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What is the weather and water temperature in Turkey in may (resorts Alanya, Antalya)?

Temperatura v Turcii v mae

If in April, you can count only on a few warm days, the temperature in Turkey in may will appeal to every vacationer. Often tourists come here during the may holidays, that is, from the first day of the month. From the first numbers, set a comfortable temperature 24-25 degrees, which is quite suitable for sunbathing. And you can absolutely not worry about your own skin - it will not burn, the sun's rays at this time affectionate.

To the question, what is the weather in Turkey in may, there is only one answer - perfect for relaxing. Weather conditions already allow you to sunbathe on the beaches or swim in the sea. Of course, the water temperature in Turkey in may can seem quite cold, but 20 degrees is guaranteed to be at any resort. In the southern parts of the country the sea warms up to 23-24 degrees, which is enough for bathing. Special requirements for temperature of the water, tourists can take water treatments in swimming pools by the hotels.

If at the beginning of the month, the air warms up to 24-25 degrees, then towards the end she warms up to 28. These temperature indicators allow not only to relax on the coasts, but also to visit local attractions, shop and be entertained in other ways.

Even on a Sunny day you can safely hike long distances without worrying for their own health - a temperature comfortable for such trips.

In April, tourists are advised to take coats and umbrellas, in may there is no fear of low night temperatures or unexpected precipitation. In the last month of spring, night temperatures do not fall below 14 degrees, so sweaters long sleeve will suffice. Weather conditions in Turkey in may, ideal for tourist resorts:

  • with children,
  • the elderly
  • and those who do not tolerate the heat.

The opening of the beach season

Many tourists are interested in the weather in Turkey in may for resorts, as they are wondering exactly where to go. The southern resorts of the country - the best place for sunbathing and swimming. Best weather in Turkey in may and in Alanya. Summer is coming here early just. In April, the temperature at the resort is about 22 degrees, but it can rain. May is much warmer and the sea water temperature is quite suitable for even the most capricious tourists. Antalya is also quite comfortable.

Beach season officially opens in may, so the resort is open all the hotels, shops, restaurants and water parks. Relax in a calm and quiet environment will not happen tourists arriving from all countries. Affect the flow of tourists and the formation of prices on the rest. They become slightly higher than in April.

temperatura vody v turcii v mae

The attractions of Turkey

Stay in the country in may is due to visit famous attractions. Every single resort in the country able to offer a lot of entertainment for its guests. That there is only one Istanbul, where you can see the architectural buildings of unprecedented beauty, for example:

  • the blue Mosque,
  • Hagia Sophia,
  • Sultanahmet.

History buffs can visit the ancient temple of Artemis - one of the wonders of the world. Of course, the Church is not in the best condition: seen only Foundation and the only one surviving column. But everyone will be able to touch the ancient history of the country. Want to see more preserved monuments of history, can visit the Aspendos ancient amphitheater whose status has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. You can visit the Archaeological Museum in Izmir, which is almost a hundred years, and some of its exhibits for several thousand years. Of course, not all tourists are ready to go into the country to experience history. Most resting exactly on the coast, visiting restaurants, parks, cafes and other establishments.

kakaya pogoda v turcii v mae

Shopping in Turkey

Turkey is one of the favorite countries shopaholics. In numerous shops you can buy jewelry, clothing, fabrics, utensils, and markets high-quality food, fruits, sweets, spices.
Most of the shops open at nine in the morning and in the holiday season there is no clear schedule, so the outlets are often open until late at night.

To save money you can find a garment factory, often located in the city, and to buy their own favorite things.

Many tourists buy so coats, coats and other clothing, although the organizers of the commentary argue that admission to these factories is impossible.


Turkey is considered safe to visit the country. In resort areas you can walk in any time without fear for their safety. Money is best left in the safes at the hotel. Fee for use of the safes is about 3 dollars a day. Of course, the market can be stolen mobile phones, money orother small items, so you should be careful especially while shopping.

 pogoda v turcii v mae po kurortam

Tourists are not recommended to shoot the local population, as it can cause bouts of aggression and conflict. You should also respect the local religion, money, national flag.

It is important to know that anyone who provides any service to the tourist who demands payment. This applies to porters, maids, bus drivers. Decided to leave it for about a dollar. When settling the bill at the restaurant the waiter is supposed to give 5% of the cost, regardless of whether the service charge to your total score. Taxi drivers do not give change, so better to pay them in small bills.

In General, a trip to Turkey in may is recommended to the tourist of any age, because countries are able to offer a huge range of entertainment, and the weather contributes to any of the selected hotel.