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What resorts are included in the list of the most expensive and luxurious in the world: ranking

samyj dorogoj kurort v mire

Rest in Egypt, Turkey and Thailand have long been no surprise, but following to statistics, Russians spend on travel every year more and more. Wealthy people have long preferred the more expensive resorts.

Now called the most expensive resort in the world is difficult, because every country tries to satisfy all the whims and needs of tourists.

What resort Land is the most expensive?

Kakoj ostrov naibolee dorogostoyashij?

Are you in search of the most expensive and luxurious resort? Then you just need to visit the private island of Isla de sa Ferradura in Spain, located close to Ibiza.

The resort area is 6 hectares, and it is designed for only 15 persons.

The creation of this Paradise from the owner gone for 10 years. The cost of the rate from 100 000$, which is about 5 630 500 Russian rubles (depending on course). Extraordinarily beautiful lagoon with grotto, beautiful waterfalls, white sandy beaches, numerous leisure activities and entertainment, everything is just amazing.

It is worth noting that the hotel has no identical rooms, and the interior was created by the best artists around the world.

The rating places that will cost you

roskoshnyj Necker Island

There are several luxury places from year to year, in the lead, once in the list of the most expensive resorts. They differ:

  • security and safety of tourists;
  • the fulfillment of all desires of the tourist;
  • picturesque and stunning views;
  • service top class.

However, to get to these places need to have a huge fortune.

The most luxurious and chic places of the world that can quite compete with the Isla de Ferradura.

Necker Island

Private resort in the virgin Islands, with an area of 30 hectares belongs to Richard Branson. The original owner built the Villa for himself, but for permanent employment, I decided to hand them to the guests.

Necker is a tropical island of Paradise where you can feel the harmony of nature, to plunge into the world of exotic and solitude. You will be amazed with various flora and fauna, especially the underwater world. There is a resort in the Caribbean sea, 30 minutes boat ride from the island airport, Tortola.

The island is 6 villas, 5 beaches and plenty of entertainment for every taste. The resort is designed for 26 guests. It offers preparation for all dishes from the best chefs in the world, and tableware in a convenient place.

Musha Cay

rezidenciya Musha Cay

The owner of the resort in the Bahamas – David Copperfield, Amateur amaze its tourists a variety of entertainment which comes up with on their own. For example: a treasure hunt or travel to the village of the apes, in General, to the entertainment of the guest just do not have.

The resort is designed for 24 guests. It has 5 villas and cottages. Each Villa is built in tropical style and has its own beach. The design of each Villa is individual and original, on the inside they are decorated with the owner's collection.

Dall House

The sandy beaches and the sea at the resort of Scotland you will not find, but here it is replaced with a crystal clear lake. Dall House attracts customers with clean air and picturesque views. Here you can fully relax and unwind from the bustle of the city.


  1. Spa;
  2. the game of Golf.

However, to get to this clean place, need to be in a special club, and to get there you will have to pay a considerable amount of money annually to Supplement the budget of the club.

The cost of accommodation in the resort of Dall House in Scotland - 20 000$ a day.

Casa Contenta

osobnyak Casa Contenta

This luxurious mansion, worth 20 million dollars located in Miami. Near the Villa there is a swimming pool with crystal clear water, and near a noisy waterfall. It is worth noting that the rooms in the mansion stylized in different countries with all characteristics and attributes.

The nights here are from 11 to 18 thousand $. The price includes such nuances as the personal servant and a car that will take you to a place of rest.


The location of the resort on the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah in the UAE. This resort is a favorite vacation spot of stars. From the Windows you will see views of the beautiful Arabian Gulf. Here you will find aquariums, restaurants and shopping centers. The room rate at the Atlantis resort from about$ 15,000 per night.


Once about 10 years ago, this resort was the most expensive and top-end, but today is only the 7th place. The resort is hidden in the waters of the Indian ocean to the Maldives, here the kings peace and quiet, and the beach starts right at the doorstep of the Villa. The total costs of 10,000$ per day.

Sandy Lane

Villa built on Barbados in the early 60's, still popular with tourists. And all thanks to the beautiful views, gourmet cuisine and enthralling entertainment. To get to this Paradise, you need to pay 8000$ for a day.


villa Altamer

This Villa is called "African sapphire" on the island of Anguilla with an area of 1400 square meters includes:

  • pool;
  • theater;
  • several bedrooms;
  • Jacuzzi.

It perfectly meets all the needs of tourists.

The price - from$ 5,000 per day, with minimum stay of 2 weeks.

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Fregat Island Privat

This secluded spot in the Seychelles will help you to truly relax. Fregat Island Private is very popular among families with children. Here you can play Golf, go diving or surfing. The villas can accommodate up to 40 people. The rest will cost you 2400-2700$.

Trutle Island

zhile v Trutle Island

Location - Fiji. At this resort the guest can choose their accommodation between modern cottages and unusual houses. At the same time to be here can only 14 people. The cost of living from 1630$.

Luxury ski resorts

Not all go to resorts exclusively to sunbathe, to bask in the sun and swim in warm water. There are many tourists who prefer active rest on the slopes.

Snow avalanches, extreme sports, Wintergreen and cosy warm in the evenings the fireplace. What could be better?


  1. Chamonix – one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. It is hardly suitable for beginners, come here more often professionals. Here is the well-known "White valley" with a length of over 20 km - the perfect place for active rest. The resort has all facilities and amenities, and natural beauty will not leave indifferent absolutely nobody.
  2. Courchevel 1850. Location – centre of the Three valleys. Riding time is from November to may. The resort is popular with wealthy people and stars. On site are upscale stores, spas, sports halls and restaurants.


Sankt-Anton v Avstrii

  • Leh. Come here to ski not only celebrities and billionaires, but ordinary fans of the sport. The trails remain perfect snow all season, have a place to ride for beginners.
  • Sankt Anton. In 1922 this place was opened the world's first ski school. Here is now the most expensive ski hotels. Experienced skiers, the resort will have to taste.
  • The duration of the slopes of St. Anton is 276 km, it is also possible to skiing on virgin snow.


The most expensive resort in Switzerland - St. Moritz. Located in the Canton of Grisons. St. Moritz has twice been the capital of the winter Olympic games. Almost every year there are Championships of downhill skiing. This place is considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque on earth.



In Italy , the distinguished resort of Cortina d'ampezzo. Location – province of Belluno. Cortina d'ampezzo is in the TOP best ski resorts in the world.

The ski area here is quite diverse, but go to this resort not only for skiing, but also just a great time. Here you will be surrounded by the most luxurious boutiques and restaurants in the world.


Aspen v SSHA

  1. Aspen. This is a large and prestigious ski resort in the States. The total length of the route is 200 km away. the resort Itself is located in the Roaring Fork valley. All the cottages are built in Victorian style, and there are nearby restaurants and shops.
  2. Jackson Hole. It is a real freedom for experienced skiers, there's an enormous number of steep slopes and cliffs, but there are trails for beginners. Being in Jackson hole be sure to check out the local Cowboy bar, where you will feel the special atmosphere of the wild West.
  3. Brewer Creek. Here you will find the best sites for public games, rocky mountains, ice rink and many other attractions. Hotels in beaver Creek are comfortable and very cozy, easy access to most of them on skis.

    During the fall of snow you can see as steam rises from the earth, enveloping all around, this is due to heating walkways.

  4. Stowe. One of the most memorable resorts in the USA. Location in the mountains, Mansfield and Spruce Peak, and the slopes are situated in the forest.


In Canada, the most prestigious is the resort of Mont-Tremblant. The mountains here are not high, but the trails are very diverse and well equipped.

If you don't like sports, this place is ideal for walks in the fresh frosty air.

All the above resorts are especially luxury and service of the highest level to get on one of them, you must pay a round sum.

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