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TOP 10 metros where and what metro station is the biggest in the world?

samyj bolshoj metropoliten v mire

There are about 200 metros. Without such Railways it is difficult to imagine life in Metropolitan areas. They definitely correspond to the rhythm of big cities and striking in their scale. Sometimes plants of this kind in the world under the ground does prove to be true works of art.

What metro is the biggest in the world - TOP 10

All metro differ in the number of stations. This is the main criterion by which to compare the urban railway.

kakoe metro krupnejshee - TOP-10

The new York subway

The largest metro by number of platforms is located in United States. It has 468 stations. New York city has a special rhythm of life and it is not surprising that this city has a leading position in the ranking.

The new York subway operates around the clock and is one of the oldest and largest metro.

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The subway in Seoul

The subway in South Korea is slightly inferior to the American "competitor". In the subway of Seoul is located 436 platforms. This subway is also included in the list of the most downloaded. According to statistics, about 2.5 billion people annually use the services of Korean underground transport system.

The world of Shanghai underground

Knowing that China is the leader in terms of population, it would be strange not to see a representative of this country in the first three. In the Shanghai metro is located 355 stations. Surprisingly, in this city, the underground railroad began to build only in 1993, and now the number of platforms has exceeded 3 hundred. In the next 5 years planned construction of 125 stations.

Underground life of Madrid

In the subway in the Spanish capital, there are 326 of the platform. The Madrid metro is renowned for the presence of a station-Ghost "Chamberi", which since 2008 operates as a Museum. Subway ridership is not very high – about 550 thousand people. Also, this metro Spain is one of the first, where there are 2 ring lines.

The transport system in Beijing

zheleznodorozhnaya sistema Pekina

With 319 stations "representative" of the Chinese capital closes "five". This subway is a leader in many rankings. For example, it is the long, clean and light metro. It is also observed that in the rush hour subway congestion can reach 10 million people.

The Paris tunnels

The story of subway France over one hundred years old. Subway the most romantic city in the world has 303 stations. Transport line covers the entire Paris and the nearest suburban towns.

The underground train system here has an interesting feature: below the line underground is a network of commuter trains.

Dungeon Tokyo

The name of this transport system sounds like:ke Chikatetsu. She is a leader in annual passenger traffic and is included in the list of the 10 largest subway by number of stations, of which there are 285. In the Tokyo subwaythere is a special employee - Hoseawho helps passengers get into the car during the hour-pick.

Underground London

The Tube (pipe) - the so-called English of the London underground. The shape of the tunnels is really reminiscent of this subject. The underground has 270 stations. The Metropolitan of England is the oldest, his first line opened in 1863.

The Lower Reaches Of Moscow

"Moscow order of Lenin and order of Labour red banner Metropoliten imeni V. I. Lenin" - is the full name of the subway of Moscow. Annual passenger traffic is 2.5 billion people, which indicates a sufficient utilization of this type of transport system. In Moscow metro there are 197 platforms.

Subway Mexico City

The only representative of Latin America in this ranking – metro of the capital of Mexico. It consists of 193 platforms and closes the top ten. Station names may be duplicated in different shapes, this is done on purpose for some illiterate residents of Mexico.

Champions in their category

pobediteli sredi svoih kategorij

Each of the tube may lead the ranking in any category. For example, unremarkable underground transport system of Abkhazia is the smallest subway by number of stations – there are only 3.

In the Israeli Haifa is tiny metro, which is called "Carmelit", the length in 1803 meters.

The longest metro

Subway new York tops the rankings. The length of the lines of the American subway is 1355 km from Subway USA rightly bears the title of the largest Metropolitan in the world.

China is the winner of two of the longest subways. The Shanghai metro is the second in this list. The length of the lines is 560 km away and Not so long ago it "ahead" of the Metropolitan subway. And the lines of the Beijing subway reach 527 km.

Evaluation of the depth of

A city in Russia, which has the deepest subway – Saint Petersburg. 86 metres underground station is "Admiralty". The average depth of the stations is more than 55 meters, which makes the Russian underground leader of the rating.

2-3 positions are divided Kiev and Pyongyang. In the first city there is a station "Arsenal", located 105 meters underground, the deepest subway station in the world. In the second stage, which is in the depths of 100 meters.

What is the scheme?

The biggest metro map belongs to the largest metro in the world – new York. Looking at the map of the lines, not easy to understand it. However, the most confusing subway is considered the Tokyo subway. In this list you can enable and Shanghai metro.

Unique platform

unikalnaya Komsomolskaya

The station is an important component of the metro. Every year underground journey more and more are expanding, building new platforms, there is "underground life" in those areas where previously there were none. It is fair to highlight the stations with features.

Which station more?

Metro Dubai – the owner of the largest station in the world. The platform is a duplex and its area is equal to 20 thousand square meters.

The station, located in the United Arab Emirates, is called "Union Square".

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The biggest stop of Moscow

Komsomolskaya-Koltsevaya station is the largest in Moscow. It is part of the "Three Stations" that is a rather big area. Next comes the station "guerrilla", located in the Izmailovo district.

Features of antiquity

"Baker street" is the oldest station in the world. It was built in 1863 in London. The name of the station at the hearing at all, because this is supposedly the same street lived the most famous detective.

The oldest stations of the Moscow metro are considered "Sokolniki", "Smolenskaya" and "Park Kultury". They began to work in 1935.

Beautiful site

Mayakovskaya station is considered the most beautiful not only in Moscow,but in the world. She has many awards and prizes for design. Already in 1937-1938, the station won the prize for the underground urbanism. "Mayakovskaya" in the style of art Deco is a true work of high art.

We encourage you to watch the videowhich describes in detail the biggest metro in the world - new York: