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How much it costs to go to Thailand for a vacation?

Skolko stoit sezdit v Tajland?

Decided to relax in Thailand? Great idea. Who does not dream to go on a trip for a few weeks and even months in a country of eternal sunshine, warm sea and good-natured smiles. The weather is beautiful at any time, a wealth of attractions and entertainment – that's what so attracts people from all over the world. Tourists are often interested in, and how much it costs to go to Thailand? The answer to this question is very ambiguous, as variation in prices is quite large and depends on a number of factors. However, let's hold the question of cost and light in a few lines the features of Thailand.

Thailand – "land of a thousand smiles"

This amazing place combines the culture and traditions are not the same people that continue to be passed on to generations, despite the constant development of modern life. Undoubtedly, the journey to Thailand will leave only a good impression on everyone who visited him as a man. This will contribute to the peace-loving inhabitants, exotic plants and fruit, coral reefs, mysterious and wonderful Buddhist temples. Thailand is a wonderful opportunity to experience life on the island of Phuket, to visit the historic city of York, being involved in the beauty of unusual architectural structures, and finally live to see the capital of Thailand – Bangkok.

How much does a trip to Thailand and what affects its value?

As mentioned earlier, prices vary widely, so choose the tour under a certain budget will be very convenient. So, the basic criteria which make up the cost of the tour:

  • Seasonality;
  • The cost of the tour operator;
  • The price of accommodation and meals per 1 tourist;
  • The price of the ticket;
  • The preferred resort for families;
  • Excursions and attractions.

Stop, however, at each of the points in more detail.

When it is more profitable to relax – summer or winter?

The approximate cost of the summer trip to Thailand will be from 700 to 1200 dollars. for a single person. It is worth considering that the summer in Thailand is quite hot and with frequent rains. However, they are quite fleeting (only 15-20 minutes), so guests will be able to hold pleasantly and comfortably. The main advantages of summer vacation include:

  • Available tour price;
  • Low workload tourists;
  • A variety of excursions at a very attractive price – visit of the cultural memorial places and even ride on an elephant.

The cost of a visit to Thailand in winter is increased to 1500-2000 dollars. for a single person. At most such indicators are caused by the increasing flow of tourists during this period. Winter in Thailand is a Festival of colors and lots of national holidays that anyone can take part. The streets of Chiang Mai, which is located with the Northern part of the country, are colorful processions. They are attended by all residents. They are carrying a huge number of colors. And at the end of the celebration, the most beautiful girl becomes the "Queen of Flowers".

Features choice of tour operator

The choice of tour operator is an important planning stage of any trip. In the process of addressing this issue, attention should first be paid to the quality and completeness of the city. However, the quality is quite relative terms, because many factors such as weather, the total flow of tourists, time of day and other factors could affect the situation. If talking about the cost of the tour for March-may is the month of 2014-2015, it will be in the size of 1600$.

Gaining popularity and an independent trip to Thailand. The advantages of this option are obvious – this plan at any time and at any time, and also creating your individual itinerary. However, not always such planning will cost a smaller budget. The main expense lies in the cost of tickets. And travel companies are some privileges on which they get cheaper places in the air.

How much is the accommodation and food in Thailand

Oh, what, the problems with finding accommodation in Thailand should arise. Most places are offered to modest homes with a single bed, air conditioning, Internet access and bathroom. This is the easiest room in which to sleep and rest. The price of budget housing will be from $ 20. a day. A little rakosiensis, you can rent a room in a 4 star hotel, for example, in Pattaya. However, the cost of such housing for one night starts from $ 80.

Especially popular in Thailand are small houses, built in a quiet and remote places near the jungle. This housing has all the amenities and communications. The cost of this luxury Villa starts from 3 thousand dollars.

Feature of Thai hotels is that they operate on the principle of "all inclusive".

So the next question, which is so much travelers – the price of power during a trip to Thailand. Like any tourist resort, here there is one feature: in the Central areas the prices at restaurants may significantly differ from the real, sometimes 10 times. One day can be chicto dine at Bruno's for $ 60., and another to eat on the street for pennies.

Excursions and day trip

In addressing the question of how much to relax in Thailand, getting proper rest, it is worth considering the features of the guides and tours of the country. For example, the 4-hour tour of Bangkok will cost $ 70. The cost of travel for a few days in Cambodia will be $ 200. It should be noted about visiting the world-famous cabaret show transvestite. Is fun we should pay even $ 30. Probably, lovers of exotic and unusual will not abandon the journey on the river Kwai. The price is $ 140.

Better-off tourists can go to Koh Samui (pictured). The refined atmosphere of this place, the best hotels, the perfect place for such celebrations like wedding journey. In any case, if you expect comfortable accommodation with all the amenities, don't count on less than 3 thousand dollars.

skolko stoit otdohnut v Tajlande?

The choice of a resort vacation

The choice of destinations is a personal matter for everyone. Some prefer a bright and attractive of the city who at night must be vivid show-programs. For these tourists the ideal option would be the resort town of Pattaya and Bangkok. Others like to quietly enjoy a quiet and mild vacation, surrounded by exotic nature. The fans especially will appeal Koh Chang and Koh Samui.

So, to sum up

Cost economical vacation with a budget of up to $ 1,500.

Optimal economical vacation trips are considered to be hot deals. Their cost usually can be 20-30% below regular prices. But there are such deals for the day or two days before departure. In this case, you need to be prepared for such events. However, if this option does not suit you, book your seat in advance, preferably a few weeks before departure.

Accommodation for one person in a three star hotel with Breakfast in Pattaya for the period of July-August will cost $ 200. With the onset of autumn, prices for tours start hard to grow and the cost of the minimum tour for two will be $ 1,500., and in holiday time, the cost comes to $ 2,000. And this is just an initial set of conditions – flights, accommodation and insurance. Tours on the island will be much more expensive, and their price variation by months is completely different. More the reason for this small number of flights and not such a variety of hotels on the mainland. The minimum cost tour on the island of Phuket will be $ 2,000. in September and October-November 1400-1800 dollars. respectively.

The optimal cost holiday with budget 2-4 thousand dollars

Of course, staying in a hotel with three stars without the city's full name is quite problematic. Tourist visiting Thailand in the first place hoping to get acquainted with the cultural and spiritual characteristics of the country, to visit as many famous places, historical monuments. Finally, to obtain maximum enjoyment from the trip, enjoy the famous Thai seafood – after all, this country is coastal. Therefore, relaxation at the hotel with four stars will be 400 dollars.

moreprodukty v Tajlande

The price of tour for two to Pattaya will be around $ 1700 low season and from $ 2000 to high.

The same trip to Phuket will be $ 2000-2200. at the end of summer and beginning of autumn. And in November and December the tour price will increase to more than 3 thousand dollars per person.

The cost of VIP-holiday in Thailand

Want to organize a comfortable stay on the highest level? Thailand will provide everything needed for this opportunity. Price week holiday in a five star hotel starts from $ 700. In addition, these hotels have the necessary elements of luxury. The luxury yacht, Safari, awesome Quad bike excursions and even Golf courses – all this will allow to brighten up your stay. There are special attractions for children – water parks, crocodile farm and animal battles.

Note it is worth saying that most profitable to buy ready-made tours and order tickets and book hotels. This tour includes airfare, accommodation and breakfasts, as well as mandatory insurance.