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Weather and temperature in Turkey in September Antalya (Kemer, Alanya)

Pogoda v Turcii v sentyabre

Around 35 km from Antalya stretches the picturesque resort of Kemer. It is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean sea, it is dominated by the mighty mountain of Tauras. So it's protected from the piercing Northern winds.

The climate is typically Mediterranean: hot, dry summer, winter is moderately warm, but rainy. We can safely say that according to statistics, 300 days per year is sunshine, and the water temperature varies from 15°C to 28°C.

But the most comfortable weather in Kemer in September, because the temperature in July, August, sometimes rising to a peak of forty degrees.

What attracts the Sep tourists in Kemer

We can say that the temperature in Turkey in September happy camper, comes the Golden season. The sun becomes less aggressive, although the heat is kept around +30.

The beaches are slowly emptying, although very crowded, the perfect season for a holiday with young children or for a romantic trip.

The day to sun bath and enjoy the warm sea. And indulge in the clear sea, walk where the gentle waves.

Water, it is already enough sgreta over the summer and first months has a temperature of 26-28 degrees, at the end of the month to drop to 24-25, which is not bad.

Coming ashore, it is not necessary to worry about the rug, you will always find a free place, not like in peak season.

Evening is very favorable for those who love a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, because the temperature regime +20 or +22, he is very suitable for a romantic rendezvous. Paradise, and only.

This month excluded the cold wind and rain, you can safely lie on the beach. In Kemer there are two beaches.

The first cityhe pebble with a large selection of water sports offered all sorts of excursions on yachts.

And second — is a sandy-pebbly, the so-called beach "Moonlight", where there are many citrus trees, creating a cool shadow.

CHem privlekaet sentyabr turistov v Kemer

Reasonable price plus quality of rest

Choosing the time of year to visit Turkey, you are thinking what is the weather in Turkey in September. Great!

Traveling at this time, you can slightly feel a Turk or Turkina, because it was in September prefer to relax, admiring the dignity of this time local residents.

Summer is too hot, October, though, and has a reputation for velvet, has cold nights with a temperature of 15 degrees, particularly in the evening without warm clothes walk around. September is the Golden time of the season.

Everyone knows that the tourist season is the best time to travel to Kemer (Antalya) is may-October. The most expensive prices for tickets in June-August.

But if your goal is to buy more profitable tickets, and at a lower cost to get the same pleasure, and sometimes more, then go in September, because the weather in Antalya in September, will bring you more pleasure than the hot peak season.

For the difference in cost, you will be able to explore the local attractions or to go bargain shopping.

You can walk along the main street of Kemer Liman street. There are a lot of different shops, ranging from simple souvenir shops to large clothing stores and so on.

For fans of gay nightlife in Kemer is available on a selection of the best discos on the coast, all sorts of waterfront bars and restaurants.

Priemlemaya cena plus kachestvo otdyha

What to see?

If you like to enjoy the various attractions, the September also for you. You can safely all day to see the sights without the fear of getting sun stroke.

You will be able to visit the ruins of ancient cities Phaselis and Olympos, where you can enjoy a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Holidays in Kemer:

Go to the Duden waterfalls or on the mountain Chimera after sunset. Especially beautiful sunset in September. The setting sun, as it sends the flames that come out of the ground, indescribable beauty, it warms the souls of travelers in the evenings.

For a greater perception of historical realities , you can visit the renovated tent city. It reflects the realities of the life of Turkish nomads, where you can see as lagging the carpet is not carpet, but a work of art.

You will be served with ayran and gamecom, you will be ablechange in real Turkish national dress: headdress - kalaw, and baggy pants – salwar.

Weather in Alanya in September, promotes festivals. This is the Antalya festivaldedicated to the culture of the city. He has been for a few years and all the time gaining more and more popularity among tourists and the local population.

As the participation of worldwide known musical groups, you long time will remember this wonderful September in Turkey.