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The height of the biggest and highest mountains of the world, where and how they are called

samye bolshie gory v mire

The mountain always attracted people. This is a special elementthat changes those who are imbued with its spirit. The desire to conquer the highest peaks inexhaustible. They have already collected its toll – many of the climbers left on their slopes forever. But the words of Vladimir Vysotsky "better than mountains can be only mountains, which have not yet been" confirmed enthusiasm for new expeditions.

The largest massif in the Himalayas

What was once the bottom of the oceans Tethys, now stands at 8848 meters above sea level and is called mount Everest. It is the highest mountain in the world. Part of it is in Nepal, part in Tibet (China). The peak itself is located on the territory of China and is crowned by the Main Himalayan range.

Chomolungma is the Tibetan name of the mountain. Middle name is Everest, she received in 1856 in honor of sir George. Everest, led in the mid 19th century geodesic service in British India.

samaya vysokaya ora v Gimalayah

Just conquered mount Everest. In 1953 to climb it was the members of the British Himalayan expedition, and in 1982 did the Soviet climbers. They chose the most difficult, undeveloped to them the route along the South-Western slope.

Its shape of the mountain resembles a pyramid. Its peak is covered with glaciers, ending at an altitude of 5000 meters. The edges of the pyramid is so steep that the glaciers and snow they are not kept, so they represent the bare areas.

Climb to the top is very difficult highly rarefied air, low temperatures, ice and powerful winds. That is why there are people dying. Over the past half century about 2,500 climbers tried to climb on the "roof of the world", more than 200 of them died. But this does not stop travelers, they continue their attempts.

The highest peaks of Russia

A Russia, there are many high mountains, scattered from the Black to the Bering sea. The highest of them is mount Elbrus (greater Caucasus), Belukha (Altai) and Klyuchevskoy volcano (Kamchatka).


The highest mountain in Russia is Elbrus. It is located in the greater Caucasus mountains and is considered one of the most huge extinct volcanoes on Earth. Its height is 5642 meters above sea level.

vysochajshaya gora v Rossii - Elbrus

Like all volcanic mountains, Elbrus has two parts – the pedestal height of about 3700 meters and the bulk part of about 2000 meters, formed after eruptions.

Two-headed Elbrus peak, covered with ice caps, giving life to the two rivers feeding the Stavropol Krai and Georgia – the Kuban and the Terek.

The first, documented, Elbrus took place in 1829. It was the first Russian scientific expedition. Since then, climbers have been a number of scientists, athletes, climbers and travelers.

Volcanic activity here ceased about 2500 years ago. The current peaks it are the young who grew up on the basis of another, more powerful and more ancient crater.


Sacred, shrouded in a mystical shamanic secrets of the mountain Altai.... Belukha – the highest mountain of Katun ridge and Siberia. Its two peaks – the Eastern, with a height of 4506 meters and West 4435 m are connected by a "Saddle Beluga", rising to 4000 meters. Together with Mount Delaunay, and Crown of Altai they form Akkem wall.

The cold climate in the Beluga area due to the fact that here are concentrated the main glaciers of the Altai mountains. Her whole array consists of 170 glaciers, half of which lies on the whale.

gde nahoditsya gora Beluha v Rossii?

Anyone who has been close with the white whale and climbed on her, noted an unusual atmosphere around the mountain. It is believed that the head of the Beluga whales do not happen to have a pyramid shape. They, like aerials receive space information.

The trail through the pass Karatyurek, leading to Akkem lake at the foot of Belukha, dotted with empty blisters from under the weight. So, overcoming the difficulties of climbing by almost 3-km altitude pass, there are those who want to touch the Roerich stone and feel the atmosphere of love anduniversal brotherhood – women and men much older than 70 years.

The mysticism of Belukha attracts scientists and ufologists from around the world, and spiritual expedition.

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Klyuchevskaya Sopka

It is the highest active volcano in Eurasia. The height of 4850 meters, the width of the crater is 15 km away, Is a stratovolcano – a layer cake of lava. The volcano is a proper cone,which is 84 of the side craters. The first described the eruption dates from the year 1697. The last was in 2011.

The total area of the 30 glaciers that cover the top of the hill, is of 225.2 sq km. the name of the hill has received from the village of Keys, located at its foot.

The first ascent to Kluchevskaya Sopka took place in the late 18th century. It was the members of the expedition of Billings.

kak sformirovalas Kluchevskaya sopka?

With a break of almost two centuries held a second ascent, but the deaths of climbers at the gathering lava not added enthusiasm mastering Klyuchevskaya Sopka. Therefore expeditions to it are rare.

From Kluchevskaya Sopka related, and beliefs of local residents. They consider it a sacred place of creation.

Top Of Europe

Where France borders with Italy, rises the highest peak in Europe - Mont Blanc. This crystalline massif, whose height is 4810 meters, and the length of 50 km and the top of the mountain is covered by glaciers with an area of about 200 sq. km.

samye krupnye vershiny Evropy

Strictly speaking, the slopes of Mont Blanc, facing not only the French and Italian side, but also in Switzerland. From France – a wall with snow-ice cover From Italy – rock walls, And Switzerland face huge ice-rock slopes. The ridge rises to the sky ten peaks with a height of over 4000 meters.

Mont Blanc "White mountain" - was conquered by man in 1786, at least at this time appeared the first mention of the ascent.

In subsequent years, been up here many groups. Today it is possible to do guided, with appropriate skills and experience.

Speaking about mountains in Europe, nvozmozhno to say about Olympus. The mountain's name became a household word, thanks to the legends and mythology of Ancient Greece. The highest mountain of the country is on the border of Greece and Macedonia. Actually the highest is one of the peaks of mount Olympus - Mytikas. It stands at 2919 metres above sea level.

ora Olimp v Grecii

The whole mountain consists of nearly 50 peaks with a height of 750 meters and a length up to 20 km, and they are All covered with snow.

Peak Mytikas was conquered only in 1913. The foothills of mount Olympus and the surrounding area is a national nature reserve.

Tourists go up only to the foot of Mytikas. For climbing requires special training. To reach the top is 6 hours.

The extraordinary height of Australia

Australia is a country and a continent, to which it is possible to repeatedly apply the epithet of "most". One of them relates to her relief. This is the most flat country in the world – 95% of its area extends to a height of not more than 600 m above sea level.

The highest mountain is the peak of Kosciuszko is part of the Australian Alps, in turn, the highest mountain system of Australia. Its height is 2228 metres.

vysokie gory Avstralii

One of the features of this mountain system is the large amount of snow that falls here. Therefore, on its slopes built many mountain ski resorts.

To the top of Kosciuszko peak can be reached by gondola, and it is possible to make the ascent, surrounded by luxurious landscapes. This is a handy and safe way.

The mountain is part of the National Park, a special pride of which are the numerous thermal springs in which to bathe.

Volcanoes Of Africa

Surrounded by myths and legends of the local tribes, the volcano Kilimanjaro is truly enormous – the height of it is 5899 m, length is 97 km, and the width of the array is 64 km away. It is part of the East African mountain range, extending from East to West in the Northern part of Tanzania on the border with Kenya.

It is inactive, but may Wake up at any moment. Studies show that the lava is near the surface of the earth, and from the crater occasionally emissions of sulphur and greenhouse gases.

Kilimanjaro has gentle slopes going up to the flat top. It includes three Unitedonce the volcano – Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo.

samye krupnye gory v Afrike

Kilimanjaro forms the climate in the surrounding valleys. They are fertile, due to the large amount of precipitation falling in the surrounding areas and on the slopes of the mountain. An additional source of life-giving water is melting and flowing down the glaciers.

Like all mountains, Kilimanjaro attracts many trekkers and mountaineers.

To climb it experienced climber capable of one day. But most of the necessary acclimatization, so the ascent usually takes about 7 days. Best time – December to March.

Common features of mountainous areas is the thin air and pressure drop. There is always colder than at the bottom, and the higher, the more. For lifting to a height of over 3500 meters, you will undergo a period of adaptation to the highlands. Normally on all routes were available for the base camp.

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