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How long is the flight to Dominican Republic from Moscow direct flight, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

Skolko letet do Dominikany?

If you want to relax under the tropical sun, when the street is still snow, it's worth thinking about the Dominican Republic. This place is ideal for year-round recreation, so you can go there both in summer and in winter. But for each person it is important to know how long is the flight to Dominican Republic, especially if this trip will have to go with the whole family. Because an adult is much easier to sustain a long flight, than a small child, so the flights need to prepare in advance.

Every person who is not often in my life met such a word as the Dominican Republic, understand that it's something very distant. If this resort was located closer, then there would be a lot more often the Russians went, so this name would sound more often, even in everyday life. Much here depends on what Russian city you need to go to Dominican Republic because Russia itself is a vast country.

skolko letet do dominikany iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

You first need to figure out how much to fly to Dominican Republic from Moscow, because in the capital there are several airports from where international flights are performed. Besides from the Russian capital sent most of the aircraft not only to other cities but also different countries. The distance between the Russian capital and Dominicana is 9364 kilometres - but it is the airport of Punta Cana, located in Dominicana.

Many people are primarily interested in how much to fly to Dominican Republic from Moscow on a direct flight, as it is the most profitable option to save time on the road. Here much may depend on carrier, but on average, this time is about 12.5 hours. But if there is a tailwind and the speed of the aircraft will be 850 km/hour, to fly to this resort and will be able 11,20 minutes. And here is taken into account and 20 minutes, which required the aircraft to take-off and landing.

It should also be borne in mind that from Moscow, also from St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg in the Dominican Republic are Charter flights famous company "Transaero". This airline to offer direct flights to this country. Many Russians are interested in the question how long is the flight to the Dominican Republic from St. Petersburg, because this city also sent many tourists to this country. If it's a direct flight, it would have to fly 11,45 - 12 hours.

As for the other Russian cities, here in Dominican Republic there is no direct flight and have to fly only in transfers.

If you take one of the farthest cities of Vladivostok, the landing will have to carry out in Moscow, so the whole trip will take 20 hours and 20 minutes. But it is only the flight time, since these 20 hours will have to add another 17 and a half hours, which will have to spend in airports. If the flight will be operated with two changes, it is only natural, what else you want to add a few hours.

If you are interested in the question how long is the flight to Dominican Republic from Yekaterinburg, until recently, had to do one or two transfers, and in the end the flight time was 15 hours, plus added to this is 5 hours and 25 minutes (if the transplant was carried out in Moscow), or almost 15 hours if the transplant to be implemented in Moscow and Berlin. Recently there was a direct flight from Yekaterinburg in this country and it lasts only 14 hours. With other Russian cities, you can also fly in this country or with one or two changes.

skolko letet do dominikany iz SPb

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The advantage of a flight to the Dominican Republic with transfers

Connecting flights to a country like Dominican Republic, there are not only through the EU but also in the United States or Korea.

For example, Vladivostok is to first make a landing in Seoul, then to Atlanta, and from there to go to the Dominican Republic. In such flying has its advantages, because during a transfer at airports the waiting time required for the flight may be from 10 to 20 hours. This gives you the opportunity to visit the sights of the cities, where the transfer is carried out. Even when you have the opportunity to visit Berlin, Seoul, or the same Atlanta?

But it is also beneficial in the case when you have to go without small children. If you choose a flight with transfers, even with children, then this could be the real punishment. So with children it is best to fly a direct flight from Moscow, Yekaterinburg or St. Petersburg directly to Punta Cana.

skolko letet do dominikany iz ekaterinburga

But the transplant can be done not only inBerlin, Seoul or Atlanta; you can choose the flight via Amsterdam, Paris, London, Zurich. This gives you the opportunity to visit the most interesting sights of European cities that will allow you to diversify your vacation and to broaden their horizons. Yes, and the flight is not so tedious, because you can include a screen that shows the map of the terrain over which the airplane is flying, or turn on the TV. And the screens are in front of each passenger; the flight itself is more comfortable and convenient.

As for the food in flight, something about this also do not worry, because even with the direct flights there are 4 meals a day. Besides offered is so huge portions that no passenger will go hungry.