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The longest and longest name city in Russia

samyj dlinnyj gorod v Rossii

A city-record in any corner of the world. Records can be in different areas of the city is the largest or the smallest, a selection criterion can serve as area, population, or level of air pollution. But here we talk about the longest city in Russia.

The rating of cities of Russia according to length

naselennye punkty po protyazhennosti

One of the most interesting topics is the longest city of Russia.

TOP 10: the most extensive settlements of the Russian Federation

In different rankings the data may slightly vary. This is understandable: on the one hand, to measure directly the length of the city is not easy, with another - it is necessary to consider that cities are constantly growing and evolving, pushing your boundaries.

That is why, set a goal to learn about the longest city of Russia, you should choose more new research.

One of the most interesting studies was conducted by the company 2GIS. The criterion of analysis was the length of the route to travel through the city. After the study, staff were able to publish a personal top 10:

  • Moscow (length - km 112,0);
  • Saint Petersburg (102,1 km);
  • Samara (69,3 km);
  • Volgograd (64.5 km);
  • Ufa (54,3 km);
  • Perm (48,8 km);
  • Omsk (48.2 km);
  • Novosibirsk (46.2 km);
  • Ekaterinburg (45.6 km);
  • Kazan (44.5 km).

On the other hand, of course, it is possible to measure the length of the city, just taking two extreme points (North and South or East and West) and drawing through them a straight. If you measure this way, the palm will take two Russian cities: Sochi and Volgograd.

desyatka naibolee protyazhennyh poselenij

Arises a reasonable question - why just the two cities, especially with such different length (the length of Sochi - 145 km, whereas Volgograd is just 100 km away). The answer is quite simple. The fact that Volgograd is a city of continuous urban development, its districts and neighborhoods are flush with each other. Sochi - it is rather a succession of small seaside resorts, situated one after the other.

It is large territorial gaps provide Sochi as a city, so a greater extent.


Due to its length, Sochi - a city with unique conditions. Coming here, every tourist will find something to your taste. The bustling town and beaches of Riviera and the hidden corners and closed from prying eyes resorts.

In Sochi are going even those who are not too fond of the sea due to the proximity of the Caucasus mountains, you can practice skiing. To services of tourists - resorts such as Krasnaya Polyana and Rosa Khutor.


Volgograd v liderah

Those tourists that prefer to go to Volgograd, usually no wonder that they could see. First attraction, attracting everyone's attention, are usually the Avenue of Heroes and Pavlov's House, a well-known fact that, during the battle of Stalingrad there for 58 days kept the defense of a group of Soviet soldiers.

Of course, I cannot leave without attention the Mamayev hill and standing on it the Motherland. She is known as the tallest sculpture in Russia and all over Europe. In addition, it remains the highest non-religious sculpture in the world.

The longest city names

To talk about the length of the cities can be different. You can take and measure their literal extent from edge to edge, or you can for example look for the name, distinguished by the number of letters.

Place names of the world

  1. The main worldthe place-name record can be found in the middle of Thailand. On the map, however, prefer to write shorter, familiar to most option - Bangkok. Its full name - KRUN Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya of Mahadilok PHOP Nopparat Ratchathani by Buriram Udomratchaniwet of Mahasathan Amon Piman, Avatar Satit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit. Length 159 letters.
  2. Second in the ranking becomes a town in New Zealand - Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu. The translation is quite poetic, and more like a myth or legend: “the place where Tamachi, a man with huge knees, slid, got up, ate mountains and devoured the land, played the flute for his beloved”.
  3. Quite eye-catching and “catchy” title has a town in Scotland - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoh (abbreviated tranquillity provided by Pwllgwyngyll). Many people come here just to take a photo of the signs at the station.
  4. From the Gaelic name translates as “St. Mary's Church, located in the hazel, near the rapid whirlpool by the red cave“.

Distinguished in Russian nouns

In the Russian Federation too have their Champions. Most of the long name, however, is not the city, and the village - the village of Central manor of state farm of a name of the 40th anniversary of the Great October revolution - neither more nor less, and sixty letters.

The longest title also boasts the village of Kremenchug-Konstantinovskoe.

Finally, Champions have the village with the names of 23 letters: a , Verkhneolonetski and Starokostyantynivske. They were in this list, as the settlements with the longest names written together.

Watch a video about one of the longest cities in Russia: