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Top the largest and busiest airports in the world by area, Europe, Russia

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Air transport has been the most comfortable and fast way of moving around the world. In all countries the construction of new or reconstruction of existing airports.

Some of the air port is so big that they can compete with the whole city. Where is the largest airport in the world?

Top biggest airports in the world

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To assess how large the airport is possible by two main factors — the size of its area and number of passenger flow.

Very often not the biggest air port footprint are leaders in servicing the flow of passengers.

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Some of the larger square?

Major airports around the world represent the transport nodes with good infrastructure and enhanced security measures. Very often they perform the role of a transit site. This is due to the fact that they are comfortable to do a transplant from one flight to another.

  • International airport (hereinafter MA) King Fahd. The main airport in Saudi Arabia and the largest in the world. Built on the site of a military base. In the early 90-ies it was used for stationing of aircraft that took part in the war in the Persian Gulf. Since 1999, it was used for commercial and passenger traffic.

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    The area of the airport is 780 sq km. It is almost 2 times more than the territory occupied by the capital of Latvia Riga. Because of its inconvenient location, the airport is a small download. Most tourists prefer to fly to Bahrain international airport.

    Every year the largest air Harbor of Saudi Arabia, serves a little more than 4 million passengers.

    The airport terminal has 6 levels. The property also has:

    1. two runways, a length of 4 km;
    2. the mosque, which can accommodate simultaneously 2 thousand people;
    3. Parkingfor 4 thousand cars.

    At the airport you can get different types of services. The main asset of the airport is that it serves the Royal family of Saudi Arabia.

  • MA Denver. The largest international airport in the United States and the second footprint in the world. This is the last built in the U.S. the airport. It was opened in 1995. The Kapalua area is 140 sq. km and Air port is 40 km from downtown Denver in Colorado.

    The terminals are covered with balloons and resemble the snowy peaks of the rocky mountains. It's not the only thing that affects the appearance of the buildings. At the airport there is a sculpture of the blue horse with glowing eyes. In terminals where you can find many things related to mysticism.

    znachimye vozdushnye vorota po territorii

    The airport has:

    1. 6 runways, arranged in the form of a swastika;
    2. 3 terminal 138 of the and gates;
    3. free access to Wi-Fi in all areas;
    4. a complete list of all services.

    The airport announced two highways.

  • MA Charles-de-Gaulle. The main air Harbor of France and the largest airport of Europe. Has a futuristic look. The area was built in 1974, the airport is of 32.38 sq. km. It is a small city where there is everything necessary for human life.

    From the airport Charles de Gaulle is connected an interesting fact. Because of the stolen documents to the Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri had to live in it for 18 years.

    Is Charles-de-Gaulle 25 km from Paris, in the Ile-de-France. The airport hasthree terminal:

    1. Charles-de-Gaulle-1. Serves flights made between continents. The terminal building is executed in vanguard style has a round shape;
    2. Charles-de-Gaulle-2. Serves flights of the national company Air Frans. Consists of 6 terminals connected by underground passageways;
    3. The Terminal T9. Designed for Charter.

    The airport serves more than 100 airlines. The daily flow of passengers is 140 thousand people.

    At the airport 2 railway station. On the territory there are hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, car hire and many other services. To Central Paris from the airport can be reached within an hour.


Many fans think of air travel the busiest airport London Heathrow. This is not true. Heathrow divides the place in the ranking of terminals with the highest level of congestion with the Tokyo Haneda airport.

  • Hartsfield-Jackson. Air harbour is 11 km from downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This is one of the oldest in the US terminal, it was built in 1926.

    passazhiropotok v aeroport Hartsfild-Dzhekson

    This airport was not well known in the world. This is due to the fact that it serves mostly domestic flights. In 2016, its passenger traffic amounted to 104 million people. The airport has:

    1. 5 runways;
    2. helipad;
    3. 2 terminals — North and South.

    Airport area of 2000 hectares. It has 55 thousand people and has its own metro line.

  • Beijing capital. The largest airport in China and second in the world by passenger traffic. Annually transports around 90 million people. Began its work in 1956. It is located 20 km from Beijing. Has an air passenger traffic, with 120 cities around the world. The airport has:

    1. 3 runways, the length of the longest of which is 4.5 km;
    2. 3 terminal;
    3. the railwaythat connects Beijing capital with capital metro.

    An interesting fact is that according to Forbes magazine capital took 2nd place in the ranking of the most punctual airports. According to this publication, only 33% of departures are made here without delays.

  • Al-Maktoum. Opened in 1976 in Dubai airport annually serves about 80 million people, with a planned throughput of 60 million passengers. It is located just 4 km from the historic center of the famous resort. Has:
    1. 3 concourse;
    2. 3 passenger terminal, 1 cargo and one for VIP guests;
    3. 2 runways with a length of 4 and 4.5 km.
  • To airport al-Maktoum announced two lines of the Dubai metro, which greatly simplifies getting around the city.

    prohodimost passazhirov v Al-Maktum

  • O'hara. Air Harbor, United States is located 27 km from the Chicago Loop, Illinois. For a long time this air harbour, built in 40-ies of the last century, was the busiest in the world. Very often, the airport can be found in the frames of American films, along with the Hilton hotel, located next to it. At the airport:

    1. 5 terminal;
    2. 7 runways.

    Annually it serves about 80 million people and is connected to 60 airports of the world.

  • Heathrow. The busiest airport of Europe. Provides easy servicing of passengers. Is 25 km from the centre of London (England). Annually serves nearly 74 million passengers. Was built on the site of a former military base. Has:

    1. 2 landing zones;
    2. 5 passenger and 1 cargo terminal.
  • Heathrow airport is linked with 170 airports in the world. It served by 90 airlines.

  • Haneda. The oldest airport in Japan is located in Tokyo. Air harbour is ideally clean. Annually, the airport serves about 70 million passengers. It was opened in 1936. Has:

    1. 4 strips for takeoffs and landings;
    2. 2 terminal, serving domestic flights and 1 international.

    The airport has a train station, Parking for private jets and VIP terminal. Here are received all the official delegations arriving in Japan.

The largest terminals of Eurasia

Eurasia is the largest continent. In the European part includes the 50 States and 48 are in Asia. Very often towed Oceania and Australia. In the list of the busiest airports in the world, according to IATA, includes most of the airports located in the USA and Asia.

Popular harbour Asia

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In addition to the Tokyo and Beijing airports, major air transport hubs in other Asian countries. Recently they are actively developing.

This is due to the increase in business activity in the region and development of tourist business.

  1. Hong Kong. Took eighth place in the list of the busiest airports in the world by passenger traffic and the first place in freight transport. Annually serves about 68 million people. Located on the island of Chek lap Kok. Features:

    • 2 runway, a length of 3.8 km;
    • 2 passenger terminal and one large cargo hub.

    The airport construction of a railroad and ferry line. Over the years, the Hong Kong international airport was recognized as the best in the world.

  2. Pudong. Takes place 13 busiest in the world rankings. Annually serves about 60 million people. Located in the Eastern part of Shanghai. Features:
    • 3rd runway, the longest of which has a length of 3.8 km;
    • 2 terminal.

    The airport is supplied with trains on an air cushion, which connects it with the underground.

  3. Changi. This is the main airport of Singapore. Annually serves about 55 million people. Repeatedly recognized by results of work and level of service is the best airport in the world. Features:

    • 3 runway length of 2.75 and 4 km;
    • 7 terminals.
    • Supplied to the terminals of the railway lineconnecting the airport with Singapore and its suburbs.

Also among major Asian airportsthat are among the world leaders: Guangzhou (55 million), Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi (52 million), Incheon in Seoul (49 million), Indira Gandhi in Delhi (45.3 million).

A new direction of tourism development has recently become Iran. The largest and most beautiful airport of this country — the Mehrabad. He is in Tehran and annually serves about 4 million passengers.

Loaded air gate of Europe

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Behind Heathrow and Charles-de-Gaulle airport by passenger traffic are airports:

  1. Frankfurt-on-main. Passenger numbers — 61 million people per year. It is the largest airport in Germany. Has 4 runways, two large and one small VIP terminal. Also in Germany the major airports are Munich (38.6 million), düsseldorf (21 million);
  2. Schiphol in Amsterdam. Serves every year about 58 million people;
  3. Schiphol has 6 runways and 3 terminals, which will house 8 screens waiting for the flights to their landing sites.

  4. Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suarez. Annual ridership is about 46 million people. Has 4 runways and 4 terminals.

The Terminals Of Russia

Russian airports are inferior to the largest airports in the world by area, occupied areas and passenger traffic. Most of them are located in Moscow.


The main international airport of the country. Is among the 20 largest airports of Europe. Annually it serves about 34 million passengers. Is Sheremetyevo in the North-West of the capital in the district of Khimki. It is the main base of the airline company "Aeroflot".

At the airport in 6 passenger and 1 cargo terminal, also has 2 runways. In 2013, he was recognized as the best in Europe at the service of passengers. From the airport, flying to 200 destinations.


The second busiest airport of the country. Annually it serves about 28.5 million people. Air Harbor occupies the territory of 1200 hectares Located on the border of Domodedovo and Ramenskoye districts MO. One of the 20 busiest airports in Europe. From Domodedovo airport there are regular flights to 247 destinations.

rossijskij Domodedovo

The airport has 2 runways. He has a special ornithological service, which is engaged in scaring birds from the airport, to avoid them from falling into the turbines of aircraft engines. All the terminals are under one roof.

A ticket for the desired flight can be found using this search form. Enter the city of departure and arrival, the date and the number of passengers.


Located in the Vnukovo district of Moscow. Annually serves about 14 million people. Consists of 3 passenger and 1 cargo terminal. The airport is famous for its flash mobs, which are regularly held here. At the airport, 2 runways and 3 terminals.

From the airport are flights to 129 destinations. On itaccounts for 60% of the domestic traffic of the country. The airport operates 18 airlines.


The main airport of St. Petersburg. Annually serves about 13 million people. Located in the Lomonosov district of the Leningrad region 15 km from the historical part of the city. The airport is the base for the aircraft of the airline "Russia" has 2 runways. Serves domestic and international flights.

Pulkovo is the only airport of the country in which there are 2 restaurants McDonald's.

In the middle of airport waiting room is a statue of Peter I, talking over the mobile phone.

Among the airports of Russia, serving from 3 to 10 million passengers a year include: Sochi (5.2 million), Simferopol (5.2 million), "Koltsovo" Yekaterinburg (4.2 million), "Tolmachevo" Novosibirsk (3.9 million), Pashkovsky Krasnodar (3 million).

Now you know which airports are the largest in the world, and in this video you will see an overview of the beautiful air terminals: