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Shopping in Barcelona - reviews and best shopping discounts

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Barcelona is a real Paradise for lovers of shopping. More than thirty thousand stores waiting for its visitors all year round. Numerous boutiques, huge shopping malls, outlets with incredible discounts and the most famous line five-kilometer Shopping Line, located on Paseo de Gracia. The range of the above institutions have clothes and shoes from the leaders in the world of fashion, jewelry, design objects, exclusive delicacies and much more.

Why Barcelona is so popular with shopaholics from all over the world? The question has several answers. Firstly, a huge range, which rivals that of any city in the world. And secondly, the cost of production: it is much lower than in many other European countries. Shopping in Barcelona is the dream of many, so on the streets you can meet people from countries on the other side of the globe.

Features of shopping in Barcelona

Despite the huge number of shops, tourists, newly arrived in Barcelona, it will be difficult to find the required objects. Not to get lost in many stores and indeed make purchases of their dreams at competitive prices, you should immediately buy the shopping Guide for Barcelona or Guia de Compres. This guide will help everyone to build a route of visits to shops and other outlets.

Any purchase exceeding ninety euros, allows you to get a credit card 15% of the purchase price. Importantly, do not forget to take in the shops Tax Free cheques. The money is returned upon arrival at the airport or in the three months to the personal account.

Wishing to make purchases must remember that almost all shops on Sundays (except a few) do not work. Work schedule the overwhelming majority of the following stores: they come off at 9-10 am and work until about ten at night. It is important to remember that afternoon the shops close for afternoon break (Siesta), continuing from two to three hours.

For the convenience of tourists there is even a special bus route called the Barcelona Shopping Line, which allows you to find the biggest shopping in the city.

Wishing to get at huge discounts, it is better to go shopping in Barcelona in the middle of summer or before Christmas. Sometimes discounts at this time reach up to ninety percent!

If the timing of the trip you are guided by other factors, then read the article: When to go to Spain?

Shopping malls of the city

Barcelona is famous for its huge number of shopping centers, but the widest range at affordable prices presented in the following:

  • Shopping center El Corte Inglés in Barcelona. You'll be huge (11 floors) and the same great range of products. Here you can buy shoes and clothes known manufacturers of quality products. In addition, you can relax at one of the restaurants. Once in the square Plaza Catalunya, it is impossible not to see a huge shopping center where you can buy everything.
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  • The second store El Corte Inglés offers branded products, among them Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and others. Widely represented products for children. Lovers of jewelry can find here products of leading brands Bulgari, Cartier, Omega.
  • Opposite the second El Corte Inglés shopping centre Pedralbes Centre, where you can buy quality products for men, women and children. Among the products cosmetics, perfumes, home appliances, gifts, appliances, home goods and more.
  • One of the shopping centres and on Sundays and holidays, is Maremagnum, where you can not only acquire useful purchase, but also to relax with the whole family.
  • Glories is a large shopping center where you can purchase audio and video equipment, accessories, gifts and many other useful products.

Buying clothes and shoes

Many shoppers go shopping in Milan and Paris, but not all of them know that the shopping trip to Barcelona is able to provide them with the same fashionable clothes but at reduced prices.

Fans of the famous brands just do attack the boutiques on the Boulevard Passeig de Gracia. Products of fashion designers are located here. Of the goods sold here, you can select items from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Escada, Dolce & Gabbana and others.

Not less popular boutiques on Bori i Fontesa where you can buy clothes, shoes and accessories from Dior, Monclear, Sergio Rossi, Gucci, and many others. Will be pleasantly surprised and prices which are significantly lower than in Russian stores. One of the reasons why the cost of things below, is the fact that Spain has for several centuries is a trendsetter, and things of famous brands are produced here.

To buy clothes shoes and accessories from the famous Spanish producers in the many boutiques and shops located on the street Rambla de Catalunia, running parallel from Passeig de Gracia.

Not all go to Barcelona only for the expensive name-brand products. Many just want to purchase the goods you like, no matter by whom it is produced. Such clothes and shoes are presented inlarge stores and shopping centers. By purchasing products from Zara, Mango, Stradivarius and other popular manufacturers, you can be sure of the uniqueness of things. After the collection for Russia, Europe and Spain differ considerably and range, and design. Acquiring such a thing in Barcelona, you can be sure that she will not see anyone else.

Shopping outlets

Not everyone is ready to shell out hundreds of dollars for exclusive things. For them there is the opportunity to buy goods in outlets, where discounts on popular brands can reach up to 60-70 % and there are discounts all year round. The most famous shopping village, which is located only half an hour's drive from Barcelona - La Rocca Village. To reach the village by bus. The ticket is only 12 Euro (per adult round trip). The bus makes per day five flights (from 11.00 to 18.00), which is enough to go shopping and come back. You can rent a car for this trip (130 Euro for 4 passengers), which is much easier than to adjust to the schedule of public transport.

La Rocca Village

All products in La Rocca Village you can purchase a 60% percent discount. La Rocca Village, a favorite place for shopaholics from all over Europe, because you can purchase goods for children and adults from the best world manufacturers (more than 100 well-known brands).

In Barcelona there are Burberry outletwhere the clothes for men, women and kids at the best prices. Outlets is the best option for those who do not have time for discounts and sales.

Souvenirs and gifts

Reviews on shopping in Barcelona the tourists are always in a good way, as there are plenty to choose from, and a good save. We should not forget about loved ones, relatives and friends, so you should definitely purchase for them gifts.

For example, a good gift would be a bottle of fine Spanish wine. Spanish wines have always been high quality. Some experts even tend to believe that wine Spain has long been spared the famous French brand, which is considered a benchmark wine. It is best to acquire expensive wine in the cellar called bodegas. Here you can not only choose a quality wine for yourself or as a gift, but to hear his story and be sure to taste. As a gift for loved ones or friend may be the most delicious almond or olive oil, which can only be purchased in Barcelona.

A great gift for a close friend or for yourself will watch. In Barcelona there are many shops where to choose a decent chronometer, which will not just show time, and will be an important accessory that complements the style. Huge range of products allows you to choose a watch for yourself, but choose a watch as a gift is possible only to those whose style and preferences in clothing are acquainted. In any case, there is plenty to choose from.

Shopping tours

Even those who know the city well, in most cases familiar only with the stores located on main streets. Meanwhile, in the back streets and small alleys there are also shops, whose range is noteworthy. Look for them by yourself a very long and dangerous, you can just get lost. Much easier to hire a personal guide who is familiar with all the stores in the city. The satellite can show the outlets with exclusive merchandise. Especially useful for such assistants, representatives of various youth sub-cultures. In shops and shops to buy the exclusive things which may even belong to the stars of show business, movie or other famous people.

In addition, you can not just hire a guide who knows the location of hidden stores in the city, and to use the services of a personal stylist. Of course, his services will cost extra, but it is possible to dress in the latest fashion. As the accompanying personnel can be hired and the photographer who will be doing the photo shoot in Barcelona after the acquisition of trendy new things.

The Boqueria Market

Guests of Barcelona must look to the Boqueria market, which is one of the largest markets in Europe. Boqueria has a great selection of products - here you can buy high-quality food:

  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • fresh meat
  • fish
  • seafood

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Despite this diversity of goods, there is no unpleasant odors, and you can always freely pass between the row of stalls. Visitors to the market can buy here not only food but also Souvenirs, Handicrafts and many other goods that are needed in everyday life.


In General, going on holiday to Spain and staying in Barcelona, you should remember that you can not just relax on the beaches or in various restaurants. Guests can buy many useful things for yourself and loved ones which will remind of leisure. Regardless of the age and size of the purse, each will find something here to like goods, and their quality and price are only able to please.