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The largest aquarium in Moscow: where and how to reach it?

okeanarium v moskve samyj bolshoj gde nahoditsya kak doehat

Fish and marine mammals is part of amazing and fascinating natural world, to meet which dream people of any age. Not everyone has the opportunity to see animals firsthand in their natural habitat, so there are special parks to visit and experience the uniqueness of our nature and planet.

Will be interesting for everyone to visit the aquarium is an artificial underwater world, populated with fish and other marine inhabitants.

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In Moscow there are few such establishments:

  • the Oceanarium in the shopping center "RIO";
  • Oceanarium Sea aquarium;
  • aquarium Moskvarium.

Aquarium, shopping center "RIO" was opened in 2011. Visitors can see aquatic life almost all the natural parts of the world: reptiles, fish, amphibians, coral reefs.

Delight leads the polar area, which is conveniently located penguins. Tropical zone shall be the guests of the Oceanarium inhabitants of the lakes, and next to them you can observe monkeys and parrots.

obzor okeanariumov v Moskve - kakoj luchshe?

Special impression on visitors produces the so-called "home" aquarium in a glass tunnel that enables visitors to feel part of a giant water world.

You can admire the marine inhabitants in the aquarium at the Clean ponds, which was given the name "Marine aquarium". The area is about eight square meters, the guests are a huge number of invertebrates and fish. You can see the fish-clowns, rays, octopus, sea horses and other inhabitants of the marine treasures.

Several times a week in the aquarium are satisfied with an amazing show of feeding sharks, which makes an indelible impression on the audience.

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However, the most powerful and best is the aquarium Moskvarium open in 2015. He promised to be the largest not only in Moscowbut in the whole Europe! Its area is fifty-three thousand square meters. Every day the aquarium is visited by more than seventeen thousand people. Near the ticket office you can always see a long queue.

Moskvarium intended for rest and acquaintance with the inhabitants of the deep sea, and also for serious scientific research. The name "Center for Oceanography and marine biology Moskvarium sounds pretty impressive and shows tremendous scope and scale created by the Park.

samyj novyj i krupnyj okeanarium v Moskve

The center consists of several zones. Viewers can visit:

  • Aquarium;
  • The swim with dolphins;
  • Room for a water show with sea animals.

The aquarium has a capacity of about eight thousand inhabitants of the natural world from all corners of the planet. There is a eighty-swimming pools and ponds. Twelve thousand square meters spread ecological system of the oceans of the planet and the large Russian reservoirs.

Personally, viewers can watch for crocodiles, octopus, eels, freshwater fish. You can meet turtles, rays, seahorses and marvel at unique corals. A stunning spectacle is a process of feeding Baikal seals, sharks and piranhas.

In one of the pools inhabited by sea stars, worms, crabs and hermit crabs are permitted to dip his hands that will bring great pleasure to the child. The parents must explain to children what to pull out of the water and to carry away animals are strictly prohibited.

The inhabitants of the Russian bodies of water open the exhibition. Roach, Okino, pike and carp meet visitors. Each pool has created certain conditionsclose to natural. Registration of reservoirs reflects the habitat living there fish and mammals. In one there are rocks, driftwood, other shells, sand and bright green water plants.

Through a huge tunnel aquarium with sharks you can leisurely stroll and carefully in details to consider the most dangerous aquatic predators.

Moskvarium - podvodnyj centr v stolice

"Moskvarium" not only enjoy socializing with inaccessible animals, but also expand your horizons: in the lecture hall canview documentaries about the underwater world.

Scientific staff will conduct tours of the most useful with a large amount of information, after which the guests can visit the panoramic platform, which offers stunning views of the floating Beluga whales, dolphins and orcas.

To gain new knowledge not only with information services staff: each of the reservoir are special displays with information about the inhabitants of the basin.

Hall for holding shows with marine animals able to accommodate two thousand guests. Here you can admire the delightful performances of the smartest animals: dolphins, sea lions and orcas.

In the heart of swimming are the seven reservoirs, which are equipped according to modern technology. Here is a wonderful opportunity to swim with the animals, talk with them and get unforgettable impressions and a huge amount of positive emotions.

The orientation in a huge indoor aquarium, visitors have no problem, because everywhere you can find signsthat help to navigate in space, and in several places, hangs a map of the center, so you won't get lost.

karta samogo krupnogo okeanariuma v stolice

How to get there?

You'll Moskvarium at the exhibition center, near the pavilion "Space". Getting from the main entrance to the Park and from the station of the metro "ENEA", you need to go straight without turning anywhere.

If you come with children and Hiking you tire, you can use the services of the train around the Park ENEA: it will take you directly to the building "Moskvarium".

If you arrive by car, you will need to take care of the Parking place, because it is not easy to find. You need to be prepared for the fact that in the Park Parking fee.

You will visit the largest Oceanarium Moscow definitely takes a lot of fun, so you should definitely plan a tour to the territory of the unique inhabitants of the natural world.

Tour to the largest Oceanarium in Moscow - in the following video: