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Map of the Mediterranean: which countries washed by the Mediterranean sea around?

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Part of the Mediterranean countries are the European, Asian and African States. Tourists they attracted by the picturesque nature, clean sea water, a large number of monuments of architecture and history.

On the coast you can come across a pebbly and sandy beaches. On a wide and long coastline of the Mediterranean sea there are many places for a budget vacation and resorts, affecting its luxury.

The Mediterranean sea on the world map with the countries around it

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The coastline of the Mediterranean sea has a complex shape and is located in the zone of subtropics. It washes the shores not only of continents, but Islands.

The most popular of the Islands well-known to tourists from different countries of the world.

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History of the deep sea

Age is determined by the Mediterranean sea 6 million years. The fauna of the coast combines Atlantic and Indian specimens of plants. In the history of its existence, the Mediterranean sea repeatedly lost access to the ocean. A powerful earthquake, which occurred about 5.5 million years ago, destroyed a mountain range separating it from the Atlantic.

In ancient times the Mediterranean sea was the center of many trade routes. Its coastal areas have become the birthplace of some civilizations and has always been one of the most densely populated lands.

Most economically developed part of the coast was and remains its Northern part. The volume of fishing in the Mediterranean sea is much lower than in other areas. In coastal States has a tradition of growing cotton, citrus and oilseeds.


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The Mediterranean sea belongs to the basin of the Atlantic ocean. It is connected by the Gibraltar Strait is located between such continents as Asia, Africa and Europe, sea.

The Mediterranean sea is divided into several smaller seas is the Adriatic, the Alborán and Balearic, Ionian, Cretan, Cypriot, Libyan, Adriatic, Ligurian, Tyrrhenian and Aegean.

To get into the Marmara sea from the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles Strait. The Bosphorus connects the Mediterranean sea to the Black sea, and the Suez canal - Red.

Climatic conditions

The characteristic features of the weather prevailing in the area are hot, dry summers and wet mild winters. The winter temperature is strongly influenced by the North winds, which at this period of time are blowing in these places quite often.

The States washed by?

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The shores of 10 States washed by the sea in Europe. One of the Balkan countries, here's the list:

  1. Slovenia;
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Croatia;
  4. Albania;
  5. Montenegro.

And some of the best European resorts coast, Spain, France, Greece and Italy and on the island of Cyprus. Water also wash the island nation of Malta and the tiny state, the Principality of Monaco.

The Mediterranean basin also washes shrouded in myths Italian island of Sicily, Sardinia, scenic, neighbouring famous for its piratical past Corsica. The least-known Islands bordering the sea:

  • Crete;
  • Malta;
  • Cyprus.

Asia is famous for its resorts on the black sea coast in Israel, Turkey, Egypt. There coastline also in Syria and Lebanon is the Eastern Mediterranean. On the African continent access to the sea are Libya, Tunisia, Algeria andMorocco.

Mediterranean holiday

The coastal resorts are famous for the abundance of Sunny days a year. Attention to yourself tourists are attracted by the turquoise waters, well-developed tourism infrastructure and scenic landscapes.

Here you can find a area for any kind of leisure and hotels, designed for people with different financial capabilities. In Asia, Africa and Europe has its sacred tourist destinations that are always popular.

Major European resorts

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The European Mediterranean sea differ in price and level of service which in most cases is maintained at a very high level. The most popular destination are the resorts of Greece.

The most visited tourist places of this country are the Islands of Crete and Rhodes.

Elite European resorts on the coast need to look at France, Italy and Spain. Cost the cost of holidays in these places is due to the high living standards of the population in these countries. The most famous resorts of the region:

  • Ibiza, Costa Blanca and Alicante in Spain;
  • Siracusa, Alghero, Naples and Amalfi in Italy;
  • Cannes, nice and Saint-Tropez in France.

Great place to stay — Cyprus. The most popular resorts - Larnaca, Limassol, and Protaras, Ayia NAPA, Famagusta, Paphos and Kyrenia.

You should bear in mind that in some countries, is an afternoon Siesta, during which closed most of the shops, cafes and restaurants. In Italy the traditional time for rest - from 13:00 to 15:00, sometimes until 16:00 in Greece - from 14:00 to 15:00 and in Spain - from 13:00 to 17:00.

Attractive Asian coast

The most popular among Russians resorts of the Mediterranean are in Turkey. High and accessible level of service, sandy beaches and plenty of Sunny days to determine the choice of millions of travelers in their favor. Relax in the resorts of Turkey is much cheaper than in Israel and safer than in Syria and Lebanon.

The most visited tourist spot on the coast of Turkey, the island of Cleopatra, Antalya, Marmaris and Alanya. Affordable cost of flights and the availability of airports in different parts of the country tourists greatly simplifies the task of how to get to the sea.

Not less popular destination is Egypt. Geographically its territory in Africa and Asia. The best inland resorts of the country - Alexandria, Baltim, and Marsa Matruh, El-Alamein and El-Arish.

Popular Israeli resorts began in tel Aviv, Netanya and Haifa.

Popular African city

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The most popular destination in Africa on the Mediterranean sea — Algeria and Tunisia. In Algeria, the most visited are Annaba, Bejaia province, Delis and Blida. In Tunisia:

  1. Bizerte;
  2. Kelibia;
  3. Monastir;
  4. Sfax.

The last time Tunisia is serious competition to Turkey and Egypt. The gap in the level of service with European and Asian resorts is steadily declining. In Tunisia, the tourists come not only for a beach vacation, but also for treatment. In most of the hotels of Tunisia you can find the centers of traditional medicine. They are no less popular than the Mediterranean coast.

Directions interest

  • The most quiet beaches of the Mediterranean sea lies in the North-East coast, in Albania and Croatia. In these places, beach tourism is in the development stage, so stay available for a large number of tourists.

  • Sandy and pebbly beaches are surrounded by picturesque mountains covered with dense vegetation.

  • The beautiful beaches of Malta is worth a visit not only for those who like a comfortable stay, refined beaches, but also for those who want to practice English. It is one of the official languages of the island nation.
  • For the noise and merriment, and for a comfortable stay at an affordable price is to go to Greece, Egypt and Turkey.
  • An exotic vacation can be found on the coast of North Africa. Best resorts in the South-East of the Mediterranean are located in Tunisia and Morocco. In these regions, you will experience not only exotic, but also comfort.
  • Vacationers who speak the Russian language, will surround you on the beaches of Israel. Excellent service provided by the local hotels will not be able to dampen its value rest in the Promised Land. Competition the Mediterranean beaches here are Red and the sea of Marmara.

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