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Subway world: which subway station is the deepest in Moscow and Europe?

samaya glubokaya v mire stanciya metro

The metro, as the whole underground world, attracts tourists not less than the popular attractions of a particular city. Among the many underground tunnels decorated with the most unusual ways, constantly being ratings by various parameters – beauty, age, and depth.

The deepest metro station in the world

naibolee uglublennyj metropoliten

In all the world there are approximately 100 cities, where there is a metro. Although this method of travel is considered the fastest, but it's not the most common form of public transport.


Among the many stations built in different parts of the world, has long been the most beautiful, the most long or short, old, expensive and even the cheapest, but also the deep and those that are deposited almost on the surface. And although the issues on the part of some of them remain controversial, but according to world ranking, the most removed from the surface of the "Arsenal" – the tunnel, located in the Kiev metro.

It is the depth of 105.5 meters and it is located on the svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line between Central stations "Khreshchatyk" and "Dnepr" – almost in the heart of the capital.

While following right behind her metro "Dnepr" is ground. Since the tunnel Arsenalna metro station was built under the hill, about her constantly there are disputes. Unresolved remains the question "relative to what to think of the parameters – the depth of the sea or land"?

Construction Metrostroy mines launched in 1949, and the opening took place on 6 November 1960. Already in 1986 she was awarded the status of "architectural monument of local importance". In addition to her in Kiev subway there are several deep tunnels, such as:

  • "Caves" – 92 m;
  • "Shulyavskaya" – 84,5 m;
  • "Dorohozhychi" – 76 m.


In the first years after the construction of the metro station "Arsenal", it is, for the most part, enjoyed the staff Arsenal. In our days the permeability of the tunnel is 25.5 thousand people. During rush hour, it is heavily overloaded, and the ability to rebuild it, unfortunately, not available.

To some extent, "Arsenal" is a unique station because it is the only dogsbodies station deep Foundation, located in one of the countries of the former USSR. These tunnels typical of underground London. The features of this metro will include short medium hall "London type of construction", connected to each of the two platforms, passages-portals.

From underground to overground entrance hall is accessed via one of three dvuhmatchevyh escalators, among which there is one intermediate lobby. The lifting height of the top of the escalators is 55.8 meters, the bottom is 46.6 meters. Upper lobby goes to Arsenal square and on Central street:

  1. Ivan Mazepa;
  2. Moscow;
  3. Mykhajlo Hrushevsky.

The appearance of the station is quite concise. The walls are made of white and pink marble, for the decoration of the tunnel was used an aluminum casting, and the grating of the tunnel walls.

The Metropolitan Of Europe

podzemka Evropy

Own Champions for depth of laying of underground tunnels are available worldwide, including in Europe.


Though underground, are located in different capitals of Europe, can boast of sufficient depth in order to set records, but in this part of the continent also has its own tunnels with sufficient depth.

The deepest metro station in Europe was recognized as "Peace Square" or náměstí míru, is located in the Prague Metropolitan of the Czech Republic.


The Metropolitan of Prague is considered one of the most beautiful andcomfortable in the world, and from the standpoint of convenience, it is ahead of many EU countries. At the moment there are 57 stations, but in the underground construction of the metro planned a Grand breakthrough, and for this reason soon the station "Square of Peace" can become not the deepest underground. At the moment, the depth of the station is 53 meters, and the length of the escalator is 87 meters.

Once upon a time in the XIX century district of Prague "Vinohrady", which now houses the metro station "Ploschad Mira", was a separate settlement, and the name he received because of extremely large plantations of grapes. Soon he was made a part of the capital, after which he became a major area of Prague, where in 1978 was opened metro station "namesti miru".

Station "Ploschad Mira" is a underground tunnel with a length of 139 meters with pillar three-vault of the Central room as well as family passes on a single platform. The platform was reconstructed in the 90-ies, and in the future we plan to expand it.

Deep subway in Moscow

The Metropolitan of Moscow, recognized as one of the most beautiful among the existing ones, more like an underground Museum. Now it consists of more than 180 stations and 12 lines of the metro. In his Arsenal there are several "subways", which became Champions in different settings, including in depth.

Which branch?

In the capital's subway the deepest station is considered to be the "Victory Park" – tunnel belonging to "Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya" metro line. Being the leader on the depth of strip, it has the congestion of 84 meters, making it the second in Russia in depth. The length of the escalator also has a very impressive size – 126,8 meters.

na kakoj vetke raspolozhena?

Station "Victory Park" was built relatively recently – in 2003 and preparation for construction began in 1990. It was planned that it will be open for the 55th anniversary of victory in 2000, but the plans moved another three years.

So unfinished was insufficient funding and the crisis in the country.


The basis for design of the "Victory Park" – the theme of military eventsthat occurred in 1812 and 1941-1945, as evidenced by mosaic on one wall of the tunnel. The hall itself is decorated by alternating slabs of black and white shades of marble.

The depth of the tunnels in St. Petersburg

Northern capital in comparison with Moscow is much more smaller number of stations – only about 65, but it can boast of several "pozemku" with deep foundations.


The metro station occupies the second position in the world relative to depth.

  • The distance from the surface is 102 m;
  • The length is 162 m;
  • Apron length – 110 m.

Such a deep Foundation underground metro is due to the presence of soft soiland the proximity of the Neva river.

The construction of the metro station "Admiralteyskaya" began in 1997, but was halted until 2005, after which it was continued, and it was opened only in 2011. For the decoration was applied a nautical theme. Also in the room there are several bas-reliefs dedicated to Russian naval commanders and scenes of naval battles.


The metro of St. Petersburg is a leader in average depth total number of stations, and one of them is the Polytechnic is the tunnel open here in 1981. Its distance is 75 meters and, according to many tourists, the station looks very pompous. This is due to the fact that veneer using high quality marble and granite.

Many countries have their own underground, trying to reflect the best qualities, including the depth and beauty – one of the most important parameters.

See the video on the deepest station of the Moscow metro: