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Weather in Tunisia in may, what's the water temperature?

Temperatura vody v Tunise v mae

One of the most favorable countries for vacation in may is Tunisialocated in the North-Western part of the African continent. It attracts every year hundreds of thousands of tourists who arrive here not only from European countries but also from America. The reason for this popularity lies precisely in the fact that its shores are washed by the Mediterranean sea. In addition, the water temperature in Tunisia in may is already quite warm, so you can swim.

The may water temperatures in Tunisia

As to the temperature of the water this month, it each year almost unchanged.

This country can be called stable not only from an economic point of view, even the water temperature here does not change either in may or in other months.

But a lot can depend on what resort will be the measurement of water temperature. If to speak in General and see what is the temperature in Tunisia in may, then throughout the month it will change by only 2-3 degrees.

If in the beginning of the month the water temperature is 16-17 degrees, it can hold no more than 10 days, and starting around may 10 it will be 19 degrees. This means that you can calmly swim. But if we take the Northern part of the country's Mediterranean coast. As for the resorts such as Gabes, Djerba or Zarzis, which are located a little further South, the water temperature will be somewhere above three degrees.

It should also take into account exactly where will be measured the temperature of the water. If it can be measured in the deep parts of the sea, here it will be a little cooler, no more than 16 degrees, but if in shallow water - even in early may it will be 18-19 degrees. The water in the shallow water warms up faster, therefore, since the beginning of may for some resorts you like to sunbathe, and swim.

kakaya pogoda v tunise v mae

Weather in may in Tunisia

If you look at what the weather in may in Tunisia, in the second half of the month it is very similar to summer. Even at night it never drops below 13 degrees. Since the second half of the month beach season at all the resorts already in full swing; if you take resorts such as Djerba or Monastir, the temperature of the air is 25 degrees. And on some days the sun can even bake that is very conducive to sunburn. Since the second half of the month the weather will be comfortable not only in daytime but also at night.

Although the swimming season is already open, but still the weather can bring some unpleasant surprises. Although the air temperature is 25 degrees, but unexpected surprises in may is from time to time coming rains.

Since the second half of the month, the rains are stormy. Every day the temperature is getting higher, but do not forget about warm clothes, in the evening, you may need to cover the shoulders or a sweater. In may, the most popular is the island of Djerba, as here the water temperature is 22 degrees.

It is worth considering that the sea can be turbulent. Weather in Tunisia in may may change by the end of the month - may privcacy descend a strong breeze from the sea, and the sea itself will zestoret. But these phenomena are short-lived. After such vagaries of the weather, the water temperature in the sea may be slightly reduced, by approximately 2-3 degrees, and the water will become turbid, unsuitable for swimming. As for the price for tickets compared to other months, they are already much higher than in winter or early spring. But still they are lower than in the summer season. In the middle of may you can buy cheap tour for $ 1,000 for two.

temperatura v tunise v mae

What to do in may?

The most viable option is to go get acquainted with the country. And see here is what, besides the weather is favorable. It is not necessary to forget that in the summer time here is hot, and Sahara desert nearby. And in may, perfect weather for exploring the city, therefore the tour operators often include in the program of excursions. Among the most popular destinations you can choose from the following:

  • A trip to the Sahara. This tour is usually 2 days and this includes the overnight in the desert. But you'll sleep in the tent, and in one of the hotels located in the desert. Here tourists will have an unforgettable camel riding, very entertaining to observe mirages, to meet the dawn. All this is possible only in the desert, so to any European it would be a pleasant surprise. Here you can get acquainted with the life of the Bedouin, whose life is completely changed in hundreds of years.
  • Folklore evening. Such trips very often include visits to villages in Tunisia. Here you can get acquainted with the real culture of Tunisia, with its inhabitants, traditions, customs. You can participate in the traditional dinner which will be served only the national cuisine, watch folk dances.
  • Carthage.Is it possible to visit Tunisia and not to visit this ancient city, which was not afraid to challenge the most powerful Empire of the ancient world - Rome? Although this town is in ruins, but many historical sights have been preserved in excellent form. It will be an unforgettable tour.
  • pogoda v tunise v mae

  • Inspection of the zoo. here you can observe pink flamingos, sea lions, giraffes, ostriches, rhinos. In the zoo you can also admire the huge cacti, ride on a donkey or camel.
  • Fair. Is it possible to visit this African country and visit fairs and souvenir shops? Here you can not only see, but also to buy wonderful Souvenirs. And the evenings can be devoted to discos, - the good that tourists are not too much and you can easily have fun.