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Time zone Poland is now: the time difference with Kaliningrad and Moscow

raznica vo vremeni s Polshej

Poland is not only the main transit country on the way from Russia to the countries of Western and Central Europe, but she attracts a lot of visitors and tourists from Russia due to its cultural and historical heritage.

Ties between the two countries grow every year, so tourists have a wide choice of routes by which you can reach in this country. For convenience, tourists should know the time difference with Poland.

About the Polish state

svedeniya o Polskoj strane

Poland is a Western neighbor of Russia, but from Russia a direct land border with this country only has Kaliningrad oblast.

Where is Poland?

Poland lies in Central Europe West of Russia. Northern coast of the country washed by the Baltic sea, the southern border of the state is limited to the Sudeten and Carpathian mountains.

The total area of the country is more than 310 thousand km2, which makes Poland one of the largest countries of foreign Europe.

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Time zone

The entire country is located in one time zone — UTC+1 (Central European time).

As for Poland, the characteristic time in the summer, this time of year country time zone is UTC+2.

Time difference

vremennye otlichiya

Time difference between Poland and cities of Russia depends on the season, as has been practised in Poland daylight saving time.

With Moscow

Moscow is located in the time zone UTC+3, with the clock in the summer in Russia now canceled, so the difference in time between the capital of Russia and Poland is:

  • 2 hours - in winter season;
  • 1 hour — in summer.


Kaliningrad is located in the time zone UTC+2 (Eastern European time). From-for absence in Russia of the clock in the summertime the time difference between Kaliningrad and Poland is in winter 1 hour.

In summer the difference between Kaliningrad and Poland is 0 hours, that is, in this time of year, the clocks in Kaliningrad and Poland show the same time.

Distance and ways to get

kakoe rasstoyanie i kak doehat?

Due to the relative proximity of the two countries at tourists planning a visit to one of the Polish cities, there is a wide choice of routes and ways to get to Poland.

From the capital of Russia

Straight-line distance between Moscow and the Polish border is 950 km, between Moscow and Warsaw — 1150 km. From tourists planning to visit Poland from Moscow, there is a choice of 3 ways to get to this state:

  1. Direct air flights connect the capital of Russia and Poland. The time spent in transit on the route Moscow — Warsaw is approximately 2 hours, during which the tourists will cover approximately 1150 km;
  2. The second way to reach the Polish capital from Moscow — to buy tickets on the train Moscow — Warsaw "Polonaise". Journey time is about 18-19 hours;
  3. Journey to Poland by car will take 11-12 hours to the Polish border to which you want to add a few more hours to pass inspection and the road to Warsaw. The optimal route of travel to Poland from Moscow highway M1 "Belarus" leading from the Russian capital to the border crossing in Brest.

From the former königsberg

Kaliningrad oblast and Poland have a common border, so car journey from the Western enclave of Russia will take the least time. To travel from Kaliningrad to Warsaw to theless than 5 hours, the distance between the two cities is approximately 420 kms by road.

And actually to the Polish border from the capital region distance is only 35 km, so to be on the territory of a neighboring state is less than 1 hour.

The second way to get from Kaliningrad to Warsaw — are by air.

Kaliningrad and Warsaw connected with the direct flight, flight time is only 1 hour.

From St. Petersburg

iz SPB na avto

The Northern capital of Russia as well as Moscow, Poland connects 3 types of transport:

  • Direct flight Saint Petersburg — Warsaw, flight time is 2 hours, during which the plane will overcome more than 1000 km that separates St. Petersburg and the capital of Poland;
  • The train Saint Petersburg — Warsaw pass through Belarus, travel time is 26 hours, departure from St. Petersburg Vitebsky station;
  • The journey to Warsaw from St. Petersburg by road will take at least 17 hours, and to the Polish border — about 13-14 hours.

Distance between St Petersburg and Poland by road is not less than 850 km away and Warsaw of at least 1200 km. There are 2 possible route:

  1. through Latvia and Lithuania are on the route R-23, E262 and E67, the distance to the border is 850 km;
  2. through Belarus on the route of R-23 and M1, the distance to the border, about 1200 km.

From Minsk

Minsk — located very close to the Poland, the capital of a foreign state. For residents and guests of the Belarusian capital there are also several optionsby which you can reach Poland.

Flight Minsk — Warsaw: flight time is 1 hour and 10 minutes, during which the aircraft will overcome the distance of 470 km separating the capital of two States.

Plane tickets from Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad, you can find using this search form. Enter the departure city and arrival city, date and number of passengers.

The train Minsk — Warsaw overcomes the distance between the cities for 8-9 hours, which will overcome the distance more than 700 km.

The distance between the two cities by road is about 700 km traveled for 8 hours.

From Minsk to the border with Poland near Brest distance is 360 km, it can be overcome in 4-5 hours.

In this video you will learn about the branded train "Polonez", following the direction Moscow - Warsaw and back: