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How many there are excursions in Turkey, the cost of tours and their prices

Skolko stoyat ekskursii v Turcii?

Contrary to popular belief, Turkey is a country of passive recreation, boring there will be no lovers of the city, nor the fans of an active holiday. Because of the unique nature, diverse landscape and rich history of the state still attracts thousands of tourists. Some seek to spend more time under water. Someone who likes to lie on the beach. Other holiday go to the night way of life. There are those who can't imagine a tour without interesting excursions, and therefore how many there are excursions in Turkey - the question is asked by many.

The cost of permits

The cost of a Turkish vacation care almost every tourist who plans to visit this beautiful country. For someone it is important to buy a tour cheaper and fit in the allotted budget. Others, the first place I leave for good service and good quality hotel, but at affordable prices. There are those who are looking for the luxury tours, not limited to some financial issues.

Many do not want to plan ahead, and so I prefer to go for last minute or special offer. Anyone rides a savage and looking for a perfect hotel prices on the spot. Important to know:

  • What is the price of a holiday in Turkey?
  • What affects the cost of tours?
  • Is it possible a fun break for a cheap ticket?
  • What is the price for the hotel room?
  • When and why there are tours to Turkey?

First and foremost, if you get a tour bypassing by tour operator (in other words, the company that organizes it), and a travel Agency (which sells them, but not organizing), need to consider their profits. But despite the appearance of an intermediary in the chain, sometimes the cost to the Agency is lower than directly from the operator thanks to discounts. Besides, not all operators have partnered with individuals, sometimes they sell tours only through agencies.

In truth, it is not necessary to save money, so this statement because it is the key to the lack of any problems on vacation, or at least their quick resolution in case of occurrence.

stoimost ekskursij v Turcii

If tour tour operator generates packets, which includes the sending side, i.e. in the country where travel, travel destination, hotel accommodation, hosting. As an additional service also offers tours, but in fact this is an extremely important component of their profit. And, of course, the price includes a small margin.

For flights, in most cases, bought out Charter flights as they are much cheaper than regular. The blocks in one plane can be purchased from multiple operators, giving the ability to fully use all available space and reduce the price of each ticket. In addition to the immediate cost of the ticket, for the flights paid for fuel and other surcharges of airlines.

Of course, if you instead choose the standard economy class business class, it will increase the total budget of the trip. But, not all Charter flights are business class. However, they have another advantage that they do not know everything – often overweight, even a small Luggage, is not subject to any additional charges. It is necessary to clarify on a particular flight.

Special offers and late deals are formed at a time when there are formed packages with paid flights, and the demand is much lower than expected. In the end, the tour operators can give up profits, or even implement vouchers at a loss to cover a small portion of the costs of pre-paid apartments in hotels and plane tickets. There are such deals at the last moment, when everyone understands that to accomplish the desired sales plan will fail.

But there is another kind seems to be "hot tours", which is a usual tour, but sold under this kind of minor discount. Upon arrival definitely meets the receiving party. So, it can be an staff of your operator and may be an employee of a local company, which signed a contract for service. Needless to say, their services are also included in the final cost.

The cost and choice of hotels included in the tour

The next important factor of the quality and price of a holiday in Turkey is the hotel in which located. Hotel prices for operators who buy whole blocks on the holiday season, and for ordinary tourists without tickets to pay for the room, very different. Travel agencies provided substantial discount, and for this reason independent trip will be more expensive, but you generally will not be bound by any conventions, and even every day to change the hotel to see more.

The cost of the hotels in Turkey depends on several parameters. The main sign is a category and the number of stars rated. But to base the choice only on that it is impossible, because the set of conditions that determine the quality of the hotel, not always honestly reflected his rank.

ceny na ekskursii v Turcii

Not alwaysthe most expensive is the best, all quite individually. For example, for young people, ideal for hotels close to centres, bustling the whole day, there is plenty of entertainment and a well-developed nightlife. The comfort rooms at the same time, for most will recede into the background.

For families, especially with children or just for those wishing to relax much better suited hotels in the distance on the outskirts of the resorts or their satellites. The price is significantly lower.

If the intention is often to go on beaches and spend a lot of time, it is necessary to choose hotels on the first line. Besides, it is necessary to see if there is a bar by the beach – in this case, it is not necessary to take care of the drinks. And, of course, the beach needs to be large in size, clean, free umbrellas, sunbeds and towels. For client can pick up the pebble or sand. Conversely, if you want to swim in the pool, then why pay more for a first line? Because it can affect the cost of the tour.

Lovers of a large number of herbs and free entertainment at the hotel, even when the territory is not necessary to go, will have to pay in comparison with those, who want to have fun outside of the hotel, choosing:

  • active rest
  • tours
  • water sports
  • discos and clubs
  • shops and restaurants

Quite an important point that affects the cost is the year the construction of the hotel, and the date of repair. Well, if the last update was two or three years ago. If the hotel is completely new, then it could be a little gentrified – a bit bare, not much greenery available not all services.

Besides, hotels and resorts in Turkey have an unspoken focus on tourists from certain countries. Almost everywhere you can see Russians, Germans, Englishmen – more than one second. And, dependent on the preferences of the tourists, the staff is sought in accordance with the language proficiency, the price may also vary.

Even if you do not take into account the financial issue, as a determining factor when choosing and look at the most luxurious hotels, you need to take into account these options hotels. They determine not only the price but also the pleasure that you get from the rest.

When choosing a hotel should be guided not by price, photos, and official descriptions and reviews of tourists, and, if possible, to review available video. They will be able to give the most accurate, reliable and complete picture. Read more about choosing a hotel in Turkey, read here.

Now about the prices of the excursions

One of the important items of income of the firms is selling to tourists excursions, because in Turkey there is something to see. You probably noticed that the price of the guide is several times higher than the Agency and the position of the hotel. On this tour operators make a profit, while slightly reducing the price. Today the cost of trips in Turkey available to all.

To purchase the tour from the representative of the travel Agency or local Agency – the choice is only yours. However, it is not necessary to trust completely all the "horror stories" that they talk about guides, in order to stimulate the acquisition of travelers, because their price is significantly higher.

For example, in 2014, the tour to the natural monument Pamukkale (pictured) costs about 60-80 dollars. The cost of the least popular tours Demre-Kekova 65-80 dollars. And the price of a two-day trip to Cappadocia and Ephesus is $ 140-190.

skolko stoyat ekskursii

Insurance is not tied to the person from whom you purchase excursions – read the conditions in detail, so as to personally verify this. If the difference in value in a couple of times, the differences in the excursions may not be – if those who sell them, the usual intermediaries between the client local firms involved in the organization.

For example, different companies organizing rafting differs only in the lunch menu, the place of the last stop and the guides. And how cheerful and good to be selected by the instructor, from the cost of the tour depends! But, on the other hand, if you book a trip on Quad bikes from the representatives of the operator, they will provide a more modern technology than local firms. There are also unique offers – night disco yacht. They are often available only from your guide. However, which would not have been bought trips, bad experiences or guides are an extreme rarity.

The price of the excursions, if you want for the rest to cover as much as possible, able to be a significant part of the budget, especially if you take them at the prices the operator.

A considerable amount of many tourists leave for the purchase of Souvenirs or for campaigns on shops. Right here is extremely well beckon lowest prices on silver, gold and clothing. In that case, if you are among them, try to make purchases in large cities rather than small towns because there are lower prices. Also, don't forget to haggle – so you can significantly bring down the price. It is not advised to buy something in stores where brought to "review" a tour – high prices there, and the company or tour guide that brought you to pay a small percentage.

Every year, the priceTurkish travelers gradually increased. If recently to fly to Turkey was cheaper than in the Crimea, today it is not so economical option. For example, in 2006, you had to go for a weekend in a hotel with 4 stars for only a hundred euros. But now there are no prices.

But, honestly, the rest in Turkey as before much cheaper to travel to Europe or the far exotic state of the southern hemisphere. This, together with other advantages, makes Turkey the undisputed leader among the countries, where we go to entertain tourists. And believe me, prices for excursions in Turkey, you generally will not be disturbed.

And finally, a view video on what excursions you can visit, and where to buy them: