast and connecting Sochi with many cities of Russia and former USSR countries. Railway stations greater Sochi are located in all parts of the city.

Motor transport communication with the city is by road A147 (M27), connecting the city with the highway M4 "don".

This road is tortuous and the danger of twisty mountain roads, so travel is preferable to the tour bus.

Marine station of Sochi receives flights from foreign countries: Georgia, Abkhazia and Turkey.

A description of the main areas

Greater Sochi is divided into 4 districts vary in size, amenities and price level. And the main areas are in turn divided into neighborhoods.


The Northern district of Sochi got its name in honor of the black sea fleet, Admiral Lazarev, in 1839, who annexed this territory to the RussianEmpire.

Lazarevsky district stretches for 100 kilometers along the Black sea from the village Shepsi village of Dagomys, the distance from Lazarevskoye to the Central district of Sochi is 40 km.

The main sights of Lazarevskoe associated with the nature of the region:

  • 33 falls Creek Dzhegosh — a complex of waterfalls on a short length of 2 kilometers, a mountain stream;
  • Numerous dolmens — megalithic structures, created more than 5 thousand years ago;
  • Mamedova and Svirskoe gorge.

Beaches in Lazarevskoe the most extensive in the Big Sochi, their width reaches 50-70 meters. Most of the beaches are pebbly, there are also sandy-pebbly.


Centralnyj rajon na sheme

The smallest in area, but the most popular Sochi area — Central, located South of Lazarevskoe. Central district — tourist "heart" of the city, there are the largest number of attractions and entertainment venues in the city:

  1. The Park "Riviera";
  2. Winter theatre;
  3. Museum of art;
  4. Sea port;
  5. Concert hall "Festival".

There are numerous restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment venues.

Central district highly popular among tourists, so season narrow pebbly beaches are always Packed with people.

This area of the city is the most expensive for tourists, prices for services and accommodation can be half to two times higher than in other parts of Sochi.


Khostinsky district is adjacent to Central and is considered to be a center of therapeutic recreation in Sochi. Numerous beaches all along the coast is not as crowded as in the Central area, the sea here is also cleaner. Some Khosta beach is fenced and used for Nude recreation.

The main attraction of the Khosta district — arboretum Parkin which territory there are more than 1600 species of trees and plants, representing the flora of the Caucasus and other countries of the world. The Arboretum is a Marine aquarium in which live representatives of fauna of the Black sea and others.

Other important attractions in Khosta district are:

  • Akhun tower on the eponymous mountain, which offers spectacular views of downtown Sochi and Adler;
  • Yew tree grove on the slopes of mount Akhun — relic forest older than 30 million years;
  • Stalin's Dacha;
  • The Vorontsovskaya cave.


Adler - the most southern district of Sochi, which borders Abkhazia, where it is possible to take a tour. In the 21st century received a powerful impetus to its development due to the fact that there was the main program of the winter Olympic games 2014. The main attractions are the Adler was created in the last years:

  1. Theme Park "Sochi Park", open to the competition, made in the spirit of Russian fairy tales and has already earned comparisons with Disneyland;
  2. The Olympic village is a complex of 47 buildings, which were home to the athletes during the Olympics. Currently, the village converted into a luxury resort "Juicy";
  3. Olimpijskaya derevnya v Adlerskom poselenii

  4. Olympic Park with a complex of sports arenas that hosted the competitions of the 2014 Olympics. Olympic venues in the Park:

    • The main Olympic stadium "fischt", which will also host the FIFA world Cup 2018;
    • Ice Palace "iceberg";
    • Ice Palace "Big";
    • Ice arena "Puck";
    • Arena Ice cube, who took the competition curlers;
    • "Adler-Arena";
    • The Olympic cauldron.

Other attractions and entertainment centers of Adler are:

  • Dendrological Park "Southern culture", founded before the revolution;
  • The Amfibius Water Park;
  • Apery;
  • Formula 1 tracklocated in the Olympic Park.

All the beaches in Adler, as in other districts of Sochi, a pebbly or sandy-pebble, entrance to the sea smooth and quite suitable for children.

Adler is the gate of the Big Sochi, here is a modern railway station and renovated to a sports airport.

Scheme with cities and towns

In addition to the aforementioned districts, greater Sochi includes many towns and villages located on the coast and in the highlands.

The most interesting holiday villages are Sochi Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi and Matsesta.

  1. The Village RedThe meadow is located East of the Adler in the mountains of the Western Caucasus. Thanks to the Olympics, the village became the best ski center of Russia. Though sports is not in the village and in the village of estosadok, and the ski resort "rose farm", adjacent to Krasnaya Polyana.
  2. The village of Lazarevskoe is the administrative center of the eponymous district. On the territory of Lazarevskoye is located 2 water parks - the "Nautilus" and "Sea star", a Dolphinarium, aquarium "Tropical star", pinguinii and a petting zoo. In addition, the village is full of places of accommodation on the most different purse.
  3. The village of Looe is the place for a relaxing holiday. Is not as noisy night life, but despite this a lot of fun. In the village you can always find cafes and restaurants, shops and rynecki. The most popular place here is the water Park "Aqua-Loo".
  4. poselki na atlase

  5. The village of Dagomys, part of the Lazarevsky district, famous for its tea plantations and tree waterfalls in the gorge of the river East Dagomis. Also interesting Dagomys trough with the locals more romantic name "Lake of love". Stay in Dagomys is one of the most economical in comparison with more developed areas on the territory of the Big Sochi.
  6. The village Matsesta is famous for its hydrogen sulfide baths, Spa clinics and mineral water. This village center therapeutic recreation the Sochi coast. Now this is one of the districts of the city.

In addition to these settlements on the territory of the Big Sochi is still a lot of towns and villages. Some are located deep in the mountains, and some are the beach resorts, but with a minimal set of services, but with more affordable prices. Such coastal towns include:

  • Shepsi;
  • Yakornaya Shchel;
  • Vardan;
  • Kudepsta;
  • Golovinka;
  • Chemitokvadzhe;
  • Uch-Dere.

In all of these towns have train stationswhere the train only stops.

We recommend you watch the video, where describes in detail the areas and districts of Sochi: