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A list of the most unusual, interesting and strange museums in the world

samye neobychnye muzei mira

Tourists visiting a new country, be sure to go to museums to get acquainted with the history of the place. In addition to the traditional museums in the world, there are strange, funny and even shocking places which arouse great curiosity. What are the most unusual museums in the world worth visiting in the first place?

Unusual museums in Europe

Europe is famous for its impressive architectural ensembles that can be found in each country. No less attractive are considered to be sights and museums, especially those where you can meet unusual exhibits.

The Eastern European part

  • Museum Warnings. An interesting Museum located on the territory of the Polish mines of gold. The exhibition includes about three hundred different signs and posters, warning, or agitating to different actions;
  • Many of the Museum's inscriptions in the modern world seem ridiculous and absurd.

  • The Devil's Museum in Poland. The Museum is privately owned, so the visit to agree with his master. A huge exhibition includes posters, paintings, statues, drawings, and other items relevant to Polish the devil, and the subject of legends and tales about him. Visitors will tell you how to cultivate a personal devil from the egg;
  • polskie eksponaty v vostochnoj Evrope

  • The salt Museum in Bulgaria. The salt Museum, located in the town of Pomorie is located directly under the open sky. The exhibits tell visitors about the history of salt mining.

    Two hectares stretches of salterns, representing pools with wooden and earthen partitions. The exhibition consists of vintage photographs and original instruments used for obtaining salt;

  • Museum flipper in Hungary. The school is located in a basement in the heart of the city. The Museum focuses on classic pinball. The exhibition consists of a variety of machines to play with, among which are very rare items. Absolutely all the machines are working and visitors are welcome all day to enjoy a fun game;
  • Museum of bones in the Czech Republic. Chilling exhibits located in the Museum of bones. This place is not for the faint-hearted people, because among the semi-darkness you see a figure, composed of real human bones. Overhead hangs a chandelier with garlands in the corners of the Church – bells;
  • The Museum of marzipan in Hungary. The Museum exposition consists of items created from marzipan mass. At the entrance are greeted confectioners that manufacture the sweets directly in the eyes.
  • In the Museum of marzipan guests admire the huge cakes, figurines of historical figures, fairy tales and even marzipan buildings.

What to visit in the North?

chto posmotret v severnoj evropejskoj chasti?

From the Northern European countries scored Iceland, having two very unusual Museum. They can be called little strange.

The Icelandic phallus Museum is the natural science. The exhibition contains about two hundred and eighty instances of the genital organs of various animals. Mostly they belong to the whales. There is also a human exhibit, which bequeathed to the Museum one of the benefactors.

The Museum of witchcraft and black magic is located in the Western Fjords of Iceland, in the village of Holmavik. The building is in two floors consists of a small number of items, but after visiting, the guests feel the incredible feelings. The centre of the exhibition are pants made of human skin. Excerpts from spells and magic items will make a lasting impression.

"Oddities" West

In Western Europe almost every country you can find unusual and even strange Museum complexes, and thatand several at once. Especially notable was the Netherlands:

  1. Museum Hermann Boerhave. The Museum is named after scientist and physician Herman Boerhave living in Leiden. The Museum features exhibits showing the history of the development of medical Sciences in the Netherlands, and studies of mutations;
  2. For example, in the Museum by Herman Boerhave you can see a creepy collection which includes cans, bottles with different kinds of mutations.

  3. Painting Museum "cat's House". The Museum has six halls filled with paintings, statues and other items depicting cats. Among the collection has a unique vintage items. Each year the Museum offers a festival called "Moon cat";
  4. Museum of hashish. Unusual Museum tells about the history of herbs and its application in different periods of human existence. Guests will learn about the use of hemp in production and cooking. The exhibits are examples of products manufactured from this herb;
  5. Museum of torture. The Museum building in the thirteenth century, was a prison where criminals were brought from all over the Hague. Visitors can see tools and mechanisms used in the interrogation of heretics and other prisoners during the middle Ages. They say that in the Museum you can even meet real ghosts.

In Paris you can visit the sewer Museum. It is a segment of the real sewer system of the French capital. Visitors enter the wide and narrow tunnels, equipped with light and dry sections for the transition. Provides fresh air. Exhibits of the Museum are the old and new appliances.

strannaya vystavka v zapadnom Parizhe

Museum of dog collars. located in the historic Leeds castle, England. The exhibition consists of over a hundred collars for dogs. Visitors will see the collars created in the Medieval times. The collection includes vintage collars, more like shackles, fine leather and precious metals and more modern collars.

The location of the Museum of lawn mowers also became England. The Museum's collection includes about three hundred copies of lawn mowers of various configurations. Working guide who will tell the history of each exhibit and explain how machines work. Visitors will find a separate story about the lawn mower rulers.

In Germany , too, can find some interesting museums:

  • Museum of Bread culture. Contains about sixteen thousand exhibits are in any way related to bread. Visitors will get acquainted with books and scientific papers, telling about types of bread. Decorate a Museum of Picasso's work. Guests can see the equipment, which at various times made bread;
  • Museum of lies. The world's only Museum that's filled with fakes. Guests will see the magic carpet of Aladdin, the radio drowned "Titanic", van Gogh's ear and other amazing things. All the stories related to the exhibits are real inventions that the owner of the Museum does not hide;
  • The Museum of musical instruments. The Museum contains eight musical instruments from all corners of the globe. Each instance has a high value due to the connection with famous people. Harpsichords, spinet, violin, flute, organ that constitutes the collection. The Museum hosts concerts with professional musicians playing ancient instruments;
  • Museum of laughter. In the walls of the "fun" of the Museum houses a unique exhibition concerning the history of humor and the art of Comedy. As guides work funny clowns.
  • At the entrance guests are provided with interesting Slippers of soft material, made in the form of toys.

What surprised the South of the country?

chem porazyat uzhnye gosudarstva?

Travel in Croatia, you can visit the Museum of divorces, it is called the Museum of unrequited love. This is the original place filled with thousands of dashed hopes, expressed in the gifts of lovers to one another. These are things people who are unable to save his love. Each item is accompanied by a description of the history of the pair. The couple who visited the Museum, you begin to appreciate their relationship.

It would be strange if in Italy not was the Museum of pasta. The purpose of the Creator of the Museum is to open all the history and origin of pasta. In eleven rooms, the visitors will be told about the benefits of the product, show interesting illustrations and portraits of famous people, eating delicious pasta. Among the items for the manufacture of macaroni.

Harmless in addition to pasta, Italy has frightening Museum of souls, souls in Purgatory. Indoor small size kept the horrific exhibits. The Museum staff say that the traces that are left of a soul trapped in Purgatory.

Here you can see the fabric,paper come wooden artifacts of different nature: annealed, fingerprints, spots and other "traces of the dead souls".

Strange Museum complexes in Asia

Asia, too, can boast a number of unique museums dedicated to various aspects of life.

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kompleks lapshi bystrogo prigotovleniya v YAponii

In Japan you can see amazing exhibits several Museum complexes:

  1. The Museum of instant noodles momofuku Ando. The exhibition is dedicated to the process of making popular mix – instant noodles. The exposition tells about the change of packaging design, demonstrates the packages, boxes and other interesting items associated with noodles. Visitors can make your own dish;
  2. The Museum of Parasitology Meguro name. Exhibition at the Museum of Parasitology disgusted and horror. Here are the bodies of animals and people, populated by parasites, inflicting huge harm. Small and huge are pests in every corner of the exhibition. After visiting, guests begin to understand how important careful care of your own body;
  3. Japanese Museum of snowflakes. The Museum is located in a snow cave, so visitors feel the pleasant coolness. Among the exhibits – a huge number of great photos of snowflakes. The passage through a spiral staircase helps to better see the beauty. The amazing patterns will definitely delight.

