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The largest and highest waterfalls of the world: what is the name and what in Africa?

Samye bolshie vodopady mira

Since ancient times, the falls would get the people excited. Powerful streams of water, mist and spray is spectacular, an impressive phenomenon. In close proximity to some popular waterfalls, already arranged the whole resort towns to attract more tourists.

What waterfall is the biggest and highest on the planet?

Many people believe that the biggest in the world is Niagara falls, but it is not so. Are in the Land of high waterfalls, which are on a vertical flow length win over Niagara.


vodnyj potok Anhelya

First place is a major angel falls, whose height - 979 meters, located in Venezuela. The discovery occurred in 1933 by Aviator James angel. Reachable only by air or river. The height of the water drop is very large, so it bonds to small particles, turning into mist. Person can face with mist for a few hundred kilometers.

The place is not only very beautiful but also mysterious. It makes shopping a strong impression.

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Slightly inferior to angel falls Tugela. It is amazing that consists of five cascades. It is also very long, the height of the Tugela - 948 meters. The localization of this attraction is South Africa. To get to this place, you need to walk. There are two routes to overcome them takes at least six hours. Adventure takes a lot of energy, so a guided tour are only the most strong and sturdy travelers.

Three sisters

The third place in ranking belongs to the sights of the Three sisters. Location - Peru. Title obtained for three tiers of water. The height of 914 meters. This place is surrounded by forest, so access to him is very difficult. Not all tourists dare to this adventure, so few people know about this attraction.

How is the most extensive drop of water?

kak nazyvautsya bolee krupnye po shirine?

Usually experts estimated the power of the water flow of the waterfall, its height and width. Next, we consider the most attractive on the width of the waterfalls.


The widest waterfall is the Khon. It is located on the Mekong river. This is the border between the two countries: Cambodia and Laos. The water passes through a deep gorge, the river pours vast plain, forming a huge waterfall. Granite ledge in the riverbed stretches for 12 kilometers. The appearance of this phenomenon is fascinating, evokes the peace and tranquility. Travelers love this attraction.


In South America there are at least impressive waterfall Guaira. A width of 4800 meters. Localization - the border of Paraguay and Brazil. The waterfall was flooded during construction of the reservoir. A powerful stream of water is still in this place.

Authorities are trying to restore the landmark, but to manage such a quantity of water almost impossible.


Incredibly wide is Victoria falls. Width - 1,800 meters. Called landmark, in honor of Queen in the mid-nineteenth century. It is located in South Africa.

When it rains, this place turns into rain flow, there is a fog, so to see the waterfall does not work. People come here who love extreme sports. This place is very popular regularly make trips.

Deep artery pictures

A huge stream of water rushes down, this spectacle cannot fail to surprise. The biggest streams on the planet are held in Iguazu falls and Niagara.


In the first place was Iguazu falls. It is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The status of the most full-flowing waterfallgot no chance. It is not just a single waterfall, but a few. It is a real Kingdom waterfallsin total, there are 270.

The attraction of Brazil and Argentina attracts travelers from around the world. According to researchers, the iguaçu river erupts on the average of 1700 cubic meters of water per second. Near power people often feel fear. However, its popularity does not decrease.


Niagarskij vodoem

The world-famous Niagara falls is also incredibly deep. It is located between USA and Canada. This is actually not one waterfall as many people believe, but several. The place fascinates tourists and attracts people from all over the world.

Water is so much that under a waterfall built hydroelectric plant, whose total power can reach the level of 4.4 gigawatts.

A little miracle of nature

The smallest waterfall in the world Sarkyrama. It is situated in Western Kazakhstan. Features of interest:

  • Located near the forest;
  • The height of the drop of water does not exceed 4 metres;
  • Until 2008 it was called a Red Waterfall.

The waterfall is located near the small settlement, so at its foot are often tourists, you can reach it easily.

On the planet a lot of amazing places. Waterfalls always attracted people. Their greatness and power is frightening, but at the same time fascinating. It will take a long time, but these attractions do not lose their greatness. More and more people interested in excursions to such places.

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