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How long is the flight to Egypt from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

Skolko letet do Egipta?

Today Egypt is a country coveted for many people. And this concerns not only Russians, but also Europeans. The fact is that until recently in this country it was difficult to get into, but currently it is an open country in all respects, which is developing very quickly. And the main source of replenishment of the budget of this country is in the tourism business. Many people prefer to fly a plane, so you should find out how long is the flight to Egypt and are there direct flights from your city to the country?

How much fly time?

This question worries every year thousands of Russians who finally decided to go to the country to rest. The Russians are such a nation that will not stop any obstacles in the form of political instability in Egypt or shark attacks, which periodically are exposed to tourists. It's even a little egged, attracts. Even the fact that some of the organizers of the tours do not observe certain safety rules, does not stop tourists from Russia who want to relax in Egypt. And how could it be different, if such a trip is inexpensive? In addition, the tour can take and burning, so the rest would be even cheaper.

sskolko letet do Egipta iz sankt peterburga

If you raise the question of how long is the flight to Egypt, the answer to this question may depend on several factors.

  • Is there a direct flight from the Russian city, where you can catch the tourist to rest directly on a certain Egyptian resort?
  • If there is a direct flight, then what is the city going to consider flight?
  • What the resort sent a tourist?

It is necessary to say that Egypt is a small country if you compare it with Russia. But Russia itself is a vast country and there is a big difference, will make a departure from Krasnodar Krai or Khabarovsk.

For example, from Rostov-on-don, Mineral waters and Krasnodar to Egypt the flight was only 3 hours, and from Khabarovsk - 11.5 hours. This is a significant difference, so the time spent on the road, also must be considered. After all, the more a person is in flight, the more negative it can affect his health, so for long flights you need to prepare. But that's not all, because even in this case, there may be additional factors that will significantly affect the time of flight. To understand this, we can take for example a flight from the capital of Russia to Egypt.

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How long is the flight from Moscow to Egypt?

Today millions of people fly planes with them and nothing happens. But it is only in the case that this is a grown man and he is completely healthy. And if it's an older man, but still has poor health? Prolonged exposure in the air can adversely affect and too little passengers. But to rest in Egypt, many Russians prefer the whole family, even with young children. Therefore, you should know in advance how long is the flight to Egypt.

Seriously, just to answer the question of how much to fly to Egypt from Moscow, does not work, because too many factors affect the duration of the flight. For example, it depends on the type of aircraft, what airport would he fly from Moscow, what will be the direction and force of the wind. The same flight from one city to another on the same plane on time can be different - your adjustments will make wind and other weather conditions.

It should be borne in mind that even knowing how to fly, this time may eventually turn out to be not accurate. Because the time of flight need to add on time for check-in and customs clearance. This means that if customs seize something like it, then they can do a "deep scan" and that will take few hours. Therefore, the flight may delay and lest such trouble, the airport is better to arrive at least 3-4 hours in advance.

 skolko letet do egipta iz Moskvy

Today in Egypt, you can have 9 international airports. But as for "holiday flight" from Russia, it takes them only 2 airport in Sharm al-Sheikh and Hurghada. Some of the flights there and in Cairo, which is the only interchange base, so from Cairo to various spas have their own internal flights and it is possible to get on a plane to Sharm El-Sheikh, Larnaca, Luxor and Hurghada. There are Charter flights from Cairo towards such resorts of Marsa Alam, Alexandria and Aswan.

From Moscow to Cairo flights 2 airlines - Aeroflot and Egyptair. This flight takes 4 hours and 20 minutes, but adjustments could make wind and other factors mentioned above. From Moscow flights to Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh - they are in the summer, even several times a day. InHurghada daily (though 2-3 flights) has flights from Sheremetyevo - they are made by the company Transaero. In addition to Monday and Friday there are flights to and from Domodedovo.

While in Sharm al-Sheikh there are less flights but they are also carried out every day. Some flights are in the air 4 hours 10 minutes, and others 4 hours 25 minutes. In summer, Moscow is a lot of Charter flights. If you take a winter time, in the Egyptian resort city will only be accessed by a Charter flight or with stopovers.

In that case, if you fly a flight with transfers, the time spent on the road, is much greater - it can be from 7 to 10 hours. Here much depends on where you will be transplanting. Transplant may be in Cairo, in Istanbul, in Munich. And if in Hurghada to fly via Istanbul and Cairo, on the road will have to spend 15 hours.

skolko letet do Egipta iz Ekaterinburga

As for the other Russian cities, a lot depends on the city and its distance to Egypt. If you take the second Russian capital, Saint Petersburg, Russia, regular direct flights between this city and Egypt, there are only indirect flights. But there are a large number of Charter flights to Hurghada, Sharm al-Sheikh and in Cairo. So how long is the flight to Egypt from St. Petersburg, will depend on which resort will be operated this Charter flight: Sharm al Sheikh 5 hours, and in Hurgada - 5 hours 30 minutes. You can fly via Moscow, but it is more efficient to fly with a stopover in Athens.

In summer there are direct flights to Hurghada from Novorossiysk and Yekaterinburg. Many Russian tourists are interested in the question how long is the flight to Egypt from Yekaterinburg direct flight. This flight will be slightly longer than from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but not so much: in Sharm al-Sheikh 5. h 45 min and to Hurghada 6 hours. From other Russian cities, in addition to Novorossiysk and Yekaterinburg, there are no direct flights to Egypt, and only with transfers in Moscow and Istanbul. But in the summer many of the cities where there are airports that are Charter flights.