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What is the weather and water temperature Abkhazia in may?

Temperatura v Abhazii v mae

May, in Abkhazia, is a sophisticated time of flowering citrus and oleander, the sweet aroma of tropical vegetation with a salty taste of the sea breeze and a wonderful time for exploring world-famous attractions. The sun gently warms and deceptive calls to the beach, but the sea is still not comfortable. The temperature in Abkhazia in may, almost a resort and great for those who are not very well tolerate excessive heat.

Weather in may

Weather throughout the countries is almost the same - in Sukhumi and Gudauta 21-23 degrees, 1-2 degrees cooler in Pitsunda and Gagra. Night is still quite damp and chilly, the temperature can drop to +12 °C, and transparent calm sea is not too warm. Normal water temperature Abkhazia in may, only 18-20 degrees, that does not stop particularly active beachgoers. However, the sun is doing its utmost and to the end of the month, it will be possible to open the swimming season. In may can still be rainy in the summer is not long and warm, so the guests need to grab your favorite umbrella and a waterproof jacket. But on clear days the opportunity to have a great time on the beach and bring home gold the black sea tan.

The may privileges

The financial attractiveness of the may holiday provides the chance to enjoy the beauty of this unique country. Embankments and cozy hotels not yet crowded with tourists, the restaurant is not difficult to find a free table, and tour itineraries are presented in all its diversity and splendor.

The cost of the tours offered is significantly lower than it would be in the summer, so take advantage of the unique opportunity to visit Abkhazia without a passport is quite accessible to many. In addition to relaxation from a friendly sun on the beach, plenty you can inhale the healing aroma of pine, to eat strawberries and cherries, take advantage of the seasonal abundance in the local markets of fresh fish and bring home the may South med. But the most important thing - the weather in Abkhazia in may is quite favorable for sightseeing.

temperatura vody v abhazii v mae

What to see in Abkhazia

The grandeur and magnificence of Abkhazian nature can not leave indifferent - going up snow-capped mountains, rushing somewhere, rushing mountain rivers and restless waterfalls, mysterious depth of the lakes. The famous Ritsa lake in may is very comfortable - not too hot, and missing the usual crowd of tourists.
However, the latter pleases on all routes, in the ticket office there are no queues, and there's a chance a leisurely wander along the selected route.

22 kilometers from the Abkhaz capital is New Athos. It's a great place to tour or to visit the sights independently. The mystique of the underworld the new Athos cave, the austerity and inaccessibility of the monastery, the Majesty watered with the blood of the walls of Anakopia fortress - all this is possible to see and feel in one day. With the top of the mountain where the citadel offers a beautiful panorama, which is breathtaking.

kakaya pogoda v abhazii v mae

Relax after sightseeing inviting cozy benches located in the city centre of seaside Park. It is nice to sit on the shore of the pond among lush tropical vegetation and feed the graceful swans. No less attractions to offer and other resort towns - Gagra, Pitsunda, Sukhumi. The relatively small territory of the Republic of Abkhazia allows you to visit all of them, taking advantage of having this weather in may.

Depending on what the weather in Abkhazia in may, selected the routes of travel. In any bright and Sunny day, you can go for a horse ride. Experienced instructors help even beginners to feel confident and comfortable saddle, to feel the attractiveness of this type of holiday.

pogoda v abhazii v mae


May is a great month for recovery. Relic pine grove, with salubrious air, salty sea breeze, the gentle freshness of flowering plants - are all liveliness and health of every cell of the body.

The resort has numerous Wellness centers, Spa-complex, sulfurated springs. To combine relaxation with effective health improvement especially good in may, before the onset of the hot summer. With young children to plan your holiday better at the end of the month. By this time the water in the sea will get warm to 22 degrees, which allow children plenty nakupatsya.