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The most famous sights in the world, beautiful and interesting

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Anyone can call the most famous sights in the world. Ten, fifteen, twenty how many can you recall in one minute? Interesting places on Earth – a huge number, but which ones are the most popular? Where countless tourist flows do not stop even for a second?

European landmarks

The Parthenon. Athens. Greece

The Parthenon, erected in 447-437 years before the new era is considered a classic architecture of Ancient Greece at the time. Shape – rectangle, the building is surrounded by columns. Thanks to the optical illusion of a building would look massive, but the architects have increased the amount of the average of the column and the angle – bent toward the center. Thus constructed, the distance the temple looks more graceful, and the lines do not look concave, but straight.

The facades are decorated with reliefs with scenes of fighting and battles. Sculptures tell of the birth of Athena, the patron of the temple. Perimeter relief depicts scenes of the celebration of the birth of Athena – the ceremony of making gifts to the goddess.

Colosseum. Rome. Italy

Arena for Gladiator fights – Roman Colosseum is one of the main places among the attractions not only in Europe but around the world. The amphitheatre became a symbol of power of Ancient Rome and is inextricably linked with the gladiators, fights with wild beasts. The crowd asked for "bread and circuses", and the authority of the Emperor was created by sliding a Grand arena that could be filled with water. The tiers of stands and arcade of arches on the external side in ancient times looked impressive, but the Wonder of the world has turned into a dilapidated building. However, even earthquakes and looting are unable to completely destroy the arena, which to this day impresses with its majestic appearance.

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Eiffel tower. Paris. France

The exhibit at the Paris world exhibition was built in just two years. By creating a "temporary gate" for the exhibition, Gustave Eiffel did not know that in a few years, his creation will be known in all corners of the earth. Since 1889, rises over Paris, the Eiffel tower metal peaked structure, light and elegant. The path to glory ran through:

  • incomprehension of his contemporaries,
  • practical use of the antennas
  • huge profits from the ticket sales
  • the arrangement of the observation deck,
  • restaurant
  • the ice skating rink.

One of the most romantic places - the Eiffel tower in Paris has long been the most high – the length is 300 meters.

Find out interesting facts about the Eiffel tower from this video:

The Temple Of The Holy Family. Barcelona. Spain

The unfinished Cathedral of Antoni gaudí began building in the late nineteenth century. From the original project remained only the Gothic style, the rest of the fantasies and experiments of the great architect prevailed over the traditional style Catholic Cathedral. Cubic roof dominates the facade, which depicts the life of Christ. Twelve towers – the number of the apostles - like sand castles. The interior is solved in accordance with the laws of geometry – inside decoration of the Cathedral consist of ellipses, parabolas, hyperboloids. The death of gaudí and the difficult circumstances of the XX century has allowed to continue the construction of the Cathedral only in 50-ies. All the temple should be completed in the 2020-2040 years, but now itcommitted to service and guided tours.

The falling tower. Pisa. Italy

The bell tower of the Catholic Cathedral was built almost two centuries before 1360. Because of an error in the calculations after the construction of three floors, the ground began to sink, and the tower to lean. Her story is filled with legends about the architect Bonanno Pisano, the experiments of Galileo Galilei. Example of Romanesque architecture, stone cylindrical building looks monumental. Columns connect arcade, on the eighth floor of the bell tower is located. The building is decorated with sculptures of mythological animals and the image of "Madonna and child". Work to strengthen the tower are ongoing, and balances only slow down the natural slope. Tourist climbing the spiral staircase of 294 steps not to everyone under force. Concerns about the final destruction of the scatter scientists who believe that the leaning tower of Pisa will stay for another at least 300 years.

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Stonehenge. Wiltshire. England

Perhaps the most interesting sights of the world are both the oldest. The archaeological monument is a stone wreckage, fixed bridges, stacked on top of the towers. One such building forms a trilithon is part of the outer ring. A pair of trilithons are placed symmetrically. The monument was created in the bronze age and is one of the oldest man-made structures. It is assumed either his sacrificial mission, or astronomical. Perhaps it was used as a burial place.

Attractions Asia

The Pyramid Of Cheops. Giza. Egypt

The highest pyramid of Khufu was a tomb for the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. This Miracle of Light is preserved almost intact since its construction. It happened in the third Millennium BC. According to others – more than 4600 years ago. The majestic man-made structure of its size and internal structure was a unique construction in history. Still, the debate continues about the process of construction, and its original plan and number of workers. In height it reached 146,5 m, and a set of crypts, caves and tunnels is amazing.

The Taj Mahal. Agra. India

The Taj Mahal was built in the XVII century in the Mughal style, combining Persian, Islamic and Indian architectural features. He is not able to overshadow any other the most beautiful sights in the world. Marble Cathedral with five domes and four symmetrical minarets represents the burial place of Shah and his wife. Their tombs are inside the building, but the place of burial is located below the floor level. Art décor abstract, and domes decorated with gilded figures and a Crescent moon.

The Great Wall Of China. China

Ancient monument, the length of almost nine thousand kilometers, the Great Wall of China was built in the III century BC to protect the borders and over time expanded and become stronger. Difficulties with its construction were permitted to enter the wall in the natural landscape. Basically its manufacture used earth or pebbles. Rarely bricks or stone blocks. Part of it passes near Beijing. Its design was part of the tower, mainly located at equal distance from each other, to signal the attack of the enemy. However, over time the need for its use has become increasingly questionable. The wall began to collapse under the influence of time and only in the XX century beginning to be restored. It should be noted that the Wall is visible from space with the naked eye.

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Attractions Of America

Teotihuacan. San Juan-Teotiuakan. Mexico

Abandoned city which 2000 years ago was known as the largest and most developed. The area is located the pyramid of the Sun and the moon. The city was built on a clear plan and had a hard rulers. Under his leadership, has developed all of Mexico, he was the center of trade in its trade area of the Citadel could simultaneously accommodate about 100 thousand people. For unknown reasons the city fell into disrepair and was looted in the period of its greatest prosperity.

Machu Picchu. Peru

The ancient city of Peru, located on one of the mountain peaks of the country. The abandoned home of the Incas could not detect. This massive structure was kept only due to its own weight. According to the researchers lived in the town of the priests and senior residents. In addition to their residences, there were temples, warehouses and Observatory. A remarkable Tower of the Sun, the moon Palace and terraces.

The Statue Of Christ The Redeemer. Rio de Janeiro

On top of Corcovado mountain the statue of Jesus Christ is the highest point in the area. It was built during the nine years of the centenary of independence of Brazil. In 1931 the project of Christ with outstretched hands in the shape of a crosshe saw the world. Originally, the pedestal had to be made in the form of land, but later replaced by the basement of the base chapel. All parts were made in France, which were delivered to the mountain by rail, from which the statue is a staircase "Caracol" of 220 degrees.

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The Statue Of Liberty. New York. USA.

The statue of Liberty is a symbol of the independence and victory of the United States of America in the civil war. For many migrants of XIX – XX century, this monument – the first thing that opened their eyes. The prototype was the goddess of liberty. In the course of its creation were funding problems. Thanks to advertising the course, the names of those who donated to its creation were mentioned in the newspaper. Its Grand opening happened in 1886.

If you travel a lot, love history and adventure you need to see everything. Because it will expand your horizons, will be a memorable event in your life. Today, the most interesting sights of the world are open to you, and therefore you can safely go on a journey.