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How long is the flight to Sri Lanka from Moscow direct flight Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

Skolko letet do SHri-Lanki

Not all the holiday falls in the summer when you can relax on a Sunny beach. However, do not despair, because there are many countries where to go even in the winter or spring rather than summer. One of these countries - Sri Lanka, which enjoys well-deserved popularity in the past few years. By choosing this resort, many question how long is the flight to Sri Lanka?

The distance to Ceylon is a few thousand kilometers. Some are interested in, how long is the flight to Sri Lanka on a direct flight, others prefer to save money, so choose a flight with a connection. It is worth noting that a direct flight takes less time than a flight with transfers.

Flights from Moscow

Although residents of the capital of Russia and is the most popular hotel of Sri Lanka, there is only one direct flight in this direction. It operates only in winter and has no clear schedule. To answer the question how long is the flight to Sri Lanka from Moscow, be sure to consider the weather conditions. In some cases, the flight lasts more than nine hours, although the information provided to the flight time of 8.5 hours. In addition, the arrival time at the airport of the capital Colombo is not the most appropriate (1 to 3 am local time).

Therefore, many tourists choose flights with a stopover. There are five to six convenient flights to get to Ceylon in about 12-14 hours. In addition, this method allows to save a decent amount.

The most convenient flight, which is chosen by experienced travelers, Qatar Airways. It is very convenient for travelling with children as the flight from capital to Doha is 5 hours, then a break between flights, and flights to the capital of Ceylon, which occupies about 5 hours. Direct flights can withstand not only young travelers - many adults it will also be tedious.

Flights from Ekaterinburg

Not every city in Russia there are direct flights, so only possible option is to transfer. Want to know how long is the flight to Sri Lanka from Yekaterinburg, you need to consider what they will have to conduct a flight with a connection. But by the time this flight will take more time than the flight a direct flight from the capital of Russia.

 skolko letet do shri lanki iz moskvy

The most convenient route with a flight with a stopover in Dubai. Between arrival at the international airport in the United Arab Emirates and the flight to Sri Lanka will have to wait only an hour and a half. In total, with a transfer flight will take about eleven hours.

There are two major airlines conducting flights from Yekaterinburg, FlyDubai and AirArabia. Second, the airline offers a lower price (in General, the person can save about a hundred dollars) but less convenient flight time back, and more long waiting a transplant in Dubai (when flying backwards). But if you fly the whole family, consisting of 3-4 people, that extra $ 300-400 will not be unnecessary for them to wait in the airport for 3.5 hours.

Flights to Sri Lanka from the Northern capital

Many residents of the Northern capital of Russia are concerned with how to fly to Sri Lanka from Saint Petersburg, how long is a direct flight or a flight with a connection. Estimated time for direct flight during the flight is about 11 hours. It all depends on the type of aircraft, weather conditions, and therefore the time - average. Flight with a stopover will take longer period, but there is an opportunity to save money. As in the case of Ekaterinburg, it is best to get to Sri Lanka through airports Arab Emirates. Travel time with transfers will take around 12-16 hours.

To choose the most optimum flight, it is best to book tickets in advance on the airlines website and see a detailed schedule. Some tourists prefer a flight with a transfer not only as a way of cost savings, but also as a great way to relax a bit and eat in a modern airport where there are all the necessary. Not everyone will be able to withstand 11 hour flight, especially for families with children.

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Search for cheap flights

We recommend you to use search of the most advantageous variants of flights, putting this direction:

The climate of Sri Lanka

Choosing Ceylon as the place of rest, we must remember that, despite its modest size, the island is exposed to two atmospheric fronts. The Western part of the island are not advised to visit from may to October. Better to come here in February-April.

Few people know, but travel companies providing holidays to Sri Lanka, use photos taken in this period to attract tourists.

In may-October in the Western part of the island alsowarm but strong wind from the ocean and heavy rainfall may spoil the holiday. But in the Eastern part of Ceylon, it is possible to relax and in may and October, without fear of wind and rain.

How to get from the airport?

All flights the airport of the capital of the same name. It is 35 kilometers from the city. To reach the capital, you can use public transport. The bus stop is just a short walk from the airport building, but it is not always convenient for weary travelers, overcame a long flight. It is also important to note that the bus goes to city, from one to two, and that too many people do not like it, but 35 kilometers is quite a bit. But the ticket price is not more than 50 LKR. For example, the hotel taxi will cost at least 2500 LKR. You can use a normal city taxi, landing which will cost 40 LKR, and every kilometer 60.

The movement in the capital

skolko letet do shri lanki iz moskvy pryamym rejsom

The most popular and available transport in the capital - tuk-tuk. This small covered rickshaw, capable of carrying 2-3 people. Tuk-tuk is shared with Sri Lanka, and the locals, as the cost of the trip is available to all. There are even official services of the transport drivers that will help tourists navigate the terrain.

For more than five years the capital has the unusual flight to avoid the commercial center of the capital. This bus-convertible, which became a symbol of unity of the peoples, as it move and city residents, and travelers from around the world. Open top transport allows you to feel the atmosphere, hear the sounds.