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Big soccer: where in the world are the best football stadiums?

samyj bolshoj stadion v mire

Sport is an integral part of every person's life, so many of us at least once was on a football or hockey game. However, the game viewing on a normal sports arena are unlikely to make such a global impression as a visit to the world's largest stadium where you can be inspired by the enthusiasm of thousands of spectators.

TOP 10 best football stadiums in the world

If you consider yourself a football fan, you just have to know about the most gigantic and formidable stadiums in the world, a visit which will stay with you virtually for life.


sooruzhenie Uembli

Wembley stadium opened its doors in 2007 and was built on the site of the old football stadium in Londonwhere the matches were held back as far as 1923.

This is one of the largest sports venues in the world, accommodating approximately 90 thousand fans.

The "highlight" of the stadium – a magnificent openwork arch, moves in three directions simultaneously and which support the roof. To places on the podium are convenient steps, and for those who are tired, or people with disabilities provided by the escalators.

The stadium owner is the English Football Association, so the UK team on football spends their training and home matches. Also arena is fit for competitions in Rugby and American football. The perimeter of the stadium exceeds 1 km. Also it are often pop stars and show business.

Camp Nou

arhitektura Kamp Nou

It is located in the capital of the province of Catalonia in Barcelona that is in Spain. The author of the project of the stadium was designed by the architect Francis Mithans, and it was built in 1957. Since then, the sole owner of the camp Nou is a football club "Barcelona".

It is the largest arena in Europe, able to accommodate up to 100 thousand football fans. Except for the playgrounds, here is the office of management and center employees who have the official approach to Barcelona. Be sure to visit the Museum of the legendary team, which holds her winning trophy, recording heads and the photographs of the matches, as well as the things the players of the legendary Barca. Here are the matches of the Olympic games and the European Cup in football.

Santiago Bernabeu

This arena is home to the Madrid "real" and is located in the Spanish capital. Before the world Championships in football, practicing football team of Spain. Football ground is named in honor of the former President of the football club, which team won 6 times the European Cup.

The capacity of the stadium is impressive, accounting for more than 80 thousand spectators. Arena is 4.5 km from the centre of Madrid, but getting there is best by metro or taxi.

Its design feature is that from any place stands a beautiful overview on the football field.

Old Trafford

stroenie Old Trafford

It is the home arena of the famous team "Manchester United". The stadium is located in the UK, namely in the province of greater Manchester in the Metropolitan district of Trafford, and is the second largest English stadium after Wembley.

Playground is located near a metro station and has a capacity of 75 thousand spectators.

At old Trafford you can buy tickets on four stands: North, South, East or West. The Northern bears the name of sir Alex Ferguson – the man that contributed to the March "Manchester United" to fame. All stands, except on the South, divided into 2 tiers. OnThe North stand is also located the famous "Red cafe" and a Museum of the club.


Arena belongs to the English team Liverpool. It can simultaneously accommodate about 50 thousand spectators. The beginning of its construction belongs to the distant 1884.

To get to the stadium is not so simple: the entrance is on a special smart card through 80 gates. The football field is surrounded by four stands: single storey "main Stand", and "Spion Kop" bunk "Anfield road" and "Centenary Stand".


This is the biggest sports ground for football in Brazil, built in Rio de Janeiro in 1950. The field size is 105h68 m, and the number of visitors to the stadium can reach 78 thousand people.

"Maracana" is the home arena of the teams Fluminense, and Flamingo, as it is a training session of Brazil. Other football flagships in the country – "Vasco da Gama" and "Botafogo" - also found on this site with rivals. The stadium usually arrange a League finals of the Carioca.


arena Luzhniki

The first match was held here in 1956. After reconstruction in 2013, the capacity had increased to 81 thousand. Playground is located in the Moscow district of Khamovniki, close to Sparrow hills.

On the football field is applied artificial turf, Dating back to the fifth generation. Arena has United four stands, each of which has a colorful color displays. Tribune And is considered to be Central since this is where the VIP-sector and private boxes for celebrities. On the podium are usually placed In the fans and on the podium D – guests of honor matches.

Recently, the stadium was built playgrounds, which can train a professional football team, mini football and tennis players and athletes.

Allianz Arena

This Playground, located in Munich on site Premanently wasteland, the most beautiful external facade in the world. The stadium is a real masterpiece of sports architecture. When replacing Bayern Munich, all the building lights up in red, and during matches of the German national team colour changes into white.

The stadium capacity is 70-75 thousand people. Arena consists of 106 lodges, there is also a shop selling LEGO designers, two kindergartens for kids and club shop team "Bavaria" occupying over 800 m2, where you can buy football symbols.

San Siro

It is located in Italy, namely in one of the most famous cities, Milan. The stadium can accommodate more than 80 thousand people and is home to two football clubs included in the TOP of European football: AC Milan and inter.

The dimensions of the field are 105h68 m arena is in an urban area of 7, and after the match fans can visit the Museum of the history of football teams, where are the pennants, cleats, flags, and other trophies relating to matches and outstanding players.

korpus San-Siro

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Donbass Arena

This is one of the newest arenas for football matches, built in Donetsk in 2009 and became the home field for the local team "Shakhtar". Distinctive feature – full castellanotti of the facade, and in the dark it produces a surreal impression thanks to the original lighting.

The stadium holds just over 50 thousand people, there are the VIP boxes and Lounges for corporate customers. Planted around trees, in the autumn of acquiring traditional red and orange colors in honor of the "home" of the team "Donbass Arena". The Playground has two large monitor.