Indonesia and Malaysia

Museum of Smoking located in Indonesia. The eyes of the guests brought unique items as hookahs, boxes for storing tobacco, of devices for twisting cigars, pipes. The Museum is full of different types of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco blends.

Visitors can appreciate the quality of tobacco and to buy devices for Smoking.

And in Malaysia, is the Museum of Enduring beauty. Visitors will get acquainted with various methods resorted to by different Nations of the world to preserve and increase beauty. The exhibits represent sculptures and photographs of people who adorned themselves in one way or another - from ritual "accessories" ancient tribes to the different cosmetics.


  • Medical Museum Siriraj. The school has another name – "Museum of death". It is in a Bangkok hospital and tells about modern medicine of Thailand.

    Each of the rooms is reserved for specific subjects: anatomy, forensic medicine, congenital anomalies, pathology and others. Here are exhibited the remains of the first serial killer in modern Thai history. Not recommended for pregnant women and children.

  • medicinskie eksponaty v Siriraj

  • Bottle art Museum. In Pattaya, you can visit the unique Museum of bottles. The exhibits are small models placed in bottles. You can find even miniature ships made by human hands. The bottles are copies of world landmarks, for example, the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel tower.


India is a very unusual international Museum of toilets Slab. The exhibition consists of facilities for urinating: toilets, toilet paper, urinals and other fixtures. The oldest exhibit existed before our era.

In some areas use artificial flavoring air, sending the smell of the toilet room.


Truly unusual in Turkey is the hair Museum, which is floor-to-ceiling accommodates the strands of the female hair. They cover all surfaces next to each lock is a note with the address of a woman who left a hair. According to legend, the Museum appeared about thirty years ago, when the mistress of the Potter left him a lock of his hair.

Especially noteworthy is the carpet Museum, which is privately owned. First, the exhibition consisted of handmade carpets, made in Turkey. Then the owner has expanded the exposure of things donated or purchased personally. The collection includes carpets, weapons, manuscripts of the Qur'an, decorations and items needed in everyday life.

The wonderful exhibition of America

North and South America does not lag behind other parts of the world by the number of unique exhibits.


galereya plohogo iskusstva v SSHA

In the southern part of America, especially many incredible exhibitions is located in United States. Here's the list:

  1. The Museum of bad art in Boston. The creators have set a goal to show the world the pictures which are appreciated in other museums. A small areaallows display of some forty paintings, however, the full collection includes five exhibits;
  2. The Museum named mutter. The medical history Museum is located in Philadelphia. It contains a large collection of anomalies of the human body. Here is a huge collection of human skulls;
  3. Chilling is the exhibit, which is a female corpse that turned into soap in your disposal.

  4. Museum of death in Los Angeles. The Museum's collection inspires fear and horror. Photos taken at the crime scene, and after the terrible accident, and pictures showing the autopsy of bodies are forced to chill even the most resistant person. In some of the rooms exhibited the paraphernalia for a funeral. Room, dedicated solely to suicide;
  5. Museum Vent haven in Fort Mitchell. Museum visitors will get acquainted with the large puppets, which used lip-synching throughout the history of this art. But the exhibits look extremely scary. Initiated the creation of the Museum by a private collector going through his collection after death will be gone;
  6. The Winchester mystery house in San Jose. The house is a mysterious and mystical place associated with the famous inventor of weapons. The building was built according to plan Sarah Winchester, the widow of the son of the inventor of the rifle. It was pursued by spirits, so the building is designed in such a way that everywhere there are dead ends, hidden doors and Windows;
  7. The Museum of Jurassic technology in Los Angeles. The exhibition consists of rarities, representing the scientific and artistic value. The Museum tells the history of the development of technology. Among the exhibits there are fakes, like the bones of dogs in space, Belka and Strelka;
  8. Art Museum of Barney Smith in San Antonio. A plumber named Barney Smith, retired, created the art directly on the lids of toilets. For ten years he gathered his collection in the old garage of the building. In a moment it learned of the journalists on the tour and people began to come. Then the garage was converted into a Museum;
  9. Museum of toys PEZ memorabilia in Burlingame. In the rooms of the hotel is a Museum of toys candy dispenser. It has gained popularity in the sixties of the last century, when the Pez company has released the first children's toy-dispenser with a picture of Mickey mouse;
  10. kollekciya igrushek PEZ v Soedinennyh SHtatah

  11. The Museum of trash in new York. In the premises of the Department of sanitation of new York is an unusual Museum of garbage. The curator says that on the street you can find the real treasures, is sent to trash their own home;
  12. Among the exhibits: sculptures of the Mona Lisa, African items, Antiques, paintings, stained glass Windows of the old Church.

  13. Psychiatric Museum of glor in Saint Joseph. In the Museum a dismal and hectic environment. Perhaps the building remembers the suffering of patients who have experienced terrible feelings. It used to be that to reassure the patient by using non-human trials. The Museum's exhibits demonstrate the methods used by doctors in ancient times.


South America is not as rich in museums, but some of them can make a lasting impression on visitors.

Near Cancun, at a depth of about ten meters under the surface of the Caribbean sea is the underwater Museum "Musa" with a hundred sculptures. The Museum was opened in 2009 with a practical purpose: it needs to divert many tourists from coral. Recommend to take additional equipment before diving, to enjoy works of art.

Sinister mummy Museum is Guanajuato. The collection includes about sixty of these human mummies, covered with skin. They all came to the Museum as a result of the law in force some time in the country. Among the exhibits are the mummies of people who died an unnatural death, and children. Some mummies are exhibited in the clothing there are even women in luxurious dresses.

Interesting exhibits of Russia

Throughout Russia Museum exhibitions do not count, they are all mainly dedicated to the history and culture of the country. In this collection selected the most interesting museums on different subjects.

Moscow and Moscow region

eksponaty Moskvy i oblasti

  • The dinosaur Museum in Moscow. This is one of the largest museums in the world. The exposition tells about the creatures that lived on earth even before the advent of man. In some halls assembled skeletons of dinosaurs in full size.
  • The Museum of toys in Sergiev Posad. The Museum will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. Here are exhibited the toys of different times. Visitors will see Russian wooden toys, folk clay, sound toys and dolls made of cloth. Staff regularly organise exhibitions timed to holidays.
  • Bread Museum in the Izmailovo.The Museum reveals the secrets of cooking of articles of bread. The exhibits represent tools for making bread at different times. Guests can attend workshops where they will learn to bake delicious things and can try them immediately.

Saint Petersburg

  1. Butterfly Museum. In St. Petersburg there is a heavenly place – this Museum of real live butterflies. The aim of the exhibition is to inculcate love for nature and to teach to protect her. Butterflies kept in conditions as close to natural, they are free to fly around the space, sitting down directly on visitors.
  2. The Museum of Russian vodka. In the Museum of vodka is being touted as a part of Russian history. The Museum has about a thousand exhibits, including kitchenware, a collection of bottles, recipes for drink.
  3. In a special room, visitors try three varieties of vodka with various snack.

  4. The Museum of water. Young Museum was housed in the old water tower, which has ceased to operate. It offers three exposures. One of them talks about the water, its properties, the second shows the path of water from the Neva to apartments, and the third represents the artifacts that tell the history of water in the world.
  5. Museum of anthropology and Ethnography - the Kunstkamera. Considered the first Museum appeared in Russia. The exhibition consists of about a million items that are deformities and mutations. Guests are able to see which deviations occur with the human body. In addition to the collection of the deformities exhibited in the Cabinet of curiosities and vintage items from different Nations.

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