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Shopping malls in the world: the largest in Europe and Russia (Saint Petersburg)

Samyj bolshoj torgovyj centr v mire

Every year in the world there are new shopping centers that delights our customers not only an extensive variety of goods, but also global dimensions and footprint.

Different countries constantly compete among themselves in pursuit of the status of "the largest shopping centre in the world." In these incredible races leading position managed to take China, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE and other countries.

What Mall is the biggest in the world?

kakoj kompleks naibolee krupnyj?

Largest trading platform for fans of shopping are found worldwide, but today the leader among them is the massive New Century Global Center shopping Mall, located in the Chinese city of Chengdu. It was opened in 2013, and for the construction of the global center gone for 3 years.

The building was impressive, and its territory now every visitor can buy nearly everything you want.

In pursuit of the Chinese surpassed the previous leader, erecting a shopping center with a total area of 1.7 million square meters. According to statistics, this area could fit a small city, the Pentagon three or more Opera houses of Sydney. In the height of the building is 18 floors (about 100 meters). Its length is 500 meters and a width of 400 meters.

Shopping centre New Century Global Center is not only millions of square meters of shops and boutiques, but also plenty of entertainment for every taste. It also features a hotel, office premises of different companies with famous names, as well as University complex.

krupnejshaya tochka torgovli na planete

Its features involve:

  • village of the Mediterranean;
  • the beaches under the artificial sun;
  • cinema with 14 cinemas.
  • giant water Park.

The Parking hall is also impressive with its grandiose settings – extensive grounds can easily accommodate up to 15,000 cars.

The Grand cities of Asia

Asia occupies a leading position on the number of shopping centers, has a very impressive size. Among these countries, first and foremost, of course, is China, then the Philippines and Korea.

In weather for size and impressive architectural form, countries are trying each time to beat previous leader.

Dubai Mall

ploshad Dubai Mall

Before the largest building the New Century Global Center is the first place of the ranking is the Dubai Mall located in Dubai (UAE). Its area is enormous 1200000 m2.

The complex has more than 1200 shops, including open the largest candy store with an area of 930 m2 and about 120 cafes and restaurants. A feature of the Dubai Mall is a huge aquarium, which is home to about 30,000 fish.

Golden Resources

In Beijing, a shopping centre, which because of the size called "great Chinese wall". Square building of five floors is 540 000 m2. On average, the Mall is visited by around 20,000 people every hour.

The complex seats more than thousands of brand stores, two-foot court with a huge number of restaurants and cafes, and feature hundreds of elevators. Also on the territory of the centeris:

  1. playgrounds;
  2. rides;
  3. beauty salons;
  4. veterinary pharmacy;
  5. skating rink and more.

SM Megamall

Despite the fact that this is a shopping center located in the capital of the Philippines, was built in 1991, it continues to occupy a leading position both in the country and abroad. The site is 348 thousand m2 and consists of two large buildings. In one of them there are shops, travel agencies and fast food restaurants, and other entertainment for guests.

The organizers of this global trade network is not standing still. Nowadays in this shopping center comes to 800 thousand people. They come in order to purchase products and branded stores, relax in the restaurants with Japanese, Chinese, American and Filipino cuisine, or visit the cinema.

In the future we plan to expand the store to its traffic grew to 1 million visitors a day.

Central World

Central World v Bangkoke

Being one of the largest shopping malls in Thailand, Central World attracts into its territory of about 100 000 visitors, among which there are locals and tourists.

Despite the fact that the building itself suffered from the fire that during the political protests, a few years later he was able to fully restore. Now in this Mall with an area of 550000 square meters, located 900 stores, restaurants and various organizations.


In South Korea are from two largest shopping centre – both with the same name. One of them is in Busan and the other in Seoul. Both occupy a very vast territory (about 500,000 m2), which presents shops and boutiques of famous brands.

The incredibly large area shopping Mall to buy clothes, shoes, baby products, café with cuisines from different countries, stroll through the sculpture garden or visit the art gallery.

On each of the floors exhibited various items of modern art from artists from around the world.

The largest shopping area of Europe

Unlike many Asian countries, Europe does not have such a large territory for the construction of shopping centers, however, and you can find their leaders. And although many stores are inferior in size, but by the standards of European countries, they are quite impressive.

Westfield Stratford City

In England is one of the oldest and largest shopping centres in Europe. Its trade area is 170, 000m2, and on its territory there are cafes and restaurants, shops and boutiques of the legendary British brands, as well as offices and hotel rooms. In addition, the trading platform features a 17-screen cinema, a casino and a supermarket.

Puerto Venecia

ozero v Puerto Venecia

In Spain in Zaragoza is a shopping centre that the inhabitants of the country called a "shopping resort". A name he earned due to the fact that its territory is not only 200 stores, but also a variety of restaurants, rest areas, as well as a cinema and setting for surfing. The "highlight" of this place – an artificial lake where guests can paddle boats.

Especially attractive is the fact that this shopping center is located on the way from Barcelona to Madrid. To both cities just an hour away, but if you want to stay long, guests have the opportunity to stay overnight in one of the rooms of the hotel complex. It's incredibly convenient, because on a visit to Puerto Venecia can take a whole day.

Marineda City + Marineda Plaza

This complex is located in the city of a Coruna (Spain), could be called the largest in Europe, if only he were not divided into two parts. Both centres are located in small distance from each other and have a common roof, so they are considered different buildings.

Marineda City v Ispanii

On the vast grounds Marineda City + Marineda Plaza you can visit 190 stores with branded stuff, visit the foot court, which presents the cuisine of different countries, and also to have fun and relax. For guests is available a bowling alley, children's Playground, several cinemas, go-karting, mini Golf.

If desired, visitors may stay in a 4 star hotel, designed for the 113 guestrooms.

Malls in North and South America

Several large shopping malls can be found on the American continents. In size they surpass European structure, but inferior to the Asian complexes.


Panama is the largest shopping Mall in South America. The number of shops that are presented onterritory, reach the impressive mark – 555 units. As noted by the inhabitants of the country, daily visited by hundreds of thousands of Panamanians and the Mall itself does not cope with such flow of visitors.

The organizers plan the expansion of the trading platform – the construction of several floors and additional buildings. Next to him, the planned construction of three hotels on 820 rooms. It is noteworthy that prestigious hotels will be designed both on budget and luxury guests.

Mall of America

In North America in Minnesota is the legendary Mall of America shopping complex where you can not only buy everything you need, but also to find the Church for the wedding. As the statistics, since the construction of the Church under its arches had already married 5 000 pairs. However, his visit as residents of the state and all other States.

Mall of America v Minnesote

The total sales area of this complex has a very impressive size – it reaches 1260 sq km America is quite a large area. For comparison, this Mall could hold seven stadiums. And while that on its territory you can find hundreds of shops, cinemas, entertainment centre, Nickelodeon, aquarium, simulators and many other attractions.

West Edmonton

In Canada there is a shopping center that has the status of "fifth largest" in a world "first" in North America. It was built in 1981, and during the existence on its territory there are 800 shops, a variety of thematic areas. Visitors particularly encouraged by the zone:

  • "Bourbon street";
  • "Boulevard of Europe";
  • stylized Chinatown.

In West Edmonton is an entertainment Park, artificial lake with sea lions, a hotel, a shooting range, a zoo, a cinema and a theatre and Church.

Passages in Africa and Australia

The African continent and Australia also boasts great shopping centers, occupying a large territory.


Leading position in size is a shopping Mall located in Morocco. In the popular tourist town of Casablanca is a Grand complex with a large number of stores. It covers a total area of 250 000 m2, and its highlight is a large aquarium with dozens of fish species.

Chadstone Shopping Center

In Melbourne is the largest shopping centre not only in Australia but throughout the southern hemisphere. It covers an area of 171 thousand m2and it has 530 outlets and 9,000 Parking spaces. The construction of the Mall was completed in 1960-years, and currently it is constantly growing and evolving.

Large-scale shopping in Russia

grandioznye torgovo-razvlekatelnye ploshadi Rossii

Russia does not lag behind in the number of shopping centers. To date, the country has its own Champions, located in major cities. On their site you can find different popular and rare goods, to relax or have fun.


In 2012 in Moscow there was completed the construction of a magnificent building – shopping center "Aviapark". In its construction were invested huge amount of money, which gave the opportunity to create a huge trade area of 390, 000m2 of shops, cafes and entertainment venues.

Shopping center "Aviapark" is considered the largest shopping Mall in Russia and Europe. It has a capacity of 500 shops, large-scale cylindrical aquarium, which is home to 2,500 fish Park children's professions, as well as a 17-screen cinema.

Saint Petersburg

In St. Petersburg the largest shopping center is familiar to many Mega – complex, which features hundreds of shops with clothes, shoes, household items and food. It includes such branded site, as IKEA, OBI, Auchan and Children's world.

Being here, you can eat in fudkorte or relax and skate regardless of the time of year.


In the capital of the Urals, in Yekaterinburg, you'll more than 11 shopping centers, of which the most popular and the largest is "Mega". It houses three network Titan – Auchan, Obi and IKEA, as well as fashion showrooms, Shoe shops, food service area and fast food restaurants. Slightly inferior to him in size and popularity of the shopping center "Airship" and "globe".


The largest and most visited shopping center in Novosibirsk – "Aura" – the complex, offering visitors the necessaryproducts from clothes and shoes, finishing a variety of foods. The construction of the complex is not terminated. Trade area is constantly expanding.

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