In which city is the largest sports complex?

sportkompleks Acteka v gorode Mehiko

Once on them, you really feel part of the football community: the arena produce a majestic impression and allow you to see all the features of the football game.

The largest capacity stadium in the world is the First of May stadiumlocated in North Korea. Operates the complex on the sandy island Ninnada in Pyongyang. The rostrum is equipped 150000 thousands of seats to watch the match standing here will not have seats enough for everyone.

A huge arena of America - photo

In the American continents are some of the biggest stadiums in the world, including:

  • "Azteca", which is the capital of Mexico. Its capacity is 105 thousand people. He is famous because is the only sportthe arena that hosted two finals of the football world Cup;
  • "Memorial stadium"located in the town of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. It accommodates more than 87 thousand people;
  • It is in memorial stadium hosts the matches of the team of University of Nebraska football.

  • "Jordan-Hare". It was built in 1939 and is able to take about 87500. Most often it is used in matches of the local team of American football "Auburn tigers";
  • "Ben Hill Griffin". Playground designed more than 85 thousand people and is located in the town of Gainesville in Florida;
  • "The Cotton Bowl". This is a real pride of Texans. The stadium was built in Dallas and can accept more than 92 thousand fans. Playground was built in 1930.

Playground of Europe

On the territory of the European continent are the following major stadiums:

  1. "Olympic" in Kiev, has 70 thousand people. The stadium impresses with a specific design: the roof is a translucent synthetic membrane covers the entire rostrum.
  2. sportivnyj kompleks Olimpijskij v Evrope

  3. "Signal Iduna Park" in Dortmund. It was built for the world football championship, held in 1974 in Germany. Capacity sports arena – more than 80 thousand people, and home team stadium "Borussia Dortmund".
  4. "Stade de France" in Paris, in the Faubourg Saint-Denis, which also may attend up to 80 thousand people. Most people can spend not only matches, but a show with concerts of music stars.
  5. "Emirates" in London. The stadium not only looks impressive, especially when lit up at night, but is the home ground of the famous "Arsenal". The arena's capacity is over 60 thousand people.
  6. Amsterdam arena in the Netherlands. This five-star sports arena, which can accommodate more than 50 thousand people. Here playing home games, the team "Ajax". This is the first European stadium with a retractable roof.

The largest fields of Russia

In domestic spaces most impressive in terms of territory and capacity are the following stadiums:

  • "Metallurg" in Samara, the capacity of which exceeds 35 thousand people. The arena opened in 1957, but since then the number of fans, which she can accept, increased by nearly 5 times. "Home" team are the "wings of the Soviets".
  • "The Central stadium of trade unions" in Voronezh. It stands out not only with a capacity of more than 34 thousand people, but the presence of bunk stands and a Parking lot. It is considered to be "home" for the team "Torch".
  • "Kuban" in Krasnodar. Playground opened its doors in 1960 and now after restorations can accommodate more than 31 thousand football fans.
  • Box of matches Krasnodar stadium is divided between a team of "Krasnodar" and "Kuban".

    pole Kuban

  • "Spartak" in Vladikavkaz. The number of spectators, while on it, more than 32 thousand people. The arena opened in 1962 and now there are matches mostly a team of "Alania".
  • "Central" in Kazan. Plays mostly local team "Rubin". The stadium is well preserved, although it was built in 1960 and designed by around 30 thousand spectators.

Huge abandoned construction

In 2002, the club "Detroit lions" has left its home stadium "Silverdome", located in the American town of Pontiac, because of the inability to contain it. The financial crisis has led to the fact, that the municipality also could not leave the arena on its balance sheet.

Abandoned stadium several times passed from hand to hand, and the decision is now to sell it in parts. The stadium accommodated more than 80 thousand people, and its construction cost nearly $ 55 million.

Roomy hockey complex

Most impressive in size hockey stadium is in Japan in Saitama and is called the "Saitama Super".

It can fit up to 22500 spectators. And although the national team of Japan, trains here often, in the arena often hosts concerts and other entertainment events.

Than the more famous structures?

chem znamenit Amazoniya?

Some of the sports arena thanks to its unique features leave a lasting impression even a person who is not too fond of football or similar games.

Sometimes the stadiums have become a place of realization of the most unusual architectural fantasies. The most amazing and beautiful playgrounds of the world:

  1. "Amazonia" in Manaus, Brazilian, accommodating more than 40 thousand people, the design of whichused forms of Anaconda. The roof and the façade of the arena are somewhat similar to the appearance of the skin of these snakes.
  2. "Arena das Dunas" in Brazil, the construction of which resembles a giant flower, the petals of which are the podium.
  3. "Stade vélodrome" in Marseille (capacity more than 60 thousand spectators). He became famous thanks to the original undulating roof.
  4. "Incheon and Activities" in South Korea's Incheon with a capacity of more than 50 thousand fans. It attracts attention with its unusual roof made of glass, reminiscent of ship's masts and sails.
  5. "Marina Bay" in Singapore (designed for 30 thousand spectators). It looks amazing.
  6. Football field is located on a floating steel platform near the shore, and the stands for the fans are on the shore.

What stadium is the world 's most expensive? This is referred to "Wembley" in the UK. Its renovation in 2007 cost the British Treasury nearly $ 1.5 billion.

Most visited stadium. Most of the viewers comes to the matches at the famous camp Nou in Barcelona. On each game on average filled to 79 thousand seats in the stands, which is about 80% of the capacity of the arena.

Watch a video about the biggest stadiums in the world by capacity: