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Monuments Lipetsk region: photo of the statue of the dragon at Kudykina mountain

Zmej Gorynych na Kudykinoj gore

Erected a monument to the Serpent dragon Wherever sorrow is known to many by photos posted online by tourists who visited this place.

Fairy tale character is one of the attractions of the Park is a family holiday, which is annually visited by over 500 thousand people.

Where is Kudykina Gora?

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Children's Safari Park Kudykina Gora was built in the Lipetsk region. A place to create was chosen in the open field near the village of Kamenka, on the banks of the don river.

It covers an area of 500 hectares, surrounded by nature and is a part of clean protected area.

The easiest way to reach Kudykiny mountains by car. Check-in Zadonsk is done from the side of the highway M4 "don". Distance from Lipetsk to the Park is 73.2 km from Voronezh 112 km.

Place the creation of the Park was not chosen by chance. In 2006, near the Stove has been excavated, in which was discovered an ancient Scythian settlement. This discovery gave the idea of a reconstruction of the settlement and the creation of a Park intended for families.

The monument of the Serpent dragon - photo

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A huge monsterwith three heads, designed to frighten children and adults, gives them a smile and a good mood.

The monument fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape and in harmony with other Park facilities.

The history of creation

The construction of the Kudykiny mountains, worked wood, the architects of the Ivanovo region. The Creator of the Park project - Nikolai Sheremet. He is a member of the Union of designers of Russia. Your project he completed in 2005. Officially, the Park was opened in 2007, but the construction of individual objects is still ongoing.

Park Kudykina Gora is a serious cultural conceptthat can be interesting not only for children but also for adults. It woven together the history and life of ancient Rus and mythology, handed down to us in folk tales.

The monument of the Serpent dragon was installed in the constructed facilities. His project was designed specifically for Kudykiny mountains. To build the sculpture began in 2015. The author of the monument Serpent dragon — Ukrainian sculptor Vladimir Kolesnikov.

What is notable about the statue?

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Sculpture with a height of 15 meters, consists of a metal frame and concrete. His three heads are able to spew fire and even growling. This object is placed inside a special tube. The sculpture looks quite realistic. Even amid the boundless Russian open spaces it has an impressive look.

Posted in Instagram photo of the monument to the Serpent dragon located at Kudykina Mountain has become one of the most popular and viewed. More than 200 million people drew their attention to it. Many of them have left on a wooden sculpture of your positive comments.

Modern object is performed in the best traditions of Russian architecture. It draws the attention of millions of inhabitants of the planet.

Where to find a dragon with fire?

The monument of the Serpent dragon is set on a small hill in the Park. From the Parking you need to walk along the path to the left of the monument is a Helmet of Svyatogor, after "helmet", you'll see the right Horse-Stone, and on the left the monument of the Serpent dragon.

Find the location of dragon on the scheme of the Park, which is located at the entrance to his territory.

What else can you see in the Park?

The Park has the facilities for various purposes. In addition to the various sculptures there:

  • Scythian fortress. The wooden walls of the facility was built without a single nail. Behind them is the town of craftsmen, which sells Souvenirs, products of folk art and master classes in various types of crafts;
  • A children's Playground.Is a children Playground with various attractions, a trampoline and slides;
  • Zoo. In spacious enclosures contains more than 50 species of animals and birds;
  • Circus;
  • Two springs with spring water;
  • An artificial lake with a sandy beach;
  • Cafe.

At the entrance to the Park is a large Parking for cars. To stay at Kudykin mountain in guest house or tent camp. In warm time of the year the Park hosts various festivals, and in winter it is open the residence of Santa Claus.

Watch video about how to build a statue of the dragon: