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How long is the flight to Turkey (Antalya) from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg?

 Skolko letet do Turcii iz Moskvy?

What are the advantages of a holiday in Turkey isthat here every year millions of tourists come? This question word answer is quite difficult, but suffice it to say that it is located at 96 percent in Asia and 4% in Europe. It is therefore unsurprising that in this area more than a century rushed travelers, as it settled once again on the "silk road". But if you had to get here from the Slavic lands, it was necessary to spend months, today by means of air transport it will take only a few hours. For every tourist who goes to rest in Antalya or Istanbul, it is very important to know how much to fly to Turkey from Moscow and other Russian cities.

This is very important information, because in this country many Russians go to one of the resorts with their families even with small children. As for flying with children should be prepared in advance, so it's important to know not only the time of departure, but arrival at one of the airports in Turkey.

Until recently, this country was not very attractive to Europeans, but thanks to tourism it has been developed very effectively. So here now are first-class resorts, and hotels on its service can compete with many European. I should add also that although it is a Muslim country, but every tourist can find here a lot of entertainment both on water and in any city. Attractive the country in the sense that almost all sides surrounded by different seas, so there is a very large number of resorts.

skolko letet do antalii iz moskvy

Every day not only from Moscow, but also in some other cities of the Russian Federation to Turkey to both Charter flights and regular. They can be direct or with transfers. For the duration of the flight is affected first and foremost the question, what air carrier to choose.

But when you buy the ticket you need to pay attention to how long it will last the flight. This is very important, as after landing at the airport you will need to get to the resort, settle in hotel. And extra hours you don't want to lose.

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Which airports can I fly?

If you are interested in the question how long is the flight to Turkey from St. Petersburg or Moscow, you must first know the place of landing of the aircraft. The thing is that the flights not only from Moscow, but also other Russian cities carried out in different Turkish cities. In Turkey there are different international airports that take tourists in both summer and winter. Most of the planes from Russia land at the six airports located in different cities:

  • Ataturk;
  • name Sabihi Gokcen
  • Erkilet;
  • Esenboga;
  • Menderes;
  • Gaziantep.

So depending on how the aircraft will have to fly and to what airport, direct flights will be 2 hours 40 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes. Due to the fact that in Turkey there are 6 international airports, where arriving aircraft of different airlines, every tourist can plan in advance, which flight is better to buy the ticket. After all, the resorts in Turkey are scattered all over the country and it is therefore necessary to determine in advance, what airport in Turkey is the easiest way to get to the hotel.

Since, on average, in Turkey it is possible to get just three hours after boarding the plane, and it attracts tourists from Russia choose one of the resorts in this country. Three hours of the flight you don't even have to get tired of, so on the day of arrival you can already swim in the Mediterranean sea.

As for St. Petersburg, in Turkey from this city, on average, can be reached already for 3 hours and 40 minutes. If you choose the route with transfers, the flight time will significantly increase and can range from 6 or more hours. Here a lot depends on how much you have in at the connection airport to wait for the next flight. The farther is the city to which you have to fly, the more time will have to lose on the road. If you want to know how long is the flight to Turkey from Yekaterinburg, here also a lot depends on to what airport in the country will have to fly. But the average this time will be 4 hours 50 minutes to Antalya, and Ankara have to fly 6 hours.

How long is the flight to Antalya?

Antalya is the most popular Turkish resort, so many tourists choose it for a holiday. According to the statistics, tourists are primarily interested in how much is a tour to this resort. But many Russians are also interested in the question how long is the flight to Antalya from Moscow, because I want to know in advance what time they will be able to be at this famous resort. It is necessary to say thata direct flight would be approximately 3 hours and while it does not matter from which Moscow airport will have to go - "Domodedovo", "Vnukovo" and "Sheremetyevo".

skolko letet do turcii iz sankt-peterburga

To Antalya, you can fly the flight one of the airlines "Turkish Airlines", "Aeroflot" or "Condor". But you should pay attention to the fact that the flight on the aircraft of the airline "Aeroflot" lasts for half an hour more than when using other airlines. But sometimes tourists try to save money and refuse a direct flight. Indeed, direct flights are much more expensive than a hub.

For example, you can fly to Antalya with stops in Istanbul or Ankara. In this case, the ticket will be cheaper, but the flight time will have to spend considerably more, up to 7 hours. But this is just pure flight time, as seven o'clock will have to add another 1 hour which will have to spend at the airport as Istanbul and Ankara. If you use the services of "Aeroflot" and you need to fly to Antalya with a stopover in Istanbul, you will have to spend on the road no less than 11 hours.

What is the regular flights to Turkey?

The tourist season in Turkey lasts more than six months and you can relax starting in April and ending October. So in any of these months you can go to one of the Turkish resorts. And if there is a possibility to buy hot tour to Turkey, do not worry about the plane ticket, as on any day of these months you can purchase a ticket. And if an airline suddenly no flights, it does not mean that other companies will be free space in the plane. Do not forget that there are Charter flights from the Russian cities in Turkey. If we take this as the airport "Sheremetyevo", from here planes fly to Turkey until mid-October. Therefore, it is necessary to know that during the tourist season absolutely no problem to buy a ticket for any day and go to one of the Turkish resorts.

How long is the flight to Turkey with a stopover?

Many tourists from Russia and choose a different route to one of the resorts of Turkey. Moreover, the selected flight is not direct but with a stopover. And transplant does not take place in Ankara or Istanbul, and, not surprisingly, in Stuttgart. It turns out that this way you can save money on the road, and a substantial amount of money. And although you will have to travel longer, but will be way cheaper. So all tourists can be divided into two parts: one part trying to go to Turkey and they are not too worried about the money, and the other group tries to save on money and they are willing to spend more time on the road.

skolko letet do turcii iz ekaterinburga

In Stuttgart waiting for the next flight to Turkey account for a few hours, so you have the option to watch if not the entire city, then coming attractions. There are even multiple transfers. If you have to get to Turkey from Nizhny Novgorod, on the road will have to spend no less than 17 hours, as you will need to make several changes. Around the same time ( from 16 to 19 hours) you will have to spend, if at Turkish resort have to fly from Kaliningrad. But it is in two transplants. So you need to choose the right flight and the airport in Turkey, which will have to do final fit.