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The house of the snow Maiden at home in Kostroma: the address residences, towers and Museum

terem snegurochki v Kostrome

It is hard to imagine New year without Santa Claus and snow Maiden. But is it always so? Appearing on the new year's holiday together, they were only the beginning of the XX century.

All details can be found in the house a fairy-tale character - snow Maiden Terem. Kostroma invites all on a tour of this magical place.

The story of snow's granddaughter

kak poyavilas devochka?

The image of the snow Maiden came to the Russian traditions of pagan cultures. It can be found in Russian folk tales. Rimsky-Korsakov wrote the Opera, dedicated to this character.

In paganism, the main parties of the New year was not a duet, and trio. Originally Santa Claus was considered the father of the Maiden, and his son was a Snowman.

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The Appearance Of The Snow Maiden

About who the snow Maiden is grandfather, known to everyone but her mother, father or grandmother? The appearance of Niewinnosci of snow is described in the Russian folk tale in the treatment of A. N. Afanasyeva. This work was published in 1869.

The father and mother of the Maiden, according to the version described in this story were ordinary peasants, who were called John and Mary. Childless, the couple decided to make themselves a daughter out of snow, and then it came alive. But with the onset of spring, the girl melted.

No less tragic end of life snow maiden described in the work of E. V. of Orange. Her tale dates back to 1948. Snow girl, in this version of the retelling of pagan legends, murder in the woods-girlfriend and buried under a Bush. A twig from the grave of the girl cuts off the merchant and make him a pipe that sings the song, telling of the death of the snow Maiden.

Despite the tragic endings of fairy tales, the snow maiden with father frost each New year appear in different parts of the country, and in Kostroma built the manor snow's granddaughter.

Why Russia?

pochemu etot gorod?

For the first time that the old Russian city of Kostroma, part of the Golden ring of Russia, is the birthplace of the snow Maiden, was officially announced in 2009. Reasons to build a residence there of snow's granddaughter was enough.

It was officially decided the date of birth of the snow Maiden is considered 1873.

This is due to the fact that this year was the fairy tale written by Alexander Ostrovsky "snow maiden", which described the legend about Ivan and Marya. In his version of the tale snow girl jumped over the fire and melted.

How is it connected with an old Russian city on the Volga? Kostroma in the old days was called a stuffed doll, which symbolized the spirit of vegetation.

On St. Peter's day in June in these places taken by tradition to mourn the Goddess of Kostroma, which is considered the prototype of the snow Maiden. Fabulous parents snow girl was a native of these places. In his Kostroma estate Shchelykovo the life and works of Alexander Ostrovsky.

In 1968, in the vicinity of Kostroma Pavel Kadochnikov was filmed the famous movie "the snow maiden" included in the cycle "Spring tales". Involved in the filming of the scenery Kostroma received his second life. They became the basis for the organization in the city Park "Berendeevka".

The Snowmaiden's Palace found in place outside the Camp, and her residence was placed on the street Simanovsky. At Dairy hill open Museum Maiden. In the Central square of the city, the granddaughter of Santa Claus monument to the work of Alexander Eremina, made of bronze.

Residence Christmas pet photo

usadba vnuchki Deda Moroza

The residence of the snow Maiden was unveiled in 2013. It became a real creative center. Here is a Snowy Wonderland Academy. Every childcan become its student. Together with the Academy in the residence there is a room of wonders, mail, music hotel and gift shop.

Fabulous grounds

The exact address of the residence of the snow Maiden: Kostroma, ul simanovskogo, D. 11. At the entrance to a beautiful 2-storey building, guests are greeted by snowy academics. Along the Grand staircase hung with paintings and photos by local artists. Together with the snow Maiden at the residence with guests to communicate the News, Genius and Skorenko.

At the residence of the snow Maiden you can get acquainted with her wardrobe and jewelry, learn a lot about her life, to drive round dances, to learn new year's tradition.

The post snow Maiden, you can send your friends Souvenirs and gifts. Throughout the year in residence, festivals, performances, and in the spring celebrated the birthday of the snow Maiden.

Magic tower

In her magical Terem snow maiden lives with his cat Baynam and a couple of brownies. This log 2-storey house with carved like lace, with white trim. It is part of the tourist complex. In addition to the towers there are such buildings:

  • Russian restaurant "Metelitsa";
  • the hotel "the snow maiden";
  • souvenir shops;
  • belfry;
  • platform for games.

In the mansion are themed toursduring which you can learn a lot about ancient Slavic culture and traditions. To navigate in the complex for signs that are made in the form of boulders. Terem is located at the address: Kostroma, St. Camp, the house 38.

skazochnyj dom

Guests in the tower of the snow Maiden meets not only the owner but also her fabulous friends. Among them, known for his cunning cat Bayun. Big fan of tell tales completely harmless and very kind with the guests of the towers and nothing like the Ogre he is portrayed in fairy tales.

Together with them lives in a mansion a couple brownies. They keep order in the house and welcome guests. According to Russian beliefs, their presence in each house is required. The house, abandoned house come the troubles and misfortunes, and where they live always happiness and prosperity.

To get to Snowmaiden's Palace any day of the week from 10:00 to 18:00. The entry on the last tour ends at 17:00. On this schedule work and residence. To reach Kostroma in the tour group on the bus and alone on the car, plane, train or boat.


A tour of the mansion lasts for 1 hour. During this time, guests plunge into the magical world of fairy tales. It includes an interactive journey through time and space, visiting the ice room where guests are waiting for treats.

To get to Snowmaiden's Palace is not as easy as it seems. Primarily served by organized tour group.

Admission to the towers is better to buy in advance. You can book tickets via e-mail.

Museum "the edge of Fairy Maiden"

muzejnyj kompleks

Venue for the organization of the Museum the snow Maiden was chosen one of the historical buildings of the city. It is the responsibility of the centre for additional education of children "Origins."

The location of the Museum complex

The date of construction of the building occupied by the Museum is considered to be 1820. Once there was a Salt store. It is located at the address: Kostroma, St Dairy hill, the house 7. This place is situated on the banks of the Volga at the gates built for the arrival of Catherine II in Moscow Outpost.

Exposure and excursions

The Museum exposition is dedicated to the traditions and culture of the peoples who inhabited the ancient land of Kostroma region. Tours of the Museum holds the snow maiden. In the course of exploring the Museum, guests learn a lot about the characters from local myths and legends, learn about the characters of fairy tales and mysterious berendeevo people.

In the program includes:

  1. stories about the heroes of the fairy tale A. N. Ostrovsky, nature and history of the region;
  2. acquaintance with the exposition devoted to life of indigenous peoples;
  3. theatrical representations.

Presented in the Museum of dolls decorate national costumes of the peoples of Russia. Their collection created by local artist A. M. Efimova. There is a separate collection of ceremonial dolls and amulets.

For children aged 3 to 6 years are held at the Museum in the game form of creative exercise. Master classes are designed for adult visitors of the Museum.Here they can learn to make talismans and Souvenirs.

In this video you can see how the tour through the Palace of the snow Maiden: