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The weather and temperatures in September in Tuapse

Pogoda v Tuapse v sentyabre

Tuapse is a small, very charming town, ideal for family holidays and families with children.

Here the warm sea, on the coast of small beaches for every taste: modern, well-equipped and wild, allowing you to literally merge with nature.

Walking through the city streets and the waterfront especially in the evening when it is cooler, bring a lot of positive emotions.

You can go to the restaurant or sit out on the verandah, summer cafe, enjoying the night lights of the southern city and the soft sea air.

What is the weather like in September?

With the beginning of autumn on the coast comes the velvet season. The heat begins to subside, although earlier this month she was still kept at the temperature of 26-27 degrees, but very long, and by the end of the first week, set a comfortable, warm weather of about 25 degrees.

But the night becomes cool, to 17-19 degrees. Approximately among ten temperature even drops slightly until about 20-23. And at night the thermometer may drop to 15-13 at all.

And the sea is still warm, and beach season lasts. But in September, getting less rain.

The weather is clear, and for the entire month just five times can sometimes be a real tropical downpour, sometimes with the storm. But the West wind blows stronger.

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Where to spend time in September in Tuapse?

Dolphinarium "Akvamir". There are truly great performances of dolphins and sea lions apalikov, many of which have become popular with the public.

In the speeches, they help the Pacific walrus and the far-Eastern Beluga.

Cinema-entertainment center "Show-time". The center is equipped with modern equipment. Two rooms for watching movies. There is a sushi bar and a summer veranda of the restaurant.

Billiard club "Pyramid". Here to services of fans of this game are five tables, and you can always find a worthy opponent. There is a bar where you can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks.

Entertainment center "Neptun". The main entertainment centre – bowling.

Water Park "Dolphin". It is the greenest water Park in Russia with a traditional set of entertainment.

Gde provesti vremya v sentyabre v Tuapse?


The house-Museum of the artist Kiseleva. In this house landscape painter lived for 11 years. He left a noticeable trace in the history of Tuapse.

In the late 19th century at the Tuapse streets, it was common to see the artist who wrote the local urban landscapes.

In the house-Museum recreated the interiors of the villas Kiseleva, there are his personal things, stored a large collection of paintings, which was donated to the Museum by the grandson of the artist.

Local history Museum named after Poletaeva. A small Museum depicting the history of the city, was established immediately after the war.

There are three main collections:

  • Ethnography, which houses clothing, household items of the Adyghes, Russians, Moldovans and other nationalities living in these parts, uniforms and personal belongings of soldiers of the Russian army;
  • archaeological collection, which contains objects found during excavations kopinskogo burial ground, tombs Psybe;
  • numismatic collection, ancient coins and premium of the 19th century.

Museum "forest Fad". Located in the village of Dzhubga. This is a unique Museum where all the exhibits created by a master Woodcarver by Gtelecom Anton Mikhailovich.

In front of the entrance to the Museum is the wooden figure of a dinosaur with a height of 8 meters.

Church of Alexius, the Metropolitan of Moscow. The present Church, built in the tradition of temple architecture.

The Settlement Dusu-Calais. The mound represents the ruins of the Fort in the 8th century. There remained the Foundation stone of the fortifications. Scientists believe that lived here first, the Shapsugs, the Circassians then.

Megalithic complex Pinako. The purpose of this facility is unknown, it was made in the 3rd century BC.

Stone ring with a diameter of 6 meters, close to lognormally dolmen, usually in other similar sites, archaeologists found burial, but it is not discovered human bones, and all of the pit, like the burial grounds, stoned.

Gde provesti vremya v sentyabre v Tuapse: dostoprimechatelnosti

What to do?

At this time the best thing to do — a trip to the mountains. Already there is no sweltering heat, but still enoughheat to take a dip in lakes, bath tubs and ponds have waterfalls.


Walk to the dolmens of Tuapse. Here is a comfortable, well-equipped walking path with handrails and steps. In the district many of these dolmens.

The guide draws attention to the fact that the outside of the dolmens are not processed, and if you look inside, you can see the carefully polished stone.

The walk to the gorge "Wolf's gates". The gorge appeared about 150 million years ago. This was once the seabed. And now a small beautiful gorge where you can swim in the pond near the waterfalls, there are several.

You can admire the rich vegetation of these places: an abundance of ferns, hornbeams, chestnut trees, numerous vines.

The trip to the caves of the mountain Gobbler. In this mountain more than 40 caves. Some of them were discovered traces of ancient people. And the drawings on the walls and notches made before our era.

The mountain itself Gobbler is a submarine volcano thrown up 175 million years ago. Its picturesque slopes are thickly overgrown with trees and grasses.

To climb the mountain and explore the caves have a guided tour.

Jeep ride at falls University. It is a natural complex of 9 waterfalls, formed in the bed of the river Dzhubga.

One of the waterfalls resembles a human nose, an interesting waterfall, forming a cave in which the water has created numerous stalactites and stalagmites.

Excursion to the 33-meter waterfall. This is a popular route, it leads to the waterfall trail, cover from the sun of the mighty trees, entwined with vines. Near the waterfall there is an observation deck.

A trip to the waterfalls on the river Dederka. The road goes through the picturesque chestnut woods. Wall waterfalls consist of Mesozoic limestones, covered with moss and lichens.

Above the first waterfall overlooking a beautiful canyon. There are stone baths where you can swim. And in the woods wild orchids bloom.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

In Tuapse, not many beaches. They are mostly pebbly. All free.

The Central beach. Sand and pebble beach, well equipped. There are leisure: cafes, playgrounds, toilets, changing cabins, shower.

There is a lifeguard station. Very near a market and a Playground. The outskirts of the beach is not equipped, this is a wild beach, which attracts lovers of quiet rest.

Here you can see the crabs crawling on the sand.

Seaside beach. Beach of small pebbles, the bottom is also rocky, with a bias. Around a very picturesque area. Work boat station, a café, toilets and changing cabins.

The beach at Cape Kadosh. It is a wild rocky beach. It was chosen by the fans of underwater hunting. There are a lot of fishermen often rest on the beach nudists.

Beach Spring. This is a wide uncrowded pebble beach, well protected from wind and waves. It is convenient to catch fish and crabs.

September Tuapse in the following video:

Tuapse is a resort with healthy air, beautiful nature and numerous ancient monuments, waterfalls and gorges in the surrounding area.

Cozy beaches, a beautiful promenade, the comfortable hotels and resorts attract tourists.