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Weather and water temperature in Greece in may (Rhodes and Crete)

Temperatura v Grecii v mae

Many tourists believe that travel to Greece will certainly need in the summer, otherwise fully enjoy your vacation will not work. And they are not quite right – the last month of spring is considered the beginning of the season, but the country has not yet uploaded travellers so that you can fully feel its charm. What about the weather? Temperature in Greece in may is around 24 degrees with a plus – warm, but not too much. It's time for fun! If travelers want to bring a child, this is also a great time – a little healthier without aggressive sun exposure and work up enough.

May weather in Greece – a gift for active tourists

Since Greece is located at different latitudes, temperature in the southern and Northern part of the country are different. Usually the South warms up faster and by the end of the month can be heated to 35°C.

I wonder what the warmest places in this time, are Athens, Corinth and Gelfand – they even overtake the South island. The weather in Greece in may traditional, but there are exceptions.

But the average temperature is very comfortable – in the range of 24 degrees, which is ideal for a leisurely mountain slopes, picnics in General, conducting an increasing amount of time in the fresh air. Bask in the sun, without risk to catch a heat stroke or getting tired of the excessive heat – it's about that time. However, if you plan to stay, and after sunset, it is better to take warm clothes – the night the thermometer may drop to the fifth mark on the scale. If you do not want to freeze in the evening, for the may holidays in Greece it is better to choose southern part of the country, where at this time of day, the temperature typically varies from 15 to twenty degrees.

As for rainfall, the experienced tourists and the locals know that in may they are rare – no more than four rainy days even in the most humid parts. Must have these ideal conditions involve a high cost of tours? But it's not.

pogoda na rodose v mae

Tours to Greece in may: it is available

Depending on the wishes of the tourist, the quality of the hotel and other conditions. The may tour to Greece can be purchased in approximately 10 to 14 thousand rubles. Interestingly, ceteris paribus, the dynamics of prices in the summer months is as follows:

  • June – from 28 thousand;
  • July – about the same;
  • August – a little more expensive-from 30 thousand and above, the lower the price – rather a rarity.

Interestingly, very expensive winter tours – from 60 thousand rubles.

A vacation in late spring is a great solution, because the weather in Rhodes in may, as throughout Greece, is very favorable, and the price is affordable. Largely historically due to the fact that the influx of travelers to the hospitable island and the capital has not yet begun, but the season is already "unwound". And of course there is always the "burning" tours that will allow you to save money (sometimes a significant amount) due to the efficiency of acquisition. This is especially true for tours to the Islands, which organizes Charter flights.
But maybe the thing is that in addition to the contemplation of the mountains and attractions, tourists will not see anything interesting?

pogoda na krite v mae

Greece in may: where to go?

If Russia celebrate may 1, labor day, the Greeks weave beautiful wreaths and dance, because for them it is the Day of flowers. This festival is dedicated to ancient Greek goddess Flora, which sends the Greeks into nature with their families. There are children and adults fly kites, decorate themselves with flowers and eat the Goodies. Joined to this fountain of joy, the tourist probably will take home not only a wreath and photos. But a lot of memories.

If you arrive in the middle of the month, you can become a witness and participant of the feast of Agnihotri. On 21 may, the Greeks bonfires and walking on hot coals. To feel the atmosphere Parousia (the Greek name of the holiday), it is best to go to the Northern part of the country.

Many feel that it may need to go to Crete, because the whole thing is covered with flowers, especially a bit higher in the mountains.

In addition, there already are many hotels and Charter flights are ready to bring the first "birds" in this beautiful place. The weather in Crete in may, such a sin not to walk plenty. True. You should take a warm sweater and take into account that many of taverns and other catering establishments is still not working.
But don't forget about the Rhodes, which for several years now lures travelers with the may Festival of roses in the tradition of the middle Ages. Circus performers, artisans, musicians - all dressed in traditional costumes arrange a parade and invited to the fun guests. And if you want something mystical – welcome to the coven.

Even may – one of the best months to visit Delphi and, in particular, a temple dedicated to Apollo.

Saloniki and Thebes, too, are ready to welcome their guests, and becauseeven those not so much, it makes the visits and lovely chamber. In General, as mentioned above, the weather this month has a very informative travel, so you should pay attention to such natural sights of Greece, such as lakes and caves. The most beautiful of them are located on Islands where experienced guides will show and tell visitors about the underground lake, Melissani on Kefalonia, lake Voulismeni, Crete or the cave of the Apocalypse on Patmos.

And, of course, at this time you can freely lie on the beach and come home with a terrific tan. Not all, however, decide to swim - the water temperature in Greece in may, especially in the first half of the month rarely exceeds 20 degrees. If you really want to splash in the water – better to go to a water Park, many of them are already beginning to work. Local zoos, incidentally, is also very interesting.

If you decided to spend your vacation actively, be sure to stock up on coats, grab a couple of warm clothes and be reasonable – for sandals even earlier, so the shoes is better to choose closed.