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How much money to take to Thailand?

Skolko deneg brat v Tailand?

If you are visiting Southeast Asia for the first time, the question is, how much money to take to Thailand, you should decide in advance. It will be easier if the ticket provided by the tour operator, then it is enough to pay for the hotel and travel, and to take some money pocket money, and shopping on site. If you want to relax on an independent program with its excursions, not included in the standard conditions, the calculations may be more complicated, because it all depends on personal preferences, the specific resort and desires of individuals.

Estimate how much money to take to Thailand, made easier by the fact that the exchange rate of Thai baht is quite stable, and in recent years, 1 baht is approximately equal to 1 Russian ruble, or 3 American cents. Rubles is accepted only in the resort of Pattaya, in other cases, you need cash baht, which, however, is fairly easy to exchange for rubles and dollars through ATMs, of which there already was a lot. In order to know what you are likely to spend money, it is necessary to consider the average prices for the most important. And remember that feature of Thailand is that people come here with a small suitcase and leave, even sometimes paying extra for an advantage to get as much as possible in memory of a Paradise vacation.

Accommodation in Thailand

Prices for accommodation depend here, as elsewhere in the world, from "star" hotel, distance from a river or the sea and amenities which are offered. In guest houses you can find beds for about 100 rubles, and for 300-400 rubles, you can already try to remove the house without facilities in the wild coast. Comfortable houses and bungalows with air conditioning and a shower will cost around $ 1,000 per day, but there are alternatives and cheaper, if the property is removed from the shoreline. Prices for two-and three-star hotels are roughly comparable with this, for 10 days in a hotel will have to pay from 10 to 20 thousand. If you're travelling in the hot season, it is necessary to take care of booking hotel rooms in advance, perhaps via the Internet. Of course, there are the elite, ways in which personal protection and the best view with a private beach, the price is also quite high.

Means of transport: public and personal transport

Rent private car-foreign cars (most often here are Japanese-made cars: Toyota and Honda) is possible almost throughout the country, the service is inexpensive – about 1000-2000 a day. A moped or motorcycle will cost even less, about 300. If leisure is assumed inactive, it is better to rely on a taxi (100-200 baht) and public transport (10-15 baht). If you don't require frills, you can invest in the amount of 3000-5000 baht for a week or two.

How much money will go not go?

Be sure to consider the estimates the power. Easier when you buy tour all-inclusive, then it will not be a problem. In the normal rounds will be paid only Breakfast, however, it is easy to order in any cafe where it will cost a maximum of 200 rubles. Approximate cost of lunch is in 2 times more, not including alcohol. Prices in the cafe are more expensive than on the street or at the Bazaar. As an exotic variant it is possible again to take a chance and try eating like a local. Alcoholic drinks and cocktails will cost 100 baht. In Thailand, common stock and happy hours in bars where you can eat for the amount cheaper, but it is everywhere different times.

Excursions, entertainment and shopping

Most tours will visit a variety of attractions and other interesting places with a guide. At this kind of costs you can try somewhere and save, of course, if you're not interested in walking on elephants or zoos, gardens and Buddhist shrines. The average price of the tour is 2500-3000 baht. Do not forget to include a visit to Nightclubs and restaurants, if you are attracted to. A separate line is to make sport activities at the dive centers or Golf courses and tourist trails, which will cost several thousand baht.

On purchases in local shops and visiting the souks is best to set aside money in advance, usually it is not more than 5-6 thousand. Someone draws here local cheap electronics (close to China), some only traditional national products. Most often, the shopping involves the purchase of t-shirts, shorts, several pairs of flip flops protection on the face, the straw hats. Among the interesting pieces of Handicrafts can be called leather handbags crocs and sandals. There are many large shopping malls, brand shops with prices quite comparable with the European. The Souvenirs usually bring tourists from Thailand, is the different images of elephants, Buddha statues and other religious symbols. The magnets and other memorable things should save a few thousand baht.

On average, we can say that for a typical active rest, no frills and excesses, one person is more than enough 2 thousand rubles per day, i.e. 2-week standard tour is sufficient the amount of 30 thousand rubles or so. Based on average figures, it is better to count your costs initially, so that nothing would spoil your vacation, and dive head first into the adventure that awaits you in the beautiful Eastern country. Although nothing prevents you from taking as much money as your heart desires to relax to the fullest.