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Temperature in Greece in April, what's the weather like at that time?

Temperatura v Grecii v aprele

Officially beach season in Greece opens in may and lasts until October. Of course, the temperature in Greece in April has already reached twenty degrees Celsius, but the bathing at the numerous beaches to speak still too early. April is a month of rapid flowering of all vegetation of the island. Only in the beginning of the month a possible short rains.

The Islands of Rhodes and Crete real spring comes much earlier. In mid-March, all on the island of blooms and smells, and in April the sea temperature is almost 20 degrees. This water is ideal for short water treatments. Therefore, those wishing to sunbathe and swim can visit Crete or Rhodes, where for this purpose there are all conditions. Southern parts of the country warmer, so going to the South of Greece, be sure to take a bathing suit. Precipitation in the form of rain only at the beginning of the month. Experienced tourists are advised to take coats and those who rest in the North country.

Things to do tourist?

Weather in Greece in April, the most conducive to meet you

  • with a rich history and culture of the country
  • her kitchen,
  • ideal for visiting the monuments, some of which for thousands of years.

pogoda v grecii v aprele

In most cases it was in April, the Greeks celebrate Easter. The inhabitants of the country celebrate it in a big way, and tourists from different countries often join them. The following week after Easter Sunday - holidays, and celebrations continue. A lot of institutions at this time is closed, so it can create some difficulties.

We encourage you to watch a video about the April weather in Greece:

Prices in April

The cost of holidays and the products and services in the country in April, much lowerthan in the holiday season. Most hotels and resorts offer low prices, which become even more affordable with early booking. With transport rental, accommodation, excursions and entertainment will not have any difficulties - all the hotels, water parks, discos, souvenir shops, and rental centers are already working at full. In addition, due to the small number of tourists do not have to stand in line at these places.

Shopping tours

In Greece, there are several thousand companies producing products made of fur. Therefore, for fur coats Greece attracts fashionistas from around the world. Many companies producing fur products, more than hundreds of years. There are even special tours that involve a trip over the coats.


Regardless of what the weather in Greece in April, every tourist is simply obliged to allocate time to go to one of the restaurants of the national cuisine. Best for travelers with a kitchen suitable for rainy days. Greek dishes are able to cheer up any gourmet.

The traditional cuisine includes cheeses, vegetables, seafood, meat, olives. Greek wine is also known around the world, they even put on the same level with Spanish wines. And it's not in vain, because Greece is the birthplace of Dionysus, God of wine, it is Important to note that most fruit and vegetables are grown in Greece, so they are of the highest quality and absolute environmental friendliness. Bottle of olive oil can be a wonderful gift for friends or loved ones. Especially a lot of restaurants and cafes on the island of Crete.

kakaya pogoda v grecii v aprele

Attractions of the country, a must visit

At the mention of Greece most people (not even visited the country), comes to mind the most unique attraction is the ancient temple with columns. This temple is called the Parthenon and it was built in honor of the goddess Athena. During the inspection of the columns you can determine without measuring devices, that no one of them is not perfectly smooth. Despite this, the Parthenon is considered a wonder of architecture, as the structure stood for over two thousand years, and it was destroyed by wars, fires or even earthquakes.

No less unique is the building age in thousands of years - the theatre of Epidaurus. On the stage of the theater staged the ancient Comedy and tragedy. Actors during performances didn't raise his voice, as the theatre has unique acoustics of a word spoken in a low voice was clearly audible on the back row.

Knossos Palace - the place where he was killed by the Minotaur. But the Palace is not only renowned for this - here was first used multistory building, artificial light, piped sewer and water.
Meteora has long been considered an impregnable place. Their height above sea level exceeds 600 meters. In the old days the one who got to six monasteries on top of rocks, were considered heroes because it was quite a difficult task. With the development of technology to visit the monasteries, it became much easier. Meteora is a favorite place for photographers from around the world, as webeautiful views. Near mount Athos, is located the Church of St. Peter with a library of hundreds of thousands of books and even ancient manuscripts.

Enjoy the Greece in April and fans of extreme sports. For example, gorge VIDOS, stretching more than twenty miles, a favourite place for climbers, lovers of motoekstrim, valextra, rafting. You can also visit one of their many caves. To describe the beauty of these places - not enough words, this can only be seen live.

kakaya pogoda v grecii v aprele

In General, you can make a bold conclusion that Greece in April is able to offer its guests a lot of entertainment. If summer temperatures can reach 40-45 degrees in April is relatively comfortable weather not exceeding 25 degrees.

These conditions contribute to travel throughout the country. Affordable cost of housing and entertainment makes April the best time to holiday in Greece. Everyone can find entertainment for all tastes - from Hiking trips to beach holidays. Most importantly, vibrat region of the country where conditions are most suitable.