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Sights of Sviyazhsk: what to see, how to get from Kazan?

Of all the "pearls" of Tatarstan – this is probably the most ambitious. The island town of Sviyazhsk, founded on 24 may 1551 in the reign of Ivan the terrible, then on the Chuvash earth the Khan of Kazan with Shaleem, as a fortress, completely surrounded by water.

A bit of history

Sviyazhsk is history in the flesh. Each milestone reflects the past of the whole country, and not just one. To begin with, built a real full-fledged town with two churches, in the name of Nativity of the virgin and of St. Sergius of Radonezh, the necessary infrastructure and communications in just 4 weeks! This alone makes it unique and the only of its kind.

Another interesting fact – first, Sviyazhsk had to stand in another place, there was built. But later disassembled apart and transported on the Volga where pointed out to His Majesty. Namely, modern place to stay.

The geographical position

Sviyazhsk is located in Zelenodolsk region of Tatarstan Republic, on the confluence of two rivers - Sviyaga and Pike. Coordinates : 55°46'20" North latitude. 48°39'35" V. D.

The population of slightly more than 200 people – by the standards of such a huge country as Russia, is comparable to a small village.

The city is beautiful in any season and in any weather. Gorgeous and different, like paintings, summer sunsets on one side, and covered with snow quiet streets, without any signs of traffic. The feeling is, if you find yourself in another dimension.

How to get there?

To arrive at the Sviyazhsk in several ways:

  1. on your car;
  2. on the bus "Kazan – Sviyazhsk";
  3. on the boat.

If you chose the journey by car:

  • from Moscow to Kazan are moving on the highway M7;
  • next, continue to go along the same trail;
  • passing the village of Isakovo;
  • at the junction turn right (landmark - an old wooden mill);
  • move to the sign "turn on Sviyazhsk";
  • turn right and go to the desired item.
  • ATTENTION! The entrance to the city by car is prohibited. You can leave your car at the Parking lot near the entrance to the island.

    Boats go there every day at the same time – at 8:20 am. They depart from the River port of Kazan. To find the port easy, any passerby will tell you the address – street devyataeva, dom1.

    Kak dobratsya do Sviyazhska?

    Back to Kazan, the ship will depart from Sviyazhsk to 16:30, from the river station, taking with them a went on business colorful locals and impressed by the trip of the tourists.

    The sights of the island with a photo and description

    The combination of architectural monuments, narrow streets, almost rural way, Yes, and powerful protection – the walls of the fortress, in General, create the impression of an ancient tale. Remember, after all, "past the island of Buyan..." why not?! Pushkin was here. They say, even fell in love with this place. Perhaps the local beauty and described Alexander in his tales. Because Sviyazhsk is a small fairy tale.

    Religious Shrines

    On a mile long island where a lot of religious sites:

    • The main place especially for the pilgrims remains in Sviyazhsk Trinity Church. Her age - more than four years. Special technology of its structure does not involve a single nail. In the first years of its rich historic life to worship here present himself Ivan the terrible. And now here tend to get almost all believers, because in few hundred kilometers in both directions of the river Volga , this temple is considered the oldest.
    • Notable in Sviyazhsk not only buildings, but alsothe people themselves. Over the years, the island does not change the mentality, habits, way of life and even life itself. People are so filled with energythat I want to stop and talk with everyone.

    • The virgin-the Uspensky man's monastery. It is considered as the cradle of Orthodoxy in Kazan and the Volga region. Founded in 1555, he is among the richest monasteries of Russia. It is especially notable for tourists is a 43-meter high bell tower, a masterpiece of ancient architecture and the Cathedral of the assumption. His uniqueness has come down to us intact frescoes 1561 creation. Their area of 1080 square meters.
    • Ivanovsky convent. About 50 kilometers from Kazan in the city-the island is located the divine beauty. Earlier it was female. Now the compound exclusively male. Yes, and refers to the monastery of Holy Trinity Church.
    • Religioznaya cerkov

    • The oldest Church - Trinity (1551 year built). The second oldest is a rare one-pillar refectory Church in the name of Reverend Sergius of Radonezh. His pride is a huge mural with the old Testament story. Critics claim that this large-scale copy of "Trinity" by Andrei Rublev.
    • Temple of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All who sorrow" of the architect F. Malinowski. Unique in its grandeur. This is the biggest and, consequently, the latest building on the island. Multi-domed giant was built in Russian-Byzantine style of red brick.
    • St. John the Baptist monastery. Now no one really can not say the year of its Foundation. It is certain that it was in the 16th century. Historical image of the monastery is not preserved due to the constant fires, the last of which happened in 1795. The memory of the wooden monastery was wiped from the face of the earth. Later he was given the vacant buildings of the former monastery. Then began a new story, full of joy and prosperity.

    Commemorative objects

    • A Monument To Judas. There is a legend that alleged in 1918 in Sviyazhsk has erected a monument to Judas. However, despite circulating about this rumor, reliable and accurate data on this.
    • At the beginning of the 20th century Sviyazhsk happened terrible tragedy. In response to the defeat of the red Army , Trotsky ordered the execution of every tenth soldier by lot.

    • Guardian of the glacier. On the highest point of the island, the mountain top – an observation deck. In fact, familiarity with Sviyazhsk should start exactly from here. It is easy to plan future routes of development of the surroundings that the journey was consistent and informative.

      It is difficult to imagine that once there was a glacier, whose traces can be seen today. In the annals a record that in the construction of the island-town to the ancient architects were ordered to stest the top of the ice to a smooth rocky surface.

    • Pamyatnoe mesto

    • Monument to victims of repression. In Russia there is hardly a city which did not touched by the terrible events of Soviet history. Because people can not leave their traces where they lived. One of those traces this sad monument.
    • No impact on energy Sviyazhsk and in the postwar years Stalin's camp. According to the recollections of local, "to wind term" inmates are not just. Regular executions, torture, appalling conditions of detention. Only a small fraction of the cells, the cells settled to 18 people.
    • The town is dotted with mass graves. Whether the aura of such magic help, whether prayerful, but exiled here, "unwanted", as a rule, creative people, intellectuals, dissenters remained here to live forever.

    What is interesting, before the townspeople lived in old houses. But with the advent of modern communications it was decided to move to a more modern home with electricity and heating with natural gas. Thus, it was not necessary to redo the monuments, and then crumble the walls and spoil the pristine beauty. Even buildings in Sviyazhsk the locals do are like monuments.

    Museums and entertainment

    Many artists, poets and writers and now sing Sviyazhsk in his work.

  • This painting adorns the exhibition "Enchanted island" of the Museum of history of Sviyazhsk. It is a complex of structuresthat holds the history of the city from its inception. The pride of the collection -the pages of Chronicles.
  • Don't miss the opportunity to ride on the Sviyazhsk on the carriage. In the stable yard , as in ancient times, and now live a wonderful horse. They can be stroked and fed. Lovers of equestrian sport enjoy a ride around the island on horseback.

  • On-site Equestrian yard is a "crafts village". Here tourists are offered not just see but also participate in creating Souvenirs with old technology. You can try yourself in blacksmith, leather, pottery crafts or wood carving, weave of vines these shoes or sew clothes like that were worn by our ancestors. The craft program is open for visitors from Friday on Sunday.
  • And here is another place "Lazy Torzhok", next to the Christmas area, offers to its visitors to dress in armor and feel like real warriors and defenders. Here you can freely shoot from medieval weapon. This program is called "the Musketeers of fun".

    Muzej istoricheskoj rekonstrukcii

    And in between energy-consuming business of defending the homeland and you can eat the same medieval dishes in the restaurant "U Ivana". Do not think bad. The food here is certainly fresh, just cooked long - forgotten technology.

  • Where to go and what to see in Sviyazhsk?

    What to see on your own?

    The self-guided tour to Sviyazhsk, but the guide is still better. Because no one else will tell you so many interesting legends. Years concerned citizens bit by bit gathered together all the memories, stories and tales about his Homeland and is now happy to conduct the tour.

    Each curve of the streets, every Foundation or brick – lives here "for something" and "somehow". It is interesting to reconstruct in the imagination a coherent picture of the formation of the past, present and possible future "pearls" of Kazan.

    The season of fun is opening here in April and ends in late October. But this does not mean that the winter Sviyazhsk less beautiful. A guided tour can be purchased at any tourist Agency Kazan, and is also already on the place, on arrival in Sviyazhsk.

    Holidays Sviyazhsk

    Holidays in Sviyazhsk are noisy and fun. Of those, which is a must visit stand out:

    1. The day of the Foundation of the castle (24 may);
    2. Festival "Sviyazhsk ear" - a traditional local event that allows you to find the best ear-Vara on the island. It takes place in early September;
    3. Maslenitsa;
    4. prazdnovanie Maslennicy

    5. The festival of folklore of peoples of the Volga region (12 June);
    6. Tournament on historical fencing "the Island of Buyan" (mid - July);
    7. Another important holiday is devoted to the historical role of Sviyazhsk in the history of all Russia - "the feast of the Formation of the Russian State" (October 5).

    Where to go with kids?

    For those travelling with children , travel agencies can offer a variety of options. A full tourfocused on a certain age.

    Very kids, for example, will be interesting fabulous side of the island - Pushkin Lukomorie and adventures on the Island-Buster. Older kids will love the climb to the highest point, the ruins and the ancient legends of the fortress.

    Where to stay in Sviyazhsk?

    One day the island stretching only a mile, of course, will pass. But to comprehend the story, to soak up the atmosphere and the extraordinary aura of the ancient island-town is a few hours impossible.

    The most popular among tourists and pilgrims places also mystical, as everything on this island. They belong to the monuments of architecture.

    In this case, there is an option to stay the night in a fabulous city. Here you can enjoy several hotels. But it is better to book places. Still, despite strannosti, Vek-we have now the 21st and want to plunge in history happens to be very much.

    • The house of the merchant Kamenev is in itself a historical place. His re-enactors have done everything to restore the spirit of the era. All furnituremade only to order and old technology. From that, the atmosphere turned unique and authentic.

      The building has a restaurant, where we prepare everything that could possibly be selective tastes of the guests. In the rooms along with the exact situation of past eras perfectly coexist with modern technology, TV, fridge, bathroom.

    • gostinica v Sviyazhske

    • The hotel "Sviyaga" on Moskovskaya street, house 6 - a former Almshouse. Also unique structure. Interesting arrangement, which in the past have been houses. And although there are only 7 rooms (4 double and 3 single), the flavor is beyond words.

      By the way, someone of the guests is clearly lucky - in one of the rooms still has its old tiled stove! And rooms named according to names of local fish, that is on the door is written: "Bream", "Pike", "pike", "Carp", "Sturgeon"... There is definitely not messed up! And another nice bonus - there is a real Russian bath.

    • Guest house "Sviyazhsk". It is conveniently located directly in the building of river station. Different comfort and themes, which are always at hand cash with all the sightseeing routes of the island-town.

    Sviyazhsk is called a place of power. But truly , one can feel it only having been here. Anyone who has ever been here, definitely returns. And who knows, maybe your visit to the ancient Russian town will be decisive in your life?

    Recommend to watch an interesting documentary about Sviyazhsk: