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The Golden ring of Russia - what it is: a list of cities, photos, car routes

spisok goroda Zolotogo kolca Rossii

A lot of people living in Russia and in other countries, know that there is the Golden ring of Russia, many would like to visit the cities that fit within a Golden ring. But few people know what this city and so they were placed in the Golden ring of Russia.

What is it?

Golden ring of Russia call route created for tourists, it connects the oldest Russian cities, these cities are of historical value for Russia, they also carry a cultural heritage of Russia in these cities are the oldest and rarest of its kind monuments. Top cities allocate eight main. Cities are the territory of Moscow and the neighbouring regions:

  • Pereslavl-Zalessky;
  • Sergiev Posad;
  • Yaroslavl;
  • Rostov The Great;
  • Suzdal;
  • Ivanovo;
  • Kostroma;
  • Vladimir.

Also there is a debate over other cities, the legacy of which is of great importance for Russia, and it is not uncommon that visits to the cities included in some tours on the ring.

chto takoe zolotoe kolco Rossii?

In the distant 1967 Moscow journalist sent to do a small report about the city of Suzdal, and the journalist wrote not only about Suzdal, but also about other ancient cities, which are located on the Yaroslavl highway. The article Yury Bychkov used by him coined the name of the route – the Golden ring of Russia.

All travelers to the beautiful country of Russia just need to pay a visit to the cities of the Golden ring of Russia. The frescoes of the assumption Cathedral – this is only a small fraction of all the architectural structures of the Ancient Rus.

Journey through the great route

Read more offer to consider this travel route. For a start, it should be noted some peculiarities of terminology. The specificity of the tourism business offers many names for the trails.

Without going into details, we note, initially, in the Golden ring of eight cities. This route is a classic, but now often called small Golden ring.

It is not difficult to understand if there is a small ring, then there is great. Indeed, such a route exists and includes about twenty towns. Moreover, the composition of this itinerary may vary, there is no such precision, which is the classic version.

What is included in the extended squad?

  • Pereslavl-Zalessky – a town on the river Trubezh, has a white stone temple, archaeological and cultural-historical sites;
  • Sergiev Posad – the famous Trinity St. Sergius Lavra;
  • Kolomna – one of the most beautiful cities on the territory of Moscow region;
  • Ryazan is an ancient city with abundance of historical monuments;
  • Gus-Khrustalny is a town on the river Goose, the famous Cathedral of St. George;
  • Murom – a city on the Oka, is replete with churches;
  • Moscow – capital of Russia;
  • Gorokhovets is an ancient city with monasteries on the banks of the Klyazma river;
  • Ples is a small farm;
  • Bogolyubovo is a historic town at the mouth of the Nerl;
  • kakie goroda vhodyashie v sostav Zolotogo kolca

  • Kideksha is a village with historical monuments and 4 km from Suzdal;
  • Yaroslavl – the oldest city of the route;
  • Rostov the Great is one of the largest ancient cities, not to be confused with Rostov-on-don;
  • Suzdal is a city-reserve with lots of monuments;
  • Ivanovo is a city known for its brides and weaving factories;
  • Kostroma – a city known for the Ipatiev monastery;
  • Uglich;
  • Veliky Ustyug;
  • Vladimir – was formerly the capital of North-Eastern Russia.

Interesting places

Every city is interesting in its own way, we will note the most interesting sights of the great cities of the Golden ring.

Let's start with the most ancient monastery in Russia, preserved from the year 1371.

This building is located inthe long-suffering mother, who has fully burned, and although it is one of the oldest cities (first mentioned in 900 years of the new era) basically retained the 16th century, in addition to said previously-alekseevskogo of a monastery.

Continue in Veliky Ustyug, which is also sometimes referred to as a large Gold ring. Of course, here is the most interesting to go with children who will be able in summer and winter to visit Santa Claus. Although adults have a look at this: beautiful churches, as they say, rife, and in addition, it is possible to purchase wonderful Handicrafts from silver, birch bark and other materials.

interesnye mesta bolshogo kolca

If you then talk about living attractions, such as Santa Claus, it is necessary to continue the so-called Rostov bells. This term is referred to as the bell chimes of various churches and cathedrals which have stunning sound.

We advise you to watch before the trip, the calendar of Orthodox holidays and come for holidays to Rostov to listen to the bell tower of the assumption Cathedral in all its glory.

In almost every city of the route there are magnificent Orthodox monasteries. There are amazing, the relaxed atmosphere, if you have limited time, can only be accessed by the main (believe me, a positive experience will be enough):

  • deserts of the Paraclete and Chernihiv temple near the Trinity-Sergius Lavra;
  • Goritsky, Danilov, Fedorovsky, Nikitsky monastery in Pereslavl-Zalessky;
  • The Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery in Yaroslavl;
  • Ipatiev in Kostroma.

Of course, in Sergiev Posad , you should see the work of Andrei Rublev.

Popular travel options

varianty turisticheskih poezdok

There are several options for travel on the Gold ring. Some people even prefer to travel by hitchhiking. The main options are the following:

  • by car;
  • buses independently or as part of a tourist trip;
  • hitchhiking;
  • on the trains;
  • a cruise on the Volga (in summer).

The most interesting and convenient options look car travel and cruise. These options will be discussed further.

On their own

The option of car an attractive opportunity to choose the route. If possible, try to plan routes so that for each city, you had about two days to stay. Regarding the accommodation there is a considerable amount of readily available options.

Of course, the possibility of such a journey would be almost limitless, if not a characteristic feature of Russia – the quality of roads.

Not everywhere there is a Federal highway, not all roads are ideal for your car. This fact when planning a route you should consider and choose the most convenient route.

For example, Pereslavl-Rostov the Great Zalesskom and are not the best way. If the suspension of your car is the benchmark of strength, it is possible from Sergiev Posad to go to Yaroslavl, but all in good time. For example, take the classic route.

marshrut po Zolotomu kolcu na mashine

The first item is Sergiev Posad, from which to Pereslavl-Zalessky about seventy kilometers. However, on the road, you should allocate at least two hours, in connection with the quality of the track. Followed by Rostov the Great which is not much more than sixty kilometers from the previous point, but here again should be given stock in time.

From Rostov the Great way runs to Yaroslavl, replete with posts of traffic police and is about 60 kilometers. From here the road leads to a cozy Khamis mushait, which is located 86 kilometers, and then – just over a hundred kilometers from the city of Ivanovo weavers.

Although the road to Ivanovo tolerable quality, the inconvenience can be inspectors who in this city are actively interested in visitors from other regions may guard their bachelorettes.

Now we have to go to Suzdal – one of the most interesting cities of the route, from Ivanovo, about eighty kilometers. Completes the journey, the road from Suzdal to Vladimir, which is a little over 30 kilometers and is of high quality.


As in the previous embodiment, here the tourists can vary the filling route. Some travel companies offer only eight "classical" cities, and other strongly complement the visit other cities and attractions. To the delight of tourists is almost completely city route framed by rivers, ships ply the rivers:

  • Volga;
  • Moscow;
  • Oka.

Consequently, what exactly to choose a journey depends entirely on you. As a rule, the Moscow tour operators offer more interesting and varied options, but then you will have to go to Moscow, where cruises start. It is quiteit is possible to begin the journey from other cities that have their own river ports, for example, from Saint-Petersburg or Nizhny Novgorod or Yaroslavl.

kruiz na teplohode po Zolotomu kolcu Rossii

The tour always included some of the city from the main route, which can be supplemented with other old Russian cities. For example, in trip often include Nizhniy Novgorod, Ryazan and Kasimov.

It should be noted the presence of a variety of thematic tours, ride that much more interesting.

Of course, over a two or more week-long trip you can fully explore the city route and learn a lot, but often on a cruise it is possible to spend weeks, or even less. Then I suggest you to choose a thematic tour devoted to a single region, some historical events or has an interesting specificity.

If you evaluate the attractiveness of cruises, they certainly represent virtually the best option for summer tourism. Journey along the rivers creates a certain atmosphere and allows you a better feel for the route.

Tour small tour - classic eight

As previously mentioned, this term is called ' classic "eight" cities.

One of the most alluring cities – Sergiev Posad, also he was given the name "Russian Vatican". Sergiev Posad draws its history is directly associated with religion. But in turn he owes Trinity monastery. Since the construction of the Trinity monastery was the cause of the structure of the city Sergiev Posad.

Also, one interesting town is Pereslavl-Zalessky. In modern times it is a major industrial city, but it not ceases to attract many people.

It attracts with its unhurried life, comfort and quiet. In this city there are monasteries, erected in the 14-17 centuries: the Goritsky assumption, Holy Trinity Danilov, Fedorovsky, Nikitsky monastery.

Many monuments are located in the city of Ivanovo, in the year present architectural structures of many ages, they are known not as well as in other cities of the Golden ring, but they also attract their starinnomu a large number of people. Ivanovo is also known under such name as the "city of brides".

ekskursiya po malomu Zolotomu kolcu

Rostov the Great is a city-Museum. Many though have not been there but have seen the Rostov Kremlin, because there were shooting the famous Comedy Gaidai about Ivan Vasilevich. Besides the Kremlin there is a huge number of attractions, many of which are more than a thousand years.

Yaroslavl is considered one of the most beautiful cities of the route. In the city centre, a huge number of buildings from the 16th century. The sights of this city you can see without visiting the city as Yaroslavl dedicated to the bill of a thousand rubles.

Suzdal was previously a major centre of crafts and trade, although it is hard to imagine that, because the city is home to not more than a couple of tens of thousands of people. Evidence of its former greatness are only numerous historical buildings. This is where they filmed a lot of movies and made excellent Mead.

In Vladimir there are several magnificent cathedrals of the 12th century and a magnificent ancient gate. The city is protected by UNESCO.

In Kostroma has preserved many architectural ensembles of the middle ages. The Central part of the city includes ancient temples and monasteries. The city is definitely one and beautiful in the suburbs.

What city is the most beautiful?

It's hard to call any particular city, because each is distinctive and unique, and in the aesthetic sphere there are no such precise definitions. More relevant here seems to focus on personal preferences.

For example, for someone more beautiful cozy and sparsely populated Suzdal, which has no tall buildings. Someone like big cities in which it is possible to feel the greatness of Russia, for example, Vladimir, who was formerly the capital of the ancient state.

Review of cities of the Golden ring of Russia - in the following video: