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Height largest and tallest Ferris wheel in the world - photos and video

samoe bolshoe koleso obozreniya v mire

It has been almost two centuries since then, as revealed the world's first Ferris wheel, and it is, as before, attracts and thrill-seekers, and calm couples, and loving youth.

Consider the life of the city with the largest Ferris wheel in the world – isn't that incredible desire that was each of us from childhood?

What a Ferris wheel was the first?

pervyj v mire attrakcion

Ferris wheel – the invention of the American craftsman George. Ferris. The brainchild of height comparable to the Eiffel tower, was presented to the public at the Chicago world founded the fair in 1834.

75-foot iron giant weighed two tons and could accommodate over 2,000 people.

All following a similar theme was created by the first prototype, and the name of the inventor remained for centuries: "the Ferris wheel" - English name of the Ferris wheel.

TOP 10 highest mechanisms Ferris - photo

Of course, many tourist capitals of the world can boast such an attraction that will allow you to see the city from the height of the peaceful and smooth movement of the wheels. The higher the Ferris wheel, the greater the views and the brighter will be the impressions with which you will not want to leave after literally descend from heaven to earth.

Iron eye Vegas

razvlecheniya Las-Vegasa

The tallest Ferris wheel in the world is located in Las Vegas, USA. The height of 167 metersis 2 meters above Singaporean colleagues. The attraction opened in the spring of 2014 and has 32 cabins for 40 people each. The capsule is equipped with:

  • Flat TVs;
  • Video guidetelling about the sights of the city;
  • IPod stations.

At night the wheel is poured by all colors of the rainbow and from the top there opens an indescribable view of the twinkling lights of endless casino Las Vegas.

Singapore flywheel

To 2014 this South-Eastern giant was the largest in the world, it is located in Singapore. The enormous height of the attraction is comparable to a 55-storey house of 165 meters! Each stall can accommodate up to 28 people.

Initially, the wheel rotation is carried out clockwise, but according to the rules of Feng Shui, the direction changed to the opposite.

The Star Of Nanchang

glaz Nanchana

In 2006, in the Chinese province of Jiangxi, Nanchang, was opened 160-metroe wheel, which occupies the third place in our rating.

It is equipped with sixty cabins, accommodating 6 people. The wheel speed is quite slow, with the longitude of the turnover of 30 minutes. This allows passengers to make embarkation and disembarkation without stopping the movement of the wheel.

The London eye

135-meter Ferris wheel was inaugurated on 13 December 1999 in the London borough of Lambeth, UK. In clear weather from the highest point of the ride you can see the panorama of the whole of London, including such attractions as:

  1. Big Ben;
  2. Westminster Abbey;
  3. Buckingham Palace;
  4. Trafalgar square.

The booth of the attraction is completely transparent and can accommodate about 30 people.

Melbourne panorama

The famous 120-metre Ferris wheel on the waterfrontMelbourne (Australia) has been known since 2008. However, a month after launch, it was closed for reconstruction, which is to this day.

The seven spokes of the wheel symbolize the seven-pointed star of the Australian flag. The view from the highest point of the Ferris wheel covered business quarter of Melbourne and the Bay of Port Phillip, and a complete revolution, the wheel was done in 30 minutes. Fully glass cockpit could seat up to 20 passengers.

avstralijskaya panorama

Changsha Attraction

Wheel, opened in 2004, closes the series of 120-metre high-altitude rides in China. Contains 48 cabins, with total capacity for 390 people.

At night you can enjoy the amazing view of the illuminated city Changsha 20 minutes.

Zhengzhou with a height of

In 2003, the Chinese Park of Zhengzhou opened at that time, the highest attraction in the country. With a height of 120 meters offers beautiful views of the quiet streets and houses of Henan province, which look like a toy.

Having the shape of a star of spokes are iridescent in the night that make an enchanting trip even more romantic and mysterious. The duration of the trip is at least half an hour.

Celestial dream Fukuoka

Despite the fact that "Celestial dream" worked in Japan in just 7 years, from 2002 to 2009, and it now ranks among the world's highest rides. With a height of 120 meters, a full rotation of the wheel was done in just 20 minutes.

Throughout the life of the cabin, visitors were equipped with not only climate control but also assistive devices for people with disabilities.

Diamond and flowers

almaznyj i cvetochnyj gigant

In the first year of the new Millennium in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, there is another attraction, just above the precursor is 117 meters.

Its the name of the ride was in honor of the traditional Japanese festivals and fireworks, during which we took the image of the beautiful flower fields, the sparkling diamonds from the crown of the Emperor. On a clear day from the highest point of the wheel can be seen:

  • Tokyo Disneyland;
  • Mount Fuji;
  • The Prefecture Of Chiba;
  • Cape Nojima.

Giant heavenly miracle

In the capital of Japan is one of the most famous Ferris wheels. His height is not the greatest – 115 meters.

This wheel is very popular among tourists and local romantics.

gigantskoe chudo Tokio

The main features are:

  1. Heated seats, which creates favorable conditions for recreation in all weather conditions;
  2. Cabins of the wheel are painted a different color, which in the course of movement of the attraction resembles a colorful kaleidoscope.

Where in Russia are the major browsers?

Especially the popularity of the ride was in the Soviet Union and then in Russia. Every culture Park has consistently provided its visitors this enchanting opportunity to consider the beloved city as on the palm. The popularity of this leisurely walks at altitude is not decreased, and today, many of the highest Russian giant Ferris wheel was built in the new Millennium.


The absolute champion among local attractions is the Ferris wheel in Lazarevskoe the Park. Its opening was timed to take place in the southern capital of Russia the winter Olympics happened two years before this international sports forum in 2012.

Its height is 83,5 meters. The view of the sun hiding behind a narrow line of the sea horizon is undoubtedly one of the most romantic in the country.


"Ferris wheel-360", height 74 m, slightly inferior to the "palm" of the southern competitor. Unlike the Sochi attraction, the giant Chelyabinsk:

  • Equipped with a seat heating;
  • Operates year-round;
  • Suspend its work only in the case of abnormal cold weather.

obzor CHelyabinska

Chelyabinsk newlyweds have the opportunity to ride on this wheel for free on a wedding day.


The third place in Russia held recently dismantled, a 73-foot attraction on the territory VDNH, which is called "Ferris Wheel in honor of the 850th anniversary of Moscow".

Opened in 1995, until the "London eye", Moscow attraction, occupied the firstheight in all of Europe. Unfortunately, revealed the illegality of the construction of the design led to the need to eliminate this source of pride of the Muscovites, and in the summer of 2016, the wheel was dismantled.

Kazan and Rostov-on-don

Fourth-the fifth line of the rating of the highest mechanisms of our country is Kazan "Around the world" and Rostov "One sky", which was built in 2016.

A masterpiece of engineering, equipped with heating in winter and air conditioning in the summer is not far from Aqua Park "Riviera" of the capital of Tatarstan, Kazan.

Rostov colleague, overlooks the great river don, gathers guests in the Park the Revolution. Both wheels reach a height of 65 meters.

Watch the video compilation of the highest Ferris wheel in the world: