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How much it costs to go and relax in the Crimea?

Skolko stoit otdohnut v Krymu?

Even in the midst of economic crisis full quality rest is simply necessary. Do not think that this is possible only in foreign resorts - is a great option! How much it costs to have a rest in Crimea? Just enough so that it was affordable and comfortable. Beach relaxation on the beach, sanatorium-resort therapy, Hiking on the mountain slopes or sparkling rest in children's camps - the choice is wide and prices are attractive.

The fare

To reach the coveted place of rest Russians in two ways - use the services of air carriers or to reach the Crimea by car across the Kerch Strait. Their Airliners cheapest offer of the company "Aeroflot" (about 7 000 rubles in both ends) and "VIM-Avia" (approximately 10,000 round-trip). However, the flights can cost up to 20,000 rubles, depending on location and shipping companies. And yet, many choose this way to travel, saving precious vacation time. This is especially true for those who are flying to the Crimea for a few days.

If you plan traveling by car, the fare should include mandatory and incidental expenses:

  • the cost of gasoline;
  • possible payment of maintenance in case of breakdown;
  • the availability of insurance;
  • the payment for the crossing of the Kerch Strait.

The cost of fuel on the Crimean gas stations can vary by about two rubles per liter and ranges from 35 to 39 rubles. One liter of gas at the pump costs 17 rubles. The ferry will have to pay 1 190 rubles and above, the price depends on the size of the car. Length of the crossing is only 5 kilometers, but it can take quite a long time because of the huge number wishing to get to Crimea this way. Direct rail connections 2014 in the past was interrupted. By train you can now only drive to Anapa or Krasnodar, then take a bus or ferry.

A single ticket to the Crimea

Many Russians were able to evaluate the advantages and convenience from the use of "single ticket", which cost includes travel by train, bus and ferry. All transplant conveniently chosen time, so expect the next form of transport is not necessary too long.

This method gets the tourist by train to Anapa or Krasnodar. Ticket from the capital to Anapa, for example, will cost about three and a half thousand roubles. Then on the bus to drive to the ferry, cross the Kerch Strait, and again on the bus to Simferopol. This stretch of road will cost around 600 rubles and does not require too much time. In the same way it is possible to drive to other Crimean cities of Yalta, Feodosiya, Sevastopol, Sudak, and instead of the ferry to use the catamaran. The cost varies slightly, depending on the location of the final destination. A single ticket is purchased along with travel documents on the train at the ticket offices of JSC "FPC".


When they reached the place of rest, is to think about affordable housing. Of course, if you have not booked a room in a rest home or sanatorium. Problems residing in the Peninsula does not occur, its value depends on several factors - the season, the location of the settlement, the availability of food, comfort and so on. Many resorts, comfortable and well equipped, offering comfortable accommodation with three meals and the various types of treatment. The cost of stay in the sanatorium is about 3 000 to 7 000 rubles per day for two. About children every institution decides on its own - some kids stay free, others require a small fee.

The choice of accommodation is wide and varied - from solid, European level of service to the small and cozy private hotels. Some offer food, which increases the price, others are limited to the provision of comfortable accommodation. Almost all of them located near the sea and provide a rich set of services. Prices are absolutely not subject to any special rules and can range from 1 400 to 10 000 rubles per person per day.

Wondering how cheap to rest in the Crimea, forget about the ubiquitous grandmothers with signs about housing. Room and the separate apartment can be rent daily and at any desired time. The degree of comfort is different and corresponds to the cost of the services offered. The owner of housing is ready three times a day to cook the soup and dumplings to treat or not to bother with his presence. In different regions the prices are very much different. It is proposed to compare the prices of two-room apartment with all amenities, a few steps from the sea, in different cities of the Crimean Peninsula:

  • Yalta - from 2,5 thousand rubles a day;
  • Kerch and Sudak - from 2.0 thousand rubles;
  • Alushta and Feodosiya - from 1,7 thousand rubles per day;
  • Mykolaivka - from 1,5 thousand roubles;
  • Yevpatoriya - from 1,3 thousand.
  • New world - from 1000 rubles per day;
  • Novo-fedorivka from 0,8 thousand.

The above prices are relevant inhigh season, July and August, at other times you can find housing much cheaper. Possible fluctuations of currencies is quite capable of changing the rate in the private sector and in the pensions and hotels. Although pleased with the fact that, in comparison with last year, prices have not changed.

For strong perfume and seasoned travelers who are willing to sacrifice the benefits of civilization for the sake of singing with a guitar around the campfire and free life in tents, Crimea hospitably offers West and East coast. Here you can stay in the guarded paid Parking lot with showers and electricity, and can be pitched tents in the open air. For partial comfort at the campsite will need to pay a total of 150-300 rubles, which will allow you to enjoy a holiday in the South almost for free. On the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula such places, unfortunately, are almost there.

The cost of food

An extensive network of public catering in the Crimea allows to choose the most suitable option of food. Hotels, and resorts welcome offer a varied menu of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. You can only use the offer of Breakfast, or to organize food according to their understanding. Numerous restaurants, budget dining, cozy eateries, and causing profuse salivation kebab, desserts and fruit salads on the outdoor terraces of the cafe - to die of hunger in the Crimea it is simply impossible.

Prices range from very affordable to very noticeable, depending on the category of the establishment, its location and the selected dishes. Lunch in the usual canteen, for example, "will delay" on 250-300 rubles, similar to the cafe - 700-800 rubles, and at the roadhouse or in places of a congestion of tourists, the cost of such a dinner can range from 1 000 to 3 000 rubles. Huge pizza at the Yalta embankment, which is enough to saturate the whole company is only 700 rubles, and a visit to the sushi bar will cost one thousand.

Every Crimean town, regardless of its size, function-rich southern markets. There at very affordable prices seafood, pleasing to the eye mountains of cheap fruit and vegetables. In the Crimean supermarkets ATB, Silpo, Furshet a large variety of products. Some of them are produced by Russian manufacturers, the other - Ukrainian. On average over the past year prices of basic food products have risen by about 50%.

The cost of excursions in the Crimea

Planning a vacation and counting how much it costs to go to the Crimea, it is necessary to postpone a certain amount for visiting the many attractions. This is a nice variety to your beach vacation and enjoy the beauty of the Peninsula. Local tour companies offer a variety of routes, the cost of which is quite different. For example, for an eight-hour walk on the waves of the Black sea on the boat will need to pay 250 rubles for one person, but to see the colorful waterfall with babbling name of Dzhur-Dzhur in just 100 rubles.

The unique history of the Peninsula, beautiful places and magnificent palaces, waterfalls and mysterious caves, a huge zoo - all this love to show correct experienced guides, ready to serve a group of tourists and visit individually. Offers weekend tours, children's excursions and underwater adventures for divers and many more interesting things.The average price of tours is 600 rubles, and if you want to visit a Museum on your own - you will need to pay for the ticket from 150 to 400 rubles.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Crimean Peninsula offers exciting fishing comfortable boats, one hour rental of which is worth 1 500 rubles. However, it is possible to cooperate with such an avid fisherman, then the trip will be much cheaper - everyone will need to pay only 500 rubles for 4 hours of exciting action. Novice divers will be able 2 000 along with an experienced instructor to take a fascinating journey into the underwater world, in the Crimea, many places to dive.

For climbers developed many routes on the mountain slopes, try your hand can and beginners. The four-day ascent with gear provided and a guide will cost 4 000 rubles for one athlete. The price does not include meals and accommodation. If for experienced climbers enough for one day, for the ascent will have to pay two thousand rubles. During the trip offered a unique opportunity to descend into the cave, to feel the beauty of underground caves, to admire the indescribable beauty of the local landscapes.

What to bring from the Crimea?

Back home, every tourist takes with him a piece of friendly southern sun, hill fancy shells, warm memories of a great holiday and phone numbers of new friends. But do not forget about friends and colleagues who had to stay in the dusty metropolis. Bright and attractive souvenir will give them a piece of the Crimean hospitality. What to bring as a gift? Optionsa lot (prices in rubles):

  • the magnets with the Crimean symbols - from 50;
  • the Crimean landscapes on plates - 200;
  • t-shirt - 350-400;
  • fees herbs - 100;
  • natural mountain honey 250;
  • warm products made of sheep's wool from the 350;
  • Eastern sweets - from 30.

The quality in the Crimea of goods is quite high, so the gifts in front of friends does not have to blush.

Why the Crimea

Summing up this brief review of the value of recreation in the Crimea, we can say that everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate option and plenty to soak up the southern sun, enjoy the beauty of the Peninsula, improve your health and gain energy for the next year.

The price can range from 13 000 to individual limit. The main richness of Crimea - the gentle waves of the Black sea, gentle rays of sun and fragrance of southern vegetation - are completely free to use. Comparing the cost of tours to Egypt or Turkey, it's safe to say that the rest of the Crimean Peninsula will cost much cheaper. The quality of tourist services and opportunities for children, new comfortable hotels and reasonable prices attract more and more willing to use for relaxing the unique Crimean tourist companies.