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How much it costs to go to relax in Egypt?

Skolko stoit otdohnut v Egipte?

Before answering the question of how much to rest in Egypt, let's define some metrics. First of all, we assume that the tour will leave a couple, in love or not is another question. Further, we assume that the pair belongs to the middle-class people. If you fit the described parameters, almost 100% of your stay will be either in Sharm El Sheikh or in Hurghada.

Probably the pair will stay on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh. The cost of holidays is not too different from the cost of the hotel Hurghada. However, it is assumed that in Sharm El Sheikh is going more solid audience. There is also the entertainment centre Naama Bay and close to shore suitable for coral reefs.

You can also visit several excursions. Many, however, believe that if I had to go to Egypt, you must visit Luxor. Here is the famous temple of Amon-RA. You can certainly see and Luxor, being in Sharm El Sheikh, but will have to get there by plane. If the plane is not your option, you can visit other attractions of Egypt.

Can you give me a ballpark figure how much it costs to go to Egypt. If we are talking about a couple, the cost of the weekly stay will not exceed $800-1000. This amount will include insurance, hotel accommodations, tickets and meals all inclusive. However, there are also pocket expenses. It is difficult to determine on 100%. Calculate all expenses given the fact that the couple will not overspend and will take a sober look at the world around us.


If you will be traveling in the bus, the trip will cost you 1.5 pounds, a taxi will cost you 15 pounds. Negotiable, and the more voice the better. In Egypt, they love to bargain, but I respect the strength of character. If you are not too active, then a day spending on travel will not exceed $ 30.

Service charge

Once you land at the airport, the porters are the first people who will require a fee for the service. Fee for one bag equals one pound. It is important to be firm, otherwise the porter will raise the price several times. At the hotel the doorman asks (silently) to three pounds (1 Egyptian pound - $ 0.16). The same asked the other attendants. Seven days stay in Egypt you subservient will have to spend about $ 15.

Egyptian fruit

The usually drawn upon arrival to visit the Bazaar. Prices here do not bite too:

  • the grapes for the price of 4 pound
  • mango - 9 pounds
  • tangerines, melons, figs, up to 6 pounds

For five dollars from this market a day can make a hefty bag. Week visiting the Bazaar will cost you no more than $ 35.

The restaurant

If you are in a hotel all inclusive, this does not mean that you have to constantly sit in the room. Want to ever visit the beachfront restaurant. The cost of meals in the normal restaurant the following:

  • seafood soup will cost about £ 20
  • crabs will cost 30 pounds
  • shrimp 40 pounds
  • octopus 30 pounds

In total this lunch will cost no more than $ 25. Although some restaurants only one lobster will cost $100.

Excursion costs

Tours varied, so it is difficult to assess their value. The taste and color of comrades there. Very popular are excursions to RAS Mohammed. In the Park will cost $ 65. Thrill seekers can explore the desert on Quad bikes. The cost of this trip will not exceed $ 80. You can visit other, more serious excursions to climb mount Sinai or in the vicinity of Colored canyon.

It is recommended to visit the monastery SV. Catherine. The monastery is considered to be one of the main shrines of Christianity. And today in the monastery there are monks, though, but was founded on the orders of Emperor Justinian in the VI century.

skolko stoit sezdit v Egipet?

You should visit this historical place. Tour price will not exceed $100. There are many legends and historical facts that are associated with this monastery. To visit this Holy place not only tourists from Sharm El-Sheikh, but also from Taba, Dahab and Nuweiba. The tour itself will last for at least 12 hours, because the distance to the Shrine of Sharm El Sheikh is 270 kilometers.

Between the Sinai mountains is a mountain Moses. Many pilgrims visit this place. There is a belief that if you see the sunrise on the top of the mountain, the pilgrim can atone for their sins. Climbing the mountain is quite challenging and takes at least three hours. The mountain is almost 2300 meters. Excursions are available for tourists staying in the Sinai Peninsula.

On average, trips will empty your pocket for $ 300-350.

The abundance of corals here is carefully guarded. That's why to stare at the sea and schools of fish with special pontoons. And not particularly long stand on such a sharp corals. Masks and snorkels for diving, it is desirable to bring to themselves, for rental, there are absolutely not working. You can take a diving course with full equipment, single dive will cost about $ 50 for 60 minutes.Thus dive for two with full equipment will cost two hundred dollars.


Not going anywhere from such expenditure as the purchase of various Souvenirs. Souvenir sellers are very persistent, so don't even try to escape them. Alabaster figurines, scarabs and papyrus will cost an average of 10 pounds. Silverware will be much more expensive. Silver pendant oval shape will cost the tourist $ 3. This suspension is called a cartouche. If desired, it can surcharge to perpetuate your name. Sure you will be offered a hookah, but it is believed that the right hookah can be bought only in the capital. Get ready to spend on Souvenirs, about 65 dollars.


Summarizing all the above one can come to the following conclusion: in addition to the direct costs of the tour, the pair can a week to relax, with up to $ 800. Read more about how much money to take on holiday, you can read here. You can do an exclusive tour to Sinai, to ride in the sand on Quad bikes and carry out diving in full gear. Enough money to ensure that every day to buy fruit, a coastal seafood restaurant. After various purchases of Souvenirs still some amount to be safe you will be.