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How long is the flight to Bali from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

 Skolko letet do Bali

One of the most popular resorts in the world is the Indonesian island of Bali. And attract tourists not only the immensity of its pristine beaches and unique landscapes, pristine tropical forests, majestic volcanoes and mysterious ancient temples. The Russians opened for themselves a real Paradise not so long ago, but fell in love with this island at first sight. The flow of wanting to rest here from year to year is becoming wider, and many potential tourists are concerned with the important question of how best to reach prospective travelers. How long is the flight to Bali? It depends on the location of the future residence of man and a willingness to fly with transfers or without them.

The Airport Of Denpasar

Planes bringing tourists in Bali, land in the capital of Denpasar or the airport, Ngurah Rai, is located thirteen kilometers from the city. It accepts both domestic and international flights, delighting foreign tourists excellent services and infrastructure. Restaurants, cafes, duty free shops and even a skilled massage after a long flight - all for the convenience of guests choose holiday destination of Bali. Here issued a visa to legally stay in the country.

From Moscow to Bali

To decide how much to fly to Bali from Moscow, is possible only by choosing the route of flight. Direct flights making non-stop flights from the Russian capital in Denpasar, no. It is possible to use Charter flights, which take about thirteen hours. Offers services of airline "Transaero". It is at least spent on the road time, number of transfers increases the total flight time, though, and saves the contents of the wallets of potential tourists. Usually flights to Bali can have one or more connections that occur:

  • in Asia - China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea.
  • in Europe - Germany, Austria, Turkey, France;
  • in the middle East - Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Doha.

Transplant increase the flight time, however it gives you an opportunity to take a break from sitting in the airplane and to honor his presence numerous duty free shops. Especially if the time between connecting flights is about what you should consider when buying tickets.

skolko letet do Bali iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

The most suitable and popular tourist option is a flight with a connection in the Middle East or Asia. If you compare how much to fly to Bali from Moscow direct flight and the proposed method, the difference is not so noticeable. For example, if you use the services of Aeroflot and to make a connection in Bangkok, travel time is 14 hours and 50 minutes, and in Singapore on Board Singapore airlines, can be reached in 16 hours. Making change in Seoul, to the holiday destination can be reached in nineteen and a half hours, the average travel time with a transfer in other Asian countries ranges from 23 to 24 hours.

For the interchange points you can use and European cities:

Different options with connections from the capital to Bali a great variety. Choosing the airline carrier, level of service, reasonable cost, and the number of possible transfers, you can be sure to choose the most suitable.

skolko letet do Bali iz sankt peterburga

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights, putting this direction in the search form:

From St. Petersburg to Bali

Many want to know how long is the flight to Bali from Saint Petersburg, hoping for a more quick and short way. The average time required for the flight - 14.5 hours. It may depend on the type of aircraft, weather and other conditions. A Charter flight will take tourists without a transplant, regular airlines will offer a stopover in the cities of Europe or Asia.

The fastest way is via Amsterdam, it will take approximately 20 hours. the longest is 54 hours flights with a stopover in Paris and Singapore. But not all the time you have to sit in the airplane seat, waiting in Singapore will be as much as 22 hours. Carefully choosing the right tickets, sometimes you get the chancesignificantly reduce the time in transit due to the successful docking. For example, using as transfers Moscow and Bangkok, you can reduce travel time up to 19 hours.

skolko letet do Bali iz ekaterinburga

Ekaterinburg - Bali

No less popular is another route that causes interest how long is the flight to Bali from Yekaterinburg. A Charter flight will go to a long-awaited vacation spot in just eleven hours, the availability of direct access will increase the time to 20-37 hours. If you fly through Moscow, the transplant will need to be done in one of several cities - Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore or Bangkok. You can use the other option - through Khabarovsk and Seoul, and the journey time will be 27 hours. If you fly with the landing in Frankfurt, the trip will last 26 hours.

At first glance it may seem that to reach the coveted Bali is difficult and too tiring. But the service on the whole route, to rest in the ground connections and the anticipation of an upcoming vacation Paradise allow you not to feel discomfort from a long flight and enjoy the upcoming great holiday.