What city of Egypt the most comfortable for vacation?

Visit Cairo, Aswan, Luxor in the summer months, our tourists are not recommended. If you move away from the coast to the centre, into the interior of the country, its deserts increases the dryness of the air, and diurnal temperature changes (from +50 to zero).

But on the coast you can feel like in heaven. The sea breeze always counteracts the heat, but because at 30-35 degrees Celsius is very comfortable. Beautiful places for vacation in the summer:

In the middle of this season no hotter than 33 degrees carried very easily. In the Red sea the water is very warm, heated to 28°, and in the Mediterranean up to 25°.

It is a real grace for diving enthusiasts. In the Sinai Peninsula winds do not happen, and because thirty-five or forty degrees of heat there (Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba). It turns out that the answer to the question: "how many degrees in Egypt?" - do not give objective information about the degree of heat in this country. In August there is no cost to heat stroke and sunburn.

Those who have cardiovascular disease, poor health or come with young children, it is better to remain in coastal areas where high temperature kompensiruet the cool breeze from the sea.

Fabulous in the South of Egypt during this time the air warms up to 45°. It is better not to think about travel in such extreme Russian guest temperatures.

It follows that the climate in Egypt allows you to enjoy the sea all year round. Sightseeing is carried out in any months except summer.