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IKC and the Museum "Russian Park" in Pereslavl-Zalessky - photo

Russkij park v Pereslavle-Zalesskom

Not only the antiquities of the famous ancient city. Russian Park in Pereslavl-Zalessky is a unique place that recently appeared in the list of local attractions where you should definitely visit while in town, tourists.

In this historical and cultural center and the Museum complex are introduced to the traditions, life and achievements of the Russian people.

IKTS "Russian Park"

istoriko-kulturnyj centr

Here you can enjoy a themed tour, to visit the Museum halls and walk through the alleys of the complex, to visit the pageant or the master class.

The history of

The idea of creating a Russian Park came to its organizer Sergey Efimenko after visiting similar facilities abroad. Have gotten a group of enthusiastic assistants.

People United by a desire compactly, in the same area to collect all of what can and should be proud of the Russians.

And in Pereslavl-Zalessky literally in an open field just 10 months, a whole complex where you can relax with family and take a look at the history of his country with unusual side. At the end of June 2014, Russian Park opened its doors to visitors.

Mode and how to get there?

In the Russian Park, guests are welcomed daily from 10 a.m. you can explore the site. But is there enough time before the closing (18:00), to be able to see all – the big question. Having bought the entrance ticket (adults 300 rubles, children-150 rubles), you can stroll through the Park and visit museums the whole day. For children under 7 years the entrance is free.

vremya raboty i kak doehat?

For participation in interactive programs, tours and several museums: Kvass, Tea and Cossack yard separate payment.

The Park is open at any time of year, holidays and vacations there are themed entertainment.

Russian Park is located in the Yaroslavl region, on the outskirts of Pereslavl-Zalessky, if you drive from Moscow. The complex is located in the village of Yam in the Park street. The city itself is separated from capital 140 km away, and buses.

Getting there by car from Moscow and moving in Pereslavl, you need to turn left after seeing the sign "Russian Park".

The complex infrastructure with photo

The territory of the Russian Park is about 10 acres near the lake pleshcheeva. The infrastructure of the complex includes 7 original museums, outdoor exhibits and interactive sites.

The layout of the site

plan mestnosti

The layout of the Park is not random, not chaotic. Objects are located with the sensethat the guests were easy to move, and completely to new information.

For example, on the way from one Museum to another in thematic alleys, tourists at the same time get acquainted with folk art or the history of the country. In the alleys under the open sky contains exhibits that are not quite appropriate in the Museum pavilion. Agree, carved window frames are convenient to consider on the street.

Center of the Park was a village with wooden houses – the samples of Russian architecture. Once inside the house, immersed in the atmosphere of folk life at the turn of 19-20 centuries.

Thematic Museum complexes and buildings

By visiting the Park's museums, are beginning to be proud of its people – talented andhardworking.

  • The exhibition "invented the first Russian in the world?". This Museum is unique in Russia is no more. The majority has no idea how many useful things invented by their compatriots.

    In the Museum – more than 200 discoveries. Information about them were collected by employees of the leading scientific institutions of the country. It shows military, automotive, household inventions, improvements in the transport sector.

    Thanks to the Russian engineers invented engines of all types, automatic weapons, light bulb, airship, 3D technology. What about puppet animation, color photography, parachute, Tetris, smiley? All this is a merit of Russian inventors. Even the advent of cell phone we should thank our countrymen.

  • tematicheskaya vystavka

  • Museum of Parsley, Proverbs and sayings. In this Museum you can learn more about your favorite people, the character, the main character of the puppet theater Petrushka.

    Guides will tell about other street theatre – shadows, a cave, show the old kinds of dolls.

    The wisdom and wit of the people is reflected in sayings and Proverbs. The collection of our famous compatriot Dahl there are over 30 thousand. National pearl is the subject of a Museum hall.

  • Museum "Russian fashion, the style and atmosphere of the XIX century". The exhibition of ladies ' dresses placed in the building a country house, Villa. The building itself is a real Museum piece, because it represents traditional wooden architecture of the 19th century.

    Well, a collection of women's toilets will be of interest to members of the fairer sex from small to large. Here, ladies dresses, jewellery and accessories – from hats to umbrellas.

    All this can even try, if you participate in a "Fashion salon" – an interactive game. And as without photo sessions in these costumes?

  • Tea Museum and the Museum of kvass. The highlight of visiting these museums, tasting the forgotten teas and kvass. Here not only will tell about the traditions of tea drinking and preparation of kvass, but also treat popular in Russia drinks.

    Guests can sample 12 varieties of kvass, which is prepared according to old technology (from cranberry to horseradish and beetroot and ginger).

    Tourists will be treated to herbal teas, particularly popular traditional Russian Ivan-tea (Koporsky tea), not only fragrant and delicious, but also healing. And tea will offer a variety of jams. You can taste the famous Guriev porridge, cook it, like in the 19th century in the Russian stove.

  • muzejnye kollekcii chaya i kvasa

  • Museum "Russian national tools" Ural in the house. A copy of the ancient Ural hut is one of the examples of wooden architecture, preserved all the features of identity, inside and out. The wall covering decorative painting. The original is a house located in the Sverdlovsk region, in the village of lower Sinyachikha.

    Visitors will be acquainted with various musical instruments, even unusual ones like a xylophone made of armfuls of firewood. And if you participate in the master class, you can try to play the flute, the horn, domra or balalaika.

  • Aleshkin house. Another wooden building, Aleshkin the model home architecture. Visitors will see how looked the situation in the housing than used in everyday life and dressed as northerners in the 19th century.

    Wall Aleshkino house is decorated with traditional Arkhangelsk region painting.

    In the house you can see a collection of painted pottery, Russian spinning wheels, chests, visit a master class where they will teach making charms and painting wooden toys.

  • stroenie Aleshkin dom

  • Kazachiy Dvor. Wishing to get acquainted with the original Cossack culture, Cossack a direct route to the yard. Brave Cossacks will demonstrate their skills of riding, throwing axe, skill in handling knives, a sword and a whip.

    All this can be seen on an equestrian acrobatic show performed by Cossack theatre. The audience will be able to ride a horse, to ride on the wagon and try to perform tricks that are so expertly performed by the Cossacks. Kids will love the pony rides and communication with young horses.

Park avenues

Each of the alleys of the Park of Russian – themed. The walk can be combined with a tour of the different exhibitions.

  1. Walking through the Alley of Russian fonts, it is interesting to see what letters were written the manuscript. The first samples of fonts date back to the 9th century, there are 24 types of letter writing in Russia, for example, with elements of animal or plant ornaments.
  2. At the Alley of Russian painting guests will be acquainted with the whole collection of unique pieces of painted art. More than 30 variants, coming from different parts of a large country.
  3. Alley of Russian of frames will appreciate a variety of works of masters of carving. Wooden carved architraves collected in different regions, but they differ in a harmonious combination of ornaments and patterns, the graceful proportions and precision parts. Interesting to see the frames, brought from the homeland of Ivan Susanin.
  4. Alleya nalichnikov

  5. With love and imagination and houses made for birds, which are represented on the Avenue of birdhouses.
  6. What were the flags of the States in the 9th century and in subsequent centuries? You can find this by walking through the Alley celebrations.
  7. Familiarity with national architectural traditions are good to start with the Alley of Russian-style architecture.
  8. At the Alley of Russian style in the architecture of the presented projects of the buildings of the 19th century.

Fascinating program

In the Russian Park is not good just to walk and visit museums. Want to actively show itself – please choose one to their liking.

Skill lessons

The most important in these lessons – children. They are taught the secrets of pottery and clay sculpture, decoupage, making charms, toys, dolls, gifts and Souvenirs for the New year.

Lessons various interesting crafts and adults. They are also willing to attend workshops, learning that skillfully been able to do with our ancestors.

The site "Russian way of life and fun"

zona byta i zabav Rusi

Here, everyone can be reincarnated as a peasant of the 19th century and to try to cope with economic concerns, including the usual then difficult for the modern man.

Visitors will have to milk a cow, Shoe a horse, hay. Hungry – cook soup, only water will have to bring in the rocker, and tea – and even to melt the samovar. In the form of a game program participants will learn about the secrets of peasant life.

And after your exertions you can and relax, this offers fun, games and competitions.

The glade of fairy tales

This Russian spirit of the Park cannot do without the fairy folk characters. They settled on a Glade of fairy tales. Children will meet characters of Russian folklore:

  • Koshcheev;
  • Baba Yaga;
  • Water;
  • Emel;
  • Dragon Kite;
  • Vasilisa The Wise.

Large (some up to 3 meters tall) wooden magic heroes attract the attention of kids.

The kids enjoyed playing on the Playground, and the older guys will be interested in a wooden village built in the folk style. Fans of "mud pies" like in a huge the original form of the sandbox.

Christmas entertainment

In the new year holidays in the Russian Park reigns a fairy tale atmosphere:

  1. entertainment show (kids & adults) with the participation of Grandfather Frost, snow Maiden and favorite characters from fairy tales;
  2. New year gatherings;
  3. the game "In search of Santa Claus";
  4. skating on icy hills;
  5. dances at the Christmas tree;
  6. fun from taking a snow fortresses to ice bowling and snugable;
  7. part in Christmas workshops;
  8. sweet gifts and Souvenirs;
  9. Yule divination and Christmas tales.

Hungry guests can enjoy a truly Russian dishes in the restaurant "Vendace".

Bored in the Russian Park you'll never. In this mental place for family and corporate rest everyone will find interesting occupation.

See a fascinating video tour of the Russian Park: