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How long is the flight to Dominican Republic from Moscow direct flight Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

Skolko letet do Dominikany iz Moskvy?

The Dominican Republic is today considered one of the most amazing and attractive resorts on the planet where you can relax all year round. It sent thousands of tourists every year from European and American continent. You have the option to go to the Russians, who have collected the required amount for registration of the tour. But the first question that concerns every Russian tourist: how long is the flight to Dominican Republic from Moscow or other Russian cities?

Flight time from Moscow to Dominican Republic

Actually this question is not idle, because a long flight can have a negative impact on human health, which has problems with the cardiovascular system. It is very important for tourists traveling in a long flight with young children. For children of this kind of flying may also prove to be too difficult, so parents should be prepared for it. A tourist, having health problems, you also need to know what medications may be necessary during a long flight and what to do when ears pop on the plane.

The distance from Moscow to Dominican Republic (airport in Pointe Kahn) is 9364 kilometres. For the duration of the flight can be affected by two main factors:

  • which airline is organizing the flights, will be chosen;
  • what will be the selected type of flight is direct or connecting with transfers.

You should consider the fact that the flight duration can be affected by adverse weather conditions. Naturally, with a head wind the flight will last a little longer. And if the weather turned bad, the plane will have to sit down in an unplanned airport. Of course, in the summer, this is hardly possible, but such a factor should also not be discarded.

If it is important to know exactly how much to fly to Dominican Republic from Moscow on a direct flight, you must first determine the carrier. Today direct flights from Moscow airports to the Dominican Republic has two Russian air carrier Transaero and Aeroflot. When selecting these carriers , the flights will take an average of 11 to 13 Chalov. Each company operates flights only twice a week, so this should be borne in mind, buying tickets and preparing for departure.

 skolko letet do Dominikany iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

You should also note that direct flights to this island Republic there is not from Ukraine or from Belarus, so tourists will have to first go to Moscow, and from there to go on the coveted island. But in the Moscow airport, you must arrive at least half an hour earlier. Before buying plane tickets, you need to look at the price of the ticket. The situation is such that direct flights from Moscow to Dominican Republic are expensive, so to save money, you can buy a ticket with a connection. But in this case you must add on the road about 10 hours.

A flight to the Dominican Republic via Europe and America

You can fly to the Dominican Republic and a Charter flight. This option may be more advantageous in the sense that such flights are not only in the main airport of Punta Cana, but also in Santa Domingo and Puerto Plata. As for connecting flights, then the transplant can be done in the cities of various European countries: Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Madrid, etc. These flights carry a European airline. It will be possible to do a transplant, but you can do two. Journey time is from 15 hours 30 minutes to 18 hours 35 minutes. But here it should be added time for a transplant and waiting for a connecting flight. The total flight time can be up to 30 hours.

If you do transplant in all European countries, in this case a transit visa is not necessary. But this can only be if the next flight will not have to wait more than a day - in this case, you will have to obtain a transit visa. It will have to issue in the case, when the plane lands at one airport and continue the flight will have from a different airport.

skolko letet do Dominikany iz sankt peterburga

If you have a transit visa or a green card, then fly to the Dominican Republic and change in U.S. cities. To get to this island is possible if to transplant in new York, Miami or Boston.

But if you have the appropriate visa, it is possible to change trains in Canada, Mexico or even Cuba. There are actually a large number of connecting flights and get into the Dominican Republic can be from different countries. This gives you the opportunity during direct, if time allows, explore the city a bit, which made the transplant.

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights, putting this direction:

A flight to the Dominican Republic from otherRussian cities

Many Russians may be interested in the question how long is the flight to the Dominican Republic from St. Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia. Here is also a direct flight to this island. But you should pay your attention to the fact that, as from Saint Petersburg and Moscow direct flights to Dominican Republic are carried out only as part of tours. If the tourists wish to go on one of the unique resorts of this country, he'll have to settle for just some connecting flight, with a stopover in one of the cities of Europe or America. A direct flight from Saint Petersburg is also a time approximately the same as from Moscow, about 12 hours.

skolko letet do Dominikany iz ekaterinburga

Tourists are also concerned about the question how long is the flight to Dominican Republic from Yekaterinburg on a direct flight? The problem is that here there are only Charter flights provided by Boeing 777-200 only once in two weeks. The flight time is 15 hours on the plane, maybe two meals a day. For Russian citizens do not need a visato get to this island Republic. You will need only a passport.

As on arrival and departure in the Dominican the airport is taken the visa fee per person: $ 10 upon arrival and 20 departure ago.