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The pure and transparent lake in the world and Russia (Chelyabinsk oblast)

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Lakes — natural reservoirs of water that are not connected with the oceans. Since ancient times people settled on its banks and used these waters for household and drinking needs. However, the impact of human activities on the lake are much higher than in the river.

The water in these reservoirs is changing much more slowly, so many lakes, including those related to natural attractions, is heavily polluted. For this reason, the cleanest lake in the world located in remote areas away from human settlements.

What lake is the most clean and transparent in the world?

kakoj vodoem chistejshij?

For the title of "clean lakes" fighting several reservoirs located in different parts of the world.

Blue purity has no equal

Until recently, the cleanest lake on the Earth Baikal was considered. Recently, however, this informal pedestal it moved the Blue lake in New Zealand.

Its name in Maori — Rotomahana, meaning "the lake of peaceful lands".

In 2011, research conducted by scientists showed that Blue lake is worthy to wear the title of the cleanest lakes. Its water clarity in Blue lake is comparable to distilled water, and the visibility of the water column is approximately 80 meters.

Blue lake is fed by the waters of the neighbouring lake Constance, where they undergo a sort of filtration. The water in Blue lake is completely changed within 24 hours. Due to landslide of rocks composing the bottom of the reservoir, the water has different shades:

  • Blue;
  • Emerald;
  • The rare purple color, which is the most clean waters.

The lake is located on the largest island of New Zealand — South island. Swimming and diving in Blue lake is strictly forbidden, not only because of unique purity, but also because of its sacred status among the local aboriginal people — the Maori.

Bowman - crystal clear

vody Bouman

The most transparent lake in the world is lake Bowman, Montana, USA. The size of a small pond with an area less than 10 km2, is located in the reserve glacier.

The water in this lake is so clear you can see every pebble on the bottom. High transparency of lake Bowman remains including because there practically there are no tourists, although access to the lake is not allowed.

The lake is a dirt road, and on its coast is a campsite where everyone can enjoy boating on the water surface or fishing.

Clean water Russia

The most famous lake in Russia is Baikal. However, besides him, our country is rich in clean lakes. In Russia there are over 2 millionin the Chelyabinsk region the number of lakes is more than 3 thousand, many of which are unusually clear and clean water.


krasota Bajkala

One of the greatest lakes in the world, lake Baikal, situated in Eastern Siberia on the border of Irkutsk oblast and Republic of Buryatia. The lake contains 20% of fresh water reserves in the world, the national pride of the Russians and treasure planet.

If you have a question, why the water is so clear, then all is simple - its purity Baikal bound organic factor. Water transparency in the lake is provided by the endemic crustacean, Baikal epishura, eats algae.

Thanks to this crustacean, the water column in the lake visible to a depth of 40 meters.

The water temperature in the lake is low and even in the hottest months usually does not exceed +9°C (in some bays to +15°C).

Legendary lake attracts many tourists from Russia and other countriesthe world not only for its purity but also the stunning scenery of its banks and the water surface.


Turgoyak — the second on purity lake in Russia, second only to lake Baikal. Lake Turgoyak is located in the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation on the territory of the national Park.

Like the lake, purity lake Turgoyak is supported with organics — special plankton also provide the transparency of the ground water entering the reservoir, and low salinity. All these factors have enabled Turgoyak to achieve high water clarity — water column can be seen on 10-17 meters.


As the lake Turgoyak and Zyuratkul is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the eponymous national Park. In Soviet times, flowing from lake river Big Satka was blocked by a dam, so now Zyuratkul, strictly speaking, not a lake, reservoir.

priroda Zuratkul

Alpine lake (altitude of 700 meters above sea level) enjoys great popularity among tourists for its beauty and picturesqueness. Due to the high flowage, rocky bottom and low content of mineral substances, the water in the Zyuratkul is particularly clean. The depth of the lake is small and, on average, does not exceed 4 metres.


White lake is one of the deepest lakes of the Moscow region, is located in the Shatura district. The lake is of glacial and karstic origin.

Despite its small size (approximately 0.2 km2) and mud bottom, White lake has exceptionally clear water.

The reason for the transparency and purity of the water in this lake has not been fully elucidated, since White lake is too deep for lakes of glacial origin. It is assumed that the cause of occurrence of the reservoir could be the melting of ice lenses or karst processes, and possibly both of these factors.

Whatever it was, a mysterious place remains one of the most popular natural attractions the Moscow region: here the sanatorium, receiving guests, and a wild beach and cottage village.


The most famous bodies in the world

Unusual lake can be found in all parts of the world, from Europe to Antarctica. Especially rich in lakes in North America.

A water surface area of lakes in Canada exceeds the area of a large country like the UK.

Wuhua Hai

The lake Five Colors, or in Chinese Wuhua Hai, situated in Jiuzhaigou national Park in Sichuan in Central China. The name of the lake was due to the trees covering the shore and falling into it after drying.

Due to the chemical reactions of the minerals of the lake at the different types of trees, the water in the pond is colored in different shades, from yellow to dark green. At any time of the year water surface of the lake painted at least 5 different colors, which gives the lake the extraordinary picturesqueness.

Because of its beauty pond, also called Lake Peacock. The lake water is so clear that trunks of trees, covering the bottom, you can see at a depth of 40 meters.

In addition to its extraordinary appearance of the lake Five Colors carries several mysteries. For example, the water level in it never changes, although neighbouring lakes dry up in summer. In addition, in winter, the pond never freezes. All these factors influenced the fact that the lake acquired its sacred among the locals status.


biruzovoe Pejto

Peyto lake is located in the Canadian Rocky mountains, Alberta, Canada. Alpine lake, located at an altitude of almost 2 km above sea level, is the most popular and well known among lakes located entirely on canadian soil.

Its tremendous popularity Peyto received for the unusual color of the water in the spring.

When you start to melt the mountain glaciers that feed the lake, the glacial flour gives the water a pale turquoise color, which is found only on a tropical seaside resorts.

Clear turquoise water in the background is harsh, covered with coniferous forest of the mountains creates a somewhat surreal scene. Also the unusual shape of the lake, resembling a wolf's head.

The largest lake system

Great Lakes, located on the border of USA and Canada, is the largest lake system in the world, to compete with which the water reserves can only Baikal. Lakes are of glacial origin and was formed about 10 thousand years ago. Inthe Great lakes include:

  1. Lake Upper (largest lake of the system);
  2. Huron;
  3. Michigan;
  4. Erie;
  5. Ontario.

Also in the Great lakes include small in comparison with the rest of lake St Clair, but directly to the Great lakes it does not apply. Lake superior — the largest freshwater lake in the world, second only to the salty Caspian sea.

The system of the Great lakes flow into hundreds of rivers and streams, so water them normal in appearance. A large number of the population living on the coasts of lakes, rapid economic and commercial activities have led to the fact that by the mid-twentieth century the water of lakes heavily contaminated.

Taken by the authorities of the USA and Canada has led to the fact that in recent decades the water has been cleaned up significantly.

Now the environmental problem is largely behind us, and the lakes hold many species of fish, including trout, which can live only in clean water.

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