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The name of the longest straight streets in Russia

samaya dlinnaya ulica v Rossii

Russia – a country, a large number of streets of small towns and cities where you can beat a variety of records. To your attention – the longest street in Russia, and achieving a minimal mileage, originality and length of the names of local streets.

The rating of the longest streets of Russia

rejting protyazhennosti

It is not always easy to determine the length of the street, so how can change the starting point, it may be interrupted to go to another street or highway.

Rating be the actual street and certain types of Avenue, highway, township street, highway.

  1. The palm and the title of the longest street in Volgograd Russia belongs to the Second Longitudinal street, stretching from one end of town to another, covering more than 50 km!

    The name of the highway is due to its elongation along the Volga river. Officially the Second Longitudinal is not fixed status of the street. To simplify the infrastructure and convenience of the inhabitants of the street were divided into several short sections.

  2. The silver medal goes to the capital Warsaw highway, leading the countdown from the mid-nineteenth century. Almost 20 km of highway starts at the Big Tula street, are South and South-West administrative district, ending in the South of Moscow. Also the road crosses two cities – Scherbinka and Podolsk.
  3. The honourable third place belongs to St. Petersburg Sofiyskaya street with its 18.5 km. is Named after the capital of Bulgaria, the street passes through three urban area and crosses the river Volkovka. The city government has scheduled the construction of St. Sophia street, which will allow her to climb higher in our ranking.
  4. naibolee protyazhennoe mesto v Pitere

  5. Fourth – Communist street of the village Bichura, Republic of Buryatia: it was founded in Catherine's time as the result of settling of the territories of Transbaikalia. To date, the village has grown to 13 thousand people and has become one of the largest in the country.
  6. Length of a Communist street – 17 km-a record for the length of rural roads in the world and recorded in the Guinness book of records.

  7. The fifth line is the capital's Leninsky Prospekt, length 16 km, This is one of the major radial roads of the city and the second width of the Russian prospect.
  8. Prospekt imeni V. I. Lenina (before the change of power – Alexander street) one of the largest cities of the Russian Federation, Volgograd, settled in sixth position. Covering 15 km in length, and it is the main Volgograd street, where the Museum of local lore, the Museum of fine arts, puppet theatre and monuments. Also, the prospectus is considered to be the first longest Avenue in the country.
  9. The seventh place occupy the 14 kilometers of the capital of Union street. The name she received in the mid-twentieth century in honor of the fortieth anniversary of the trade unions. In the early 2000-ies there were broken three square, dedicated to the Russian poet – A. S. Pushkin, M. Y. Lermontov and F. I. Tutchev. At present Union street is one of the main thoroughfares of the South-West of the city.
  10. krupnejshaya ulochka Moskvy

  11. Eighth place goes to Krasnoyarsk The street is 14 km away. Among the citizens there is a perception that it is inferior in length to the prospectus behalf of the Newspaper Krasnoyarsk worker (he was, incidentally, can be attributed to one of the most unusual street names), but official data mappers do not support it.
  12. Ninth span of street of a name of S. G. Lazo , is one of the oldest settlements in Primorsky Krai - Sochi. Fourteen miles of streets stretching along the river Razdolnaya and pass through the whole town.
  13. The tenth line is Red prospect (before the Revolution Nicholas) Novosibirsk city, 6947 M. in length Is the longest straight street of Russia. The Avenue passes through two districts, including the Central city square. Here areMuseum of art and the Museum of local lore, Cathedral, concert hall and chapel.

If the Moscow ring road was listed documented the status of the circular streets, she would head our list, – the length of MKAD makes 109 km.

Leaders in other categories

In Russian Federation you can find not only the longest street, but "short stacks" with a length of several tens of meters, and street names that everyone knows.

Short streets of the vast country

The imagination of Russians on the names, sizes and lengths of streets are truly endless and unpredictable.

Cartographers found that the length of a typical city streets are the same – 900 m.

If you take the standard length of the streets as the norm, then there are the"street-short stacks":

  • Short street in Tula lives up to its name the meter is only 200 steps;
  • Moscow ulitsa venetsianova stretches 58 meters;
  • forty-meter street of sibstroyput' in Novosibirsk has three private houses;
  • tiny peskovsky lane North of the capital reached only 30 metres away.

Street popularity

stritovaya populyarnost

Common street names also deserve mention. The most popular are those whose names relate to:

  1. nature: Forest (158 pieces), Garden, Rowan, Field, meadow, Park, Green;
  2. heritage of the Soviet Union: Soviet (149 pieces) Lenin, Ulyanov, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Prospekt Entuziastov;
  3. the names of Russian writers: Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol, and Chernyshevsky, etc.

However, the leading position is the most common street names – Central (22 166), Youth (16 623) and School (15 042).

Unusual place names

Despite the impressive number of the same street names, in Russia there is very original copies: the street of the fifteen words and inspirational rural street is really small, who knows!

The longest names

Russian streets are as great mileage, and multiletter names:

  • three of the Tver street 1-I (2nd and 3rd) Line of the Oktyabrskaya Railway;
  • street Farm resort in Lipetsk in Lipetsk;
  • Moscow Sharikopodshipnikovskaya street;
  • street Twenty-six Baku Commissars found in Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Ryazan and Yekaterinburg;
  • But the street is Territory seized from the lands of the farms of the all-Union Central Councilthat is located in the city of Berdsk of the Novosibirsk region, breaking all records.
  • mnogobukvennoe naimenovanie

    Surely residents of this multiletter street is not so simple to call a doctor or taxi.

Strange and funny names

Tourists can stroll through domestic streets, the name of which will cause, if not laughter, sincere smile, for sure!

The lion's share of funny street names belongs to the capital: the Old guy, Brick recess, Prud Klyuchiki, Pinch, Red Kazanets. In the Odintsovo district of Moscow lies the village of Headgear with the street New Russian descent, Kaluga street Scrapper.

Short and long, narrow and wide, funny and original streets of Russia deserve to be seen with your own eyes!

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