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A list of analogues of the Dead sea where the biggest salt lake in Russia?

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Salt water has many useful properties, including, treatment. It is not necessary to travel to the sea to feel all the miraculous power of this water. Stay on the salt lakes of Russia has beneficial effects on human health.

The saltiest lake in the world

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Call the saltiest lake in the world is difficult, because there are several bodies of water with roughly the same salt level. The most famous of these is the Dead sealocated in the middle East and related to the territories of Israel and Jordan. The length of the sea 67 km, width 18 km at its widest point and has a maximum depth of 306 meters.

Because of its size, the reservoir is called sea, but is actually a lake, as it has no outlet to the ocean.

The water level in the lake at 430 metres below sea level and gradually decreases by about 1 meter per year. Coast of lake is the lowest land area on the planet. The salinity of Dead sea is at 300-310 ‰ (approximately 33%), which is many times higher than in some other waters. For example, the indicator of the Mediterranean sea - 40 ‰ (4%), and Black - 20 ‰ (2%).

But the Dead sea, it turns out, is not the most salty lake in the world. There are other lakes where the salinity level exceeds the level of the well-known pond:

  • lake Assal in Africa - 350-400 ‰ (35-40%);
  • lake don Juan in Antarctica - 402 ‰ (40%).

Waterways of Russia with a high salt content on the map

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In Russia, many salt lakes, unique in their composition and medicinal properties. Almost every region has a similar body of water, with its special history and legends.

The largest salinity reservoir of the Russian Federation

Largest salt lake in Russia – salted. It is located in the Altai region, and even locals call "Altai sea". Is considered of salted water (salinity of about 11%), after bathing in it on the body there is no plaque.

Diameter Kulundinskoe lake is 35 km, the shore lost in the distance. In summer the water temperature can reach 26 degrees.

Where are the healing pools?

Russia has a lot of medicinal salt lakes, each of which has its own characteristics. Here is a list of the most popular:

  1. Lake Tambukan located near Pyatigorsk. At the bottom of the lake is a few tons of mud, which are systematically mined for use in medicine and cosmetology.
  2. It is noteworthy that the lake Tambukan has almost perfect oval shape.

  3. Baskunchak is located in the Astrakhan region. On the coast of the reservoir is overlain by mud;
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  5. lake Tinaki is 30 km from Astrakhan. Because of the content of the magnetic salt has a soft pinkish hue;
  6. lake Elton is situated on the territory of the Volgograd region. Is the largest mineral lake in Europe;
  7. lake Bulukhta also located in the Volgograd region, between lake Elton and the river Volga. The outlines of shores constantly changing;
  8. Boccoli is a lake in the Volgograd region dries up in dry years;
  9. Big spring lake is located in the Altai region. Water has similar properties to the water with the Dead sea. On the waterfront archaeological excavations;
  10. Bear lake is located between the rivers Tobol and Ishim in the Kurgan region. Main supply pond receives runoff water. The lake is also six small islets,which divide the pond into two lakes – Big and Small;
  11. lake Bitter is 20 km from the village of Zverinogolovskoe Kurgan region. Has an unusual shape in the form of horseshoe;
  12. Bitter Victoria – a salt lake near the city of Shchuchye in Kurgan region. There are rare for the Urals type of algae – the sea chart;
  13. in the Chelyabinsk region there is also a lake called Bitter. Located near the village of Khomutino. On the shore there is a sanatorium;
  14. lake Collapse in Salt-Iletsk Orenburg region is a place of salt production;
  15. in the village of Veselovka Krasnodar territory lies the lake of Salt. It's quite an extensive pond – its length is 1.5 km and width 1 km, while the maximum depth reaches 10 meters;
  16. Khan's lake, located in the Krasnodar region is on the verge of extinction;
  17. Ubejische lake – ancient reservoirs containing therapeutic mud deposits. Located in the Krasnodar region and are remnants of the Sarmatian sea;
  18. raspolozhenie Ubezhinskih bassejnov

  19. the lake Plakhino is located in the South-Eastern part of Krasnoyarsk city;
  20. According to some Plakhino has such deposits of useful substances, whose number is many times greater than the reserves of the Dead sea.

  21. the lake Dus-Khol is located in the Tuva basin. On the waterfront there are several spas;
  22. How-Khol lake in Tuva Republic, which is famous for its black mud. Lake not suitable for swimming, only for therapeutic baths, but around it there are several salt springs;
  23. lake TUS in the Republic of Khakassia has ellipsometry form and refers to the type of bitter-saline lakes. The reservoir together with the coastal strip refers to prirodookhrannoy zone;
  24. lake , Palentino located 10 km from the town of Azov in the valley of the river Kagalnik. The shore of this small lake covers the reed;
  25. lake Ebeity is the largest artificial lake in the Omsk region and has large reserves of therapeutic mud. The depth and width of the lake is constantly changing;
  26. lake Ulgi also located near Omsk and also has a huge stock of therapeutic mud.

Domestic analogues of the Dead sea

Russian salt lake is not at all inferior to the famous Dead sea. A closer look at the features of several bodies of water, rich deposits of therapeutic mud and mineral salts.


Baskunchak is located in the Astrakhan region, just North of the Caspian sea. Divided into the Upper, Lower and Middle Baskunchak. The reservoir consists of a deepening on the top of a salt mountain, thousands of feet receding into the ground.

opisanie Baskunchaka

The lake area is 106 km2 and its maximum depth is 3 meters. Salinity is 300 ‰. From the lake annually produces about 1500 tons of salt, which is 80% of the total production in Russia. Deposits of mud have successfully treated many diseases.


Europe's largest salty lake is one of the most interesting attractions in Volgograd region. The area of the reservoir is 152 km2, form close to a circle. Is samostatnymin the offseason is becoming a refuge for migratory birds. Salinity can range from 200 to 500 ‰.

Mineralization Elton two times higher than the Dead sea. Mineral salts give the water a Golden-pink shade, which is why the name translates as "Golden lake".


Chany is the largest salt pond in Western Siberia and is located in the Novosibirsk region. A large part of the lake is in the forest. The area is 1500-2000 km2.

There is a legend which says about availability in the pond, a giant snake that eats people bathing.

Relax on the lake is not always safe because in bad weather raised a high wave – there have been several deaths.


harakteristiki Buluhty

Bulukhta is the second largest after the salt lake Elton in the Volgograd region. Is bitter and salty inland body of water. The borders of the lake are constantly changing, the pond is very marshy, has a mud bottom.

On the banks of the reservoir located rare bird listed in the Red Book – the Imperial eagle.

The collapse

The pond is the main attraction of Sol-Iletsk. The lake has an artificial origin. The concentration of salt in itexceeds 200 grams per liter of water. Because of the useful properties of water on the shore of the lake there are several health institutions.

Interestingly, rhombuses, depicted on the emblem of Sol-Iletsk is a reflection of the salt produced from the lake Collapse.

Therapeutic recreation

Especially for tourists on the shores of salty lakes, the waters of which are healthy, are recreation and health centers.

Useful properties

Russian salt lakes can not only relax, but also restore health. As a rule, in some diseases, patients prescribed not only medication, but also Spa treatment.

The beneficial effects of the salt lakes on the human body:

  • food minerals;
  • treatment of skin diseases;
  • the restoration of the nervous system;
  • the fight against gynecological diseases, postpartum injuries;
  • the healing of musculoskeletal and other.

Popular resorts

Every year places for a pleasant stay in the salt ponds is becoming more but there is a list of the most popular resorts:

  1. the base of rest "Bay of the azure" is located in the Novosibirsk region, directly on the shore of lake Chany;
  2. the recreation center "White Swan" is also located on birch lake Chany;
  3. The main feature of the base of the "White Swan" is located close to a sandy beach.

  4. the resort "Sol-Iletsk" - it consists of six salt lakes of different sizes, in particular, and the lake Collapse;
  5. mud-bath sanatorium "Elton" on the same lake in the Volgograd region. In addition to the lake water for treatment in the sanatorium deliver fresh mud from the lake twice a day.

We encourage you to watch the video presentation about the most salty lakes of Russia: