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Weather and temperature in Rhodes, Halkidiki and Crete in September

Temperatura na Rodose v sentyabre

Trip to Rhodes – a great idea for lovers of the exotic and the beautiful sea.

The most favorable period for visiting the island is considered "the velvet season" that comes with the beginning of autumn.

Typically, the temperature in Rhodes in September falls to the level of comfort and delights guests with the island's warm weather.

In September it is good to go with children to Rhodes. This month will break the sweltering heat, and the temperature of the sea is well warmed in the summer months, remains high.

Weather conditions

Rhodes, the famous Greek resort, a green oasis, attracting tourists with its beauty and mild climate.

Wondering about what the weather in Greece in September, you can rest assured that the season is perfect for relaxing on the beach and active walking and review sites.

The air temperature at the beginning of September in Rhodes is practically no different from the summer. In the beginning of the month is still worth the sweltering heat, and towards the end gives way to the cool light.

Usually daytime temperature on the island in September reaches 27-29 degrees. Night more cool: the columns of the local thermometer shows 22-24 degrees.

If you like hot weather, go to Rhodes in early September. Then you have all the chances to enjoy a luxury beach vacation and sea.

Towards the end of September the temperature usually goes down to 20-22 degrees, and the rest is more suitable for active travelers who prefer travel and tour.

The water temperature in September, it is kept at 22-25 degrees and pleases guests of Rhodes is easy and pleasant coolness.

This temperature in Greece in September will allow you to gain a lot of warm clothes: even during night walks are unlikely to be needed.

The first decade of the month is characterized by strong heat, so if you can't handle the heat and the air temperature is above 30 degrees – you plan your trip in the second or third week of September.

If you are planning a vacation on the East coast of the island - the whole of September the temperature of the water will remain at the level not lower than 23 – 25 degrees.

For lovers of water sports better like the West coast, which is washed by the Aegean sea, the water temperature which is lower, and the sea not as calm as the Mediterranean.

Pogodnye usloviya

What to see?

The month is favourable for walks and excursions. Very popular trips in the middle ages the street of the knights of St. John. From the street you can go to the world-famous Grand Master's Palace.

Arriving at Rhodes town, just not to touch the history and to visit the ancient Acropolis of Lindosand the Temple of Athena Lydia.

Whenever you arrive on the island, be sure to see the place where stood the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes. This attraction has symbolic significance and is one of the most unique wonders of the world.

In September its doors to reveal major water parks. One of these water parks – the famous WaterPark, which includes a list of the biggest water parks in Europe.

Another exciting excursion – a trip to butterfly valley, a place Petaludes. This very romantic and beautiful area especially like couples in love and children.

The lack of strong heat in September is favorable to pedestrian excursions to the Holy sites of the island.

It is possible to make the ascent to the mountain of Filerimos, which is named after a monk who settled here in the 13th century. On the mountain is the temple, which reconciled 2 Christian tradition: Catholic and Orthodox.

The old town of Rhodes, opens its secrets to you:

Field trips

High demand in September, enjoy guided tours, which are suitable for curious tourists and active holidaymakers.

The popular resort of Greece is Crete. Usually, the weather in Crete in September is mild and warm.

By early September, there is also less heat, thus the temperature reaches 27-28 degrees. The nights are a little cooler than Rhodes, so if you go on the island overnight, for an evening walk, take a jacket and pants.

In September on the island almost never rains, so the umbrella won't be needed. Unlike the Rhodes, the weather here is quite changeable: sweltering heat may be replaced by a cool light or even strong winds.

Another famous Greek resort of Halkidiki Peninsula. The town is known for beautiful beaches and mild climate.

If you look, is different than the weather in Halkidiki in September from Crete and Rhodes, it is possible to note a greater number of cloudy days and lower the temperature of the water in the sea.

This place is perfect for surfers and lovers of scuba diving. The sea often come in waves, so the water sports here are a very widespread activity.

Vyezdnye ekskursii

The issue price

Those who plan to rest in September in Rhodes at the best price, it is important to know that the cost of holidays in the first week of the month is no different from the summer prices. It's still holiday season, so the cost of accommodation and entertainment on the island will be quite high.

In the second and third decade of September, prices for tours to Rhodes reduced. Food and excursions will also be cheaper, because the influx of tourists decreases, and the holiday season ends smoothly.

Try to find last-minute trips to Rhodes, which often help to save a decent sum of money.

You are lucky if you manage to buy tickets on the first of September. The number of tourists in the first days of autumn decreases due to the beginning of the study.

The best deals and inexpensive prices are in Rhodes at the end of September, most tourists have already celebrated your holiday.

Have a good vacation and unforgettable holidays in Rhodes!