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The large area of the Peninsula and Islands in the world: Eurasia, Russia

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Peninsula — surrounded by water part of the continent, a part connected with the land. Due to the fact that to determine the exact boundary of the Peninsula on land difficult, the area of the Peninsula is a fairly conventional concept, and the size of its territory recognized by scholars in the course largely conditional recognition.

Therefore, the different sources the area of the same Peninsula can vary by tens of thousands of km2. A significant size of the land can be found on all the continents of the earth, but the biggest Peninsula is still located in Asia.

How is the world's largest Peninsula?

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The most extensive area possesses Arabian Peninsula, located in Asia. Its area according to different estimates is from 2750 to 3250 km2.

The greatest Peninsula in the world is washed by the waters of the red (West) and the Arabian (South-East) seas.

The territory of Arabia is occupied by such countriesas:

  • The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia;
  • The Sultanate Of Oman;
  • The Republic of Yemen;
  • UAE;
  • The Kingdom Of Bahrain;
  • Qatar;
  • Kuwait;
  • Iraq;
  • Jordan.

From the point of view of the geological structure of the entire area of Arabia is the ancient Arabian platform. Located in the southern part of the mountain plateau and mountains, the highest point in Arabia is considered to be mount al-Nabi-Shu'ayb in Yemen (the height of 3666 meters above sea level).

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The bulk of the Arabian Peninsula is a tropical desert, and life is concentrated in the rare oases. The climate of most of Arabia — tropical trade wind with minimal moisture, average annual rainfall does not exceed 100 mm per year, and in the South — not more than 50 mm. a greater amount of precipitation falls only in the mountain areas. Arabia is one of the hottest places on Earth, local temperature record is +55°C.

Arabia flora is relatively poor due to the fact that most of the surface is desert.

The greatest diversity of vegetation is achieved in mountain areas, oases and Wadi channels long dried up rivers, filled only during rare rains. There are Acacias, tamarisks, olives, pistachios, coffee, date palms and other cultivated and wild plants. The fauna is represented by various desert predators (jackals, hyenas) and herbivores (Gazelle, antelope, jerboa).

The Eastern part of Arabia, on the Persian Gulf coast, is a world leader in terms of hydrocarbon resources, extraction and sale of which is the lion's share of the economy of the Gulf.

Some of the largest in Eurasia?

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The leaders of the area among the Eurasian Peninsula located in southern Asia.


In addition to the leading area of the Arabian Peninsula and the Asian continent can boast the second and third places in world top 10.

The Peninsula of Indochina ranked second in the world by land area among the inhabited continents, second only to the Arabian Peninsula. The area of Indochina reaches 2414 km2.

Indochina is issued in the deep waters of the South China and Andaman seas and the Bay of Bengal of the Indian ocean. Indochina is one of the most moist places on the planet, the amount of precipitation in the Eastern part of Indochina up to 2000 mm and in the foothills of the Western part to 3000 mm.

The Indian subcontinent, sometimes called Indian subcontinent because of its geological origin and for historical reasons, ranked third in Asia for its size. The area of the Indian subcontinent reaches 2 million km2. From the West the Indian subcontinent bordering theThe Arabian sea, to the East is the Bay of Bengal. Most of the territory of the Indian subcontinent India is a small part of the Peninsula belongs to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Korean Peninsula in the East of the Asian continent by surface area is much inferior to their southern brethren Indochina and Indostan.

All the territory of the Korean Peninsula is about 220 thousand square kilometers.

Here are located 2 States: South Korea and North Korea. Korea is washed by the Yellow and Japan seas.

In addition to the greatest peninsulas in the world, in Asia, you can find large Islands and the largest on the planet the archipelago, Malay. The list of the largest Islands:

  1. Kalimantan (Borneo) is the largest island in Asia and third largest on the planet. Is part of the Malay archipelago, located South of the Indochina Peninsula. The Kalimantan area is 740 km2. Kalimantan is the only island on the planet, on whose territory is located just three countries: Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia;
  2. Aziatskij Kalimantan

  3. Sumatra, like Kalimantan, is part of the Malay archipelago. The area of Sumatra exceeds 470 thousand km2. The island of Sumatra, is fully owned by Indonesia and borders the Indian ocean and the Andaman, South China and Java seas;
  4. The third largest island of Asia , Honshu, located in the East of the continent to the Japanese archipelago. The area of Honshu — more than 227 thousand km2. The island is fully part of Japan;
  5. Sulawesi also belongs to the Malay archipelago and occupies the 11th place in the world for its size — more than 174 thousand km2. By the waters of the Banda sea and Celebes sea. The entire island is part of the state Indonesia;
  6. Java — another representative of the Malay archipelago in the list of the greatest Islands in Asia with an area of approximately 132 km2. Java is the largest island of the world population which is over 140 million people. The island is washed by the waters of the Java sea and the Indian ocean;
  7. Java belongs to Indonesia, here is the capital and largest city of the country — Jakarta.

  8. Luzon is the largest island in the Philippines that is part of the Philippine archipelago in turn is part of the Malay archipelago. The area of the Luzon — almost 110 thousand km2. Luzon bordering the South China and Philippine seas.


Despite modest compared to other continents the size of Europe, it can boast of belonging to the world's top peninsulas.

The Scandinavian Peninsula is the largest in Europe and fifth in size on the planet. The territory of Scandinavia is more than 800 thousand km2, where is located the mainland of Sweden and Norway, part of Finland and the tiny territory of Russia.

The Iberian Peninsula is the second largest in Europe and seventh in the habitable part of the planet, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The Pyrenees are on the extreme South-West of the European continent. The second title of the Pyrenees, the Iberian Peninsula, named after who lived here in ancient times of the Iberians.

The third largest in Europe and eighth in the planet of the Balkan Peninsula is located in the southeastern part of the continent. The territory of the Balkan Peninsula more than 500 thousand km2. The Balkans is characterized by remarkable diversity of its people and are located States, which number over a dozen.

Balkany v Evrope

The Balkans are washed by the Black, Marmara and Mediterranean seas, and the seas within the Mediterranean.

The southern part of the Balkans stands out as a separate Peninsula of Peloponnese is located in Greece.

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Greatest in size of the Peninsula of Russia located in the Asian part of the country to the North of Siberia and the far East:

  • The Taimyr Peninsula is the largest Peninsula of Russia, located on the coast of the Kara and Laptev seas. The area of the Taimyr reach the size of 400 km2 that allows it to close the top ten of the largest peninsulas in the world. Taimyr is situated in the North of the Central Siberian plateau. The entire territory of Taimyr is part of the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia;
  • Kamchatka Peninsula — the second largest in Russia, covering an area of 270 km2 and is located in the far East of our country. Kamchatka is washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean and the sea of Okhotsk and is elongated from North to South for more than 1200 km. the Whole area of the Kamchatka Peninsula is part of Kamchatka Krai of the Russian Federation;
  • Kamchatka v Rossii

  • Third place among the peninsulas of Russia takes the gydansky Peninsula in Northern Siberia in the composition of the Central Siberian plateau. The area is more than 160 km2. The Peninsula formed by its surrounding bays of the Kara sea: Taz Bay and Ob lips, and the Yenisei Bay;
  • The Yamal Peninsula is the fourth largest in Russia, its area is more than 120 thousand km2. Located on thethe North of the Central Siberian plateau in the Asian part of the country. Yamal is formed by washing its Kara sea and the Ob lip.

The largest areas in America

The largest Peninsula of America located in North America, their area is ten times the size of the largest peninsulas in South America.


The greatest Peninsula of North America and the entire Western hemisphere — Labrador, located on the East coast of Canada. The area of Labrador is 1600 km2, that allows him to take fourth place in the world and first among the peninsulas that are located outside Asia. Labrador is located on the Atlantic coast and Hudson Bay.

Among other major North American peninsulas are:

  1. California (Mexico, 144 km2) that should not be confused with the namesake state in the United States;
  2. California is a relatively narrow strip of land separating the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California.

  3. Yucatan (Mexico, 140 thousand km2), located in the southern part of the country on the coast of the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico;
  4. Florida (USA, 116 km2) is located on the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. In the territory of Florida is the eponymous U.S. state.


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South America is characterized by low indented shore lines, so there are no big peninsulas included in the list of largest in the world. The largest in territory of the South American peninsulas are:

  • Brunswick, Chile, with an area of 6.3 thousand km2;
  • Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, with an area of 3,6 km2.

What is the difference Africa?

Africa cannot boast of such an abundance of large Islands and peninsulas, such as the Asian continent. But the greatest of them are included in the list of the largest on the planet.


The Somali Peninsula is the largest on the African continent and the sixth largest on the planet. The area of Somalia, often referred to as the horn of Africa because of its shape, is more than 750 km2. Somalia is located on the Indian ocean coast in the Western part of Africa.

On this Peninsula, home of the eponymous state of Somalia and parts of Ethiopia.


The island of Madagascar with an area of almost 590 thousand km2, occupies the fourth place in the world by surface area, second only to Greenland, New Guinea and Kalimantan. The island is located in the Indian ocean and from the African continent it is separated by the Mozambique channel. On the island is the eponymous state of Madagascar.

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