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How long is the flight to GOA from Yekaterinburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg?

Skolko letet do GOA?

The smallest state of fabulous India — GOA is famous for its pristine beaches stretching for many kilometers, so it attracts many tourists, including from Russia. But going on a trip, many wonder: how long is the flight to GOA? Especially concerned about this issue everyone who goes on holiday not alone, but with family, especially with young children. Adults can easily tolerate many hours of flight, which is not sfrkazhesh about the elderly couple, besides having some health problems. The answers to the questions: how long is the flight to GOA for the residents of the largest cities of Russia, and to fill up the road you will get from this article.

Flight time

All the inhabitants of Moscow, traveling to exotic country must prepare for a long flight.

GOA is quite far: 5426 kilometres away from the capital of Russia.

All the inhabitants of Moscow, traveling to an exotic country, should prepare for the question how long is the flight to GOA from Moscow? Distance on the direct flight at least 7 and a half hours. But the flight time may take up to 8 hours or even decline for about 20 minutes. It all depends on plane type and speed of seasonal flows of air masses, as at this height the wind speed is quite considerable, over 100 km per hour, and wind may accelerate the flight, pushing the aircraft and to slow down when oncoming flow.

The exact time of flight always is declared in advance by the captain of the airship before takeoff.
Also, don't be afraid that upon arrival will be, if in flight you spent 7.5 hours, and 10. This is due to the time difference: GOA is located in the time zone: +5,30 UTC from Greenwich, so that the difference with Moscow in connection with the transition to winter time in October 2014 will be 2.5 hours. But on arrival you are waiting for the tall palm trees, vast and almost deserted beaches (not that in Thailand) and the warm sea.

 skolko letet do goa iz ekaterinburga

GOA is perfect for travel spring and winter travel, when you really want to swim in the warm sea. In June is the monsoon season, GOA becomes quite not so comfortable and heavenly place.

For all residents of St. Petersburg flight time to GOA lasts more. Therefore, all of the Petersburg travelers answer the question: how long is the flight to GOA from Saint Petersburg, the answer is about 8 and a half hours. Sometimes flights from the Northern capital this time can stretch up to 9 hours.

How long is the flight to GOA from Ekaterinburg? Inhabitants of Ekaterinburg can get to stay in GOA little faster than the Metropolitan, the travelers, the flight is only 6.5 hours, respectively, plus or minus 20 minutes.

Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights, putting this direction in the search form:

Flight with transfers

Direct Charter flight to the Indian airport Dabolim is much more expensive than a flight with transfers, so want to save money can choose this method.

The majority of airlines offer such flights. By the time the flight with connecting transfers takes much longer because of delay at intermediate airports is from one hour to whole day. But on the other hand, for those who have not had time to buy a ticket on a direct flight is the only chance to get to the coveted place of rest.

In collaboration with Indian Airlines to get to GOA via stopover in Dubai, and Quatar Airways offers a flight with a stop in Doha. This flight time is about 8 hours plus 2 hours to stay at the transit airport. Emirates Airlines will take you to GOA with two transfers in the cities of Dubai and Mumbai. Flights with a stopover in Frankfurt-on-main takes the longest time: about 15 hours, as the flight to the German city will be about 3.5 hours, and from there to GOA about 10 hours, given the fact that mercuresofia inspection will take about one and a half hours.

 skolko letet do goa iz moskvy

If you do not mind waiting at the airport, then take advantage of this economical way, trying to map out in advance what you will do in the forced stops.

Entertaining flight

In order to not only vacation in the most beautiful country in the world was really comfortable, but the flights, it is necessary to prepare in advance and think about how you will occupy yourself in long way. Whatever the flight is direct or with transfers, it is quite long and may not always proceed smoothly: very often the aircraft is in turbulence, so not everyone will be able to fall asleep quickly and spend time on the road in my sleep. In addition, individual models of the aircraft seats are not too enable you to sleep, and Charter flights alwayshave a high noise level, the salons are crowded with conversations and exclamations of the people, anticipating their future vacation.

Therefore, all travelers should stock up on earplugs, sold in conventional pharmacy. There are special models designed for aircraft from laying in my ears. They are perfectly useful and then, if your hotel is a little noisy and Wake up in the morning, baby cries and barking of Indian dogs yard.

skolko letet do goa iz sankt peterburga
It is advisable to take:

  • entertaining crossword puzzles,
  • tablet
  • DVD player,
  • audiobooks
  • paper or electronic books
  • Newspapers and magazines.

All this will do time in flight and will help distract from turbulence and tedious sitting in the chair. Those who can't sleep and tired of entertaining reading, listening to audio or watching video, had a perfect opportunity to reflect on the various things to consider which in the normal daily cycle sometimes is not possible.

If the flight takes place at night, of course, need to sleep and gain before the upcoming holiday. The flights in the daytime particularly interesting: the plane will fly over the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan and Afghanistan, you will be able to see the beauty of our planet in all its magnificence. The flight will give you the opportunity to capture the beautiful scenery and the clouds in the photos, which you can then proudly show to friends.

Find out how long is the flight to Goa, and which airlines fly in this video:

In the long road you can also see the guidebooks on the country and decide for yourself which places you should visit first and which second. If you can't sleep, and you twist in your chair, it is best to periodically go on the plane, stretching his legs. Their best from time to time to massage, if you have a tendency to swell up or wear compression socks. Shoes also it is periodically necessary to remove, and under back and neck, you can pre-purchase a special inflatable pillow: they facilitate the position of the back and prevent lower back pain and neck emerging from such a prolonged sitting.

To the flight went to good use — learn English with phrase books or razgovorilas with a neighbor — so the time will pass quickly and quickly. It is best not to use alcohol, since its action on the height of the is greatly enhanced, but the juice and water is better not to forget to drink: the body dehydrates quickly in flight. Avoid using perfume abundantly, remember, around you will be different people, and someone's pleasant fragrance can trigger allergies.

It is not necessary to worry about a long flight, because on arrival you'll be fully rewarded with fabulous Indian beaches and warm sea.