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How long is the flight to Cyprus from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

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Every citizen of our country dreaming of a Sunny beach some of the Pacific coast, especially if the window is blowing a Blizzard. One of the most desirable corners of the globe is Cyprus. The nature of the Mediterranean beckons with its riot of colors, rich gifts and extraordinary flavor of the locals. But it seems that this Paradise on earth so far. How long is the flight to Cyprus, really? Let's try to make this clear.

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Features of flights

All year round our compatriots consistently fly to Cyprus can bask on the warm sand and enjoy the azure surface of the ocean. At the time of flight may be affected by several factors: the selected airway, the town where is made the flights, weather conditions, type of aircraft, type of flights, etc.

Wishing to visit this fabulous island, you should know that Cyprus has two airports. One more popular is Larnach and the other less popular Paphos, as it is located 150 km further.

At the time of the flights significantly affects the socio-political situation. Over the Turkish occupied territory of Cyprus flights airlines prohibited, so the route will be 1.5 hours longer than the flights on Russian aircraft.

Search for cheap flights

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Flights from Moscow

Now let's consider how much to fly to Cyprus from Moscow. The first thing to know is that the flight may be direct or Charter flight. If you want to quickly get to the sunshine coast, you need to choose a direct flight to Larnaca, which will take about 3.5 to 3.45 hours of time if we use our carrier. Cyprus Airways will require on the road 4.5 hours.

It is possible to give preference to Charter flight. The road will take at least 6 hours depending on chosen route and waiting time at airports in other countries. A large part of the charters is from Domodedovo airport. Transfers are carried out in Athens, or Warsaw, or Kiev, or Geneva, or Vienna.

Answering the question how long is the flight to Cyprus from Moscow direct flight, you need to take into account the airline. A direct flight is possible through: "Aeroflot", "Cyprus Airlines", "Transaero". Latest airline connects Moscow and Paphos. Flights depend on the season. Daily flights are possible from April to October. You can fly from the airport "Sheremetyevo" and "Domodedovo".

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Flights from St. Petersburg

Now consider the second option: how long is the flight to Cyprus from Saint Petersburg. In this case, there are direct flights and Charter. Of course, the number of flights from St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo to Larnaca, but in the high season, departures are made daily. If there is a desire to enjoy the warm waters and gentle sunshine in the winter, will have to plan a flight on Saturday. Only this day in the winter of Peter has a flight. The whole trip will last about 4 hours and 15 minutes.

This caveat does not mean that any other day you cannot get to Cyprus. Just would have to fly with a connection, spending more time. There are options direct to Athens, Riga, Munich, Kiev, Frankfurt and several other less popular cities.

The best option would be to change in Moscow. In this case, the flight may last only 6 hours. But there are options that can take about 18 hours.

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Flights from Ekaterinburg

How long is the flight to Cyprus from Yekaterinburg by regular flight and without a transplant - a very topical issue for tourists, especially during the high season in Cyprus runs from April to October. It was during this hot period on Sundays from Ekaterinburg airport "Koltsovo" in Paphos are constantly flying the aircraft of airline "Transaero". But in the peak season, the airline offers flights still on Tuesdays. Time have to spend about 5 hours.

For convenience, those wishing to relax in Cyprus, the airline "Ural airlines" offers flights on Sundays and Wednesdays. The ultimate destination is Limassol. But there are Charter options. Here, too, will be the most optimal Charter through Moscow, but in the case of extreme necessity and urgency, you can make a double transplant: in the capital and in some other European city.

The cost of flights

The road to Cyprus is not cheap. You will need to spend several hundred thousand euros. But knowing some of the nuances, you can save considerably on airfare.

The saving options onthe flights to Cyprus:

  • to arrange for group flights;
  • to take care of early booking tickets;
  • to take into account special promotions, bonuses and discounts, which regularly appear on websites engaged in the sale of tickets;
  • fly to Cyprus from the Russian city, and from the European.

Taking into account all wishes and carefully planning the trip, the flight will be easy, pleasant and fast!