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Where is the Mediterranean sea on the world map and what the country washed by?

The Mediterranean sea is surrounded by land. A glance at the map is enough to agree with this judgment. This was known even by Greek scientist.

Geography and climate

The Mediterranean sea is named not for nothing, from all sides it is in contact with the continents.

Anywhere else in the world found such a great indoor poolconnected with the ocean only a tiny, for this scale, bridge - the Strait of Gibraltar.

The sea by its geographical location is between: Asia, Europe, Africa.

The total area of 2 500 square kilometres. Maximum depth is 5 meter 121.

It is connected by channels and Straits with Black, Red and Marmara seas.

As for the bottom, then it is all typical of the sea features:

  1. the continental slope is cut by canyons;
  2. the shelf is narrow.


Part of the Mediterranean sea includes the inland sea:

  • Aegean;
  • Alborán;
  • The Adriatic;
  • Balearic;
  • Ionian;
  • Ligurian;
  • The Tyrrhenian.

In winter the weather is very changeable, regularly happen, the stormsare heavy rainfall. The temperature is significantly lowered due to the influence of the North winds.

In the summer there is a dry fog and a small amount of precipitation.

Tourists are coming in large numbers to these places closer to the middle of the summer. By July the pond warms up to +27 degrees.

Countries and Islands

The Mediterranean is a vast territory of countries and Islands. Here are examples of some of them below.

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  • Turkey. There are resorts that are very fond of Russian tourists. Most of the staff speaks in Russian, making it easier to stay in a foreign country for our tourists. There are many excellent beaches, inexpensive hotels and one of the world's best cuisines. The pond is washed by the next major Turkish city Mersin, Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir.
  • Italy. It is located in the West of the Mediterranean. People come here to eat delicious pizza and spaghettiand enjoy the warm sun. Resort cities are Rome, Sicily and Milan.
  • Spain. Ibiza, Barcelona and Mallorca are the settlements, who come travelers who wish fun and a good time. This is especially true of young people, loving loud parties.
  • Croatia. The country is attractive for tourists primarily fast growing yachting. For this purpose, the government allocates millions in investment.
  • Montenegro. In particular, should look to the beach of Ada Bojana. There is clean sandthat can be found throughout the Adriatic. In addition, it is actively developing tourism among nudists.
  • Albania. Gorgeous kitchen, beautiful landscapes – that so characterize the local resorts.
  • In ancient times it was believed that the Mediterranean sea is the center of the world. Roman the natives called it the Inland sea, as all of its banks were subjugated.

  • Morocco. It is a crossroads of European and Islamic traditions and culture. This fact attracts tourists. According to statistics, people also come here to see cultural attractions. Especially popular is Casablanca.
  • Tunisia. Ancient museums, mysterious artifacts, monuments of architecture, memorable markets – at local resorts there just is not foundmiracles.


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There are also many large and small Mediterranean Islands, interesting for travelers. Among them stand out:

  • Djerba. Located in the North of Africa. From old Arabic language is translated as the"wheat city". The island is mentioned in the famous "Odyssey" of Homer. Pink flamingos, ancient synagogue, fireballs, local delicious rice – like you just can't miss if you find yourself in Djerba.
  • Sardinia. Near Corticol and Sicily. Archaeologists frequently find the various tombs and ziggurats. These are the main attractions of the island.
  • Vulcano. Tourists come here to see many volcanic craters.

Scientists have foundthat due to the catastrophic floodsthat occurred 5.3 million years ago, just happened the filling of the Mediterranean sea. For two years, formed such a large water pool!

The Eastern Mediterranean

Most of the Eastern Mediterranean include the coasts of Greece, Italy and Turkey, this view is mistaken. If you approach this issue from the point of view of geography and look at the map, it appears that the Eastern Mediterranean includes:

  1. Syria;
  2. Palestine;
  3. Cyprus;

  4. Lebanon;
  5. Jordan;
  6. Israel.

The pros and cons of vacation on the Mediterranean sea

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In the Mediterranean sea are ideal places to relax in September. At this time the heat subsides, while the water remains warm. An additional advantage is that the reservoir contains a large amount of useful salts and no threat of poisonous plants and animals.

You can see the sights very different countries and experience their culture. After all, the Mediterranean sea washes the shores of a good half of the continents of the world.

In the resorts of the Mediterranean is very well developed resort and medical infrastructure. Therefore, people suffering from diseases of various origins, can effortlessly choose a place for rest and recuperation.

Cons lack. Unless, of course, not to disadvantage the scorching summer sun.

Suggest to watch a very interesting documentary about the Mediterranean sea